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A train collided with a school bus in Medak district at around 9.15 am and 20 other children have been admitted into hospital due to severe injuries. Political leader should understand that this isn't the time to bring politics and should make sure those necessary steps are taken to avoid such accidents in future. Parents of those dead children were inconsolable and no money or government jobs can bring back their kids to them.

Both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Chief Ministers and Ministers expressed their condolences but common people are expecting more from them.
This is one of those cases where our politicians should stop blaming each other and think on humanitarian grounds and make sure that the government officials do they work without any mistake.
More than anything, they are expecting security to their lives and it is the responsibility of the governments to provide it for the people.

This accident took place due to carelessness of some officials and that ended up with taking more than 19 children’s lives.

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