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Light Tactical Trailer Heavy Chassis (LTT-HC)The Light Tactical Trailer Heavy Chassis is a single axle, two wheel trailer designed to be towed by a HMMWV towing vehicle. Today in WW II: 12 May 1941 Konrad Zuse, a German engineer working alone, completed the Z3, later determined to be the first fully operational electromechanical computer. The Light Tactical Trailer Heavy Chassis has the same tires, wheels, and track width as the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV).A hand-brake lever and cable assembly located on each side of the trailer activate a service brake at each wheel.
Marine Corps are supported by the Light Tactical Trailer - Marine Corps Chassis (LTT-MCC) also based on the LTT-HC chassis.

The longitudinal beam is welded by a wholly automatic tracking submerged welding machine; Almost the steel spare parts are treated by shot blast before the assembling, which can greatly increase the adhesion of the paint. Mechanical suspension series: It used tandem and balance construction, have high strength and strong impacting resistance, evenly distribute the axle load into each axles. In addition to handbrake-activated service brakes, the trailer is equipped with an inertia-actuated hydraulic brake system (surge brakes).
The gooseneck design reasonably to get a balanced consideration of the intensity, rigidity and toughness, maintaining a low center of gravity , heavy loading mass, not easy to be distorted.
High strength material keep the service life much longer and efficient buffering, simple maintenance, easy replacement for the wearing parts.

Also, the ABS system can be optional with Haldex and WABCO etc., can be greatly increase the stability and safety.

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