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THIS booklet was designed to provide a brief, running commentary on the country along the trail of The Milwaukee Road between Lake Michigan and the Pacific Coast for the great streamliner – OLYMPIAN HIAWATHA. The Comet was a diesel electric streamliner built in 1935 for the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad by the Goodyear-Zeppelin Company.
It was initially placed into service between Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island on a 44 mile, 44 minute schedule as advertised. Between 1947–1948, Baldwin built three unique coal-fired steam turbine-electric locomotives, designed for passenger service on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway (C&O).
The Milwaukee Road has long been noted for its awesome scenery; particularly on the Pacific Extension, which traverses several mountain ranges. The Pullman Company, with noted Industrial Designer Brooks Stevens, came up with a stunning variation of their standard boat tail observation car. Duke's son Mercer Ellington recalled that he found Take the "A" Train in a garbage can after Strayhorn discarded it because it sounded too much like a Fletcher Henderson arrangement.
In the time-honored jazz tradition, Strayhorn built "A" Train on the harmonies of an earlier piece, Jimmy McHugh's Exactly Like You (1930), but camouflaged the source well. The Lyrics Strayhorn said he was writing subway directions, as there was a new subway line and people were getting confused about the best way to get to Harlem. Take the "A" Train Sheet Music, undatedSam DeVincent Collection of American Sheet Music, National Museum of American History Archives Center.
Ellington and Strayhorn sometimes playfully gave their manuscripts pseudonyms as titles; here La Tram stands for Take the "A" Train. Billy Strayhorn arranged these parts for saxophonist Johnny Hodges ("Rab" or "Rabbit") and Jimmy Hamilton (clarinet) for Take the "A" Train, for the 1957 recording Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Duke Ellington Song Book, in which she was accompanied by the Duke Ellington Orchestra. A large part of changing the world is making it more interconnected and as railroads developed, that is exactly what happened. However we do not have to exclude that such atrocities and other terrific events could really happen, it was just difficult to catch them with a camera due to their spontaneity. The soldier is shooting at the woman with the child because women were often told to lap their babies before the shooting so that only one shot would be necessary. John Adams, that wasnt Nazi phjots that were manipulated those were doctored by the Stalinistic NKVD and ect.

Guess the best known case of Soviet propaganda photo manipulation is the photo showing red banner placement on Reichstag, where the censor deleted several watches from the soldier?s forearm. Smaller than the other streamliners, it was a three-car, double-ended train that could operate in both directions and thus did not need to be turned at destinations.
This service lasted until the beginning of World War II, when increased traffic volume overwhelmed the capacity of the Comet, after which it was placed on local commuter services around the Boston area. The 6,000 horsepower units which were equipped with Westinghouse electrical systems were 106 feet long, making them the longest locomotives ever built for passenger service. The lower part of the rear end, up to just below the window line, is standard in all respects.
He wrote many of the two hour special featuring great stars of the past, including Lana Turner, Claire Trevor, Anne Baxter, Ethel Merman, Alexis Smith, etc. This compelling dance number became a hit recording, and Ellington made it his orchestra's signature tune from 1941 until the end of his life. This score is from a re-orchestration of "A" Train for a 1952 recording date that featured singer Betty Roche and saxophonist Paul Gonsalves. At that time, the original manuscript was not available to scholars, so the piece was transcribed note-fornote from the original 1941 recording. Mass transportation of people and goods became possible over great distances in a way the world previously had never known. Below you will see some photos taken during WWII that underwent montage for the purpose of propaganda. The photographer wants to convey a message to us but knows how fleeting attention spans are (and our eyes are attuned to motion rather than stillness); therefore, to maximize impact, emotional manipulation is his goal. Looks more like the work of some retarded skin head white supremacist on a 1990s computer then genuine Soviet photo manipulators. Wise, a staunch Jewish supremacist, was also known as one of the “Fathers of Zionism” for his help in securing the Jewish Balfour Declaration, thus another representation of how Communism originated as a Trojan Horse for Jewish supremacism in America !!!
The cab was mounted in the center, with a coal bunker ahead of it and a backwards mounted boiler behind it. The public’s access to these stars, in familiar dramas and comedies, made them want to go on a cruise.

There are various versions of the lyrics to this piece, and singers have often taken liberties with the words. For the benefit of musicians and scholars, this edition includes parts for each of the instruments, a conductor's score, and an essay by the noted composer and conductor Gunther Schuller. Not to mention the commerce and massive fortunes that were build on the backs of the railroad industry.
Back in the times of WWII graphic artists learnt to distor reality and show what they wanted to show but not what really had happened. While these problems could have been fixed given enough time, it was obvious that these locomotives would always be to expensive to maintain and were complete failures.
The areas between the frame members are fitted with glass, resulting in a lounge that is nearly 90% transparent. It has been widely recorded, by musicians ranging from Cab Calloway, Lawrence Welk, and Henry Mancini to Phyllis Hyman and Bobby McFerrin. Thus, they often added excessive Nazi atrocities, terrible ruins and looting to fill papers with horrifying images. There were six identical cars ordered in 1946 and delivered in late 1948 and early 1949 for the Olympian Hiawatha Route between Chicago and Tacoma, Washington. The phenomenally successful series was responsible for creating the cruise industry as we know it today. In 2000, National Public Radio selected "A" Train as one of the "NPR 100"—the hundred greatest songs of the 20th century. By the time he was writing for Love Boat, the great steamship companies and their liners were flying hand me down foreign flags, painted like old whores, scrapped or doing three day cruises to the Bahamas.

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