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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. With the driver they watch the various dials and adjust pressures to keep the train moving and everyone safe.
But I want to ask you to look at the steam locomotive, the driver, the stoker and think of this story of mine. Rail travel at high speeds is not possible because passengers, unable to breathe, would die of asphyxia. Those who admire modern civilization usually identify it with the steam engine and the electric telegraph. The introduction of so powerful an agent as steam to a carriage on wheels will make a great change in the situation of man. The steam powered train run along the coastal railway line starting at Cape Town onto Muizenberg where you’ll see the coast the first time. The “City of Cape Town” plaque was removed from the front of the train yesterday to make room for the name “Jenny”, emblazoned on a bright red plaque. If you want to travel by train from Cape Town to Simon’s Town and cannot wait for the steam train then read this Train Cape Town To Simonstown post. If you want to do the walk then walk to Seaforth beach, take the main road just before Seven Eleven turn left to the sea.
Your journey begins in Pretoria, you will embark on an excursion beyond your wildest imagination as your 1 600 kilometers stretches to Cape Town. Day 1: Pretoria to Kimberly, South AfricaRegister and check-in at the Blue Train lounge at Pretoria Station, and enjoy delicious pre-departure snacks and drinks. Depart from the Open Mine Museum for Kimberley station, where you will be welcomed with a glass of sherry. Remember, dinner is an elegant affair and men are requested to wear a jacket and tie or dress in traditional attire and ladies in elegant evening or traditional wear.
Especially if you go via the Etosha and Caprivi Strip in Namibia, then south through the Okavango Delta and eastern Kalahari in Botswana.
The driver is always on the right and either on phone or hanging out of the window – checking the way forward is clear. And after lots of moaning and nagging I decided to become a stoker for a few weeks while waiting for college study clearances.

Many of you will go on the train because travels along the most beautiful seashore railway lines in the world. Here the route goes past St James, Kalk Bay and off the Fish Hoek and onto to Simon’s Town.
The renaming was in line with the old practice of calling steam engines after the wives of their drivers, said Jeremy Hutton of the Western Cape Railway Museum Trust. You will stop in Kimberley on your first day of your tour for a visit to the Open Mine Museum. Guests disembark and assemble at the railway museum from where they will be ushered to the bus, which will take them to the centre of Kimberley to join an old tram for a ride down to the mine.You will arrive at the Open Mine Museum in Kimberley, for a tour of the mine.
At the rear of the train was a lounge car with a small bar and an outside observation area, where I must admit to spending many an hour watching the miles and miles of African bush disappear into the distance.
On Monday mornings at school sitting red-eyed from small pieces of flying ash from the coals.
Where would be the best place to have a picnic or have a light lunch – walking distance from station.(kids and pram) On the maps there is a road not far from the station going to a beach(Long beach) but nog sure if you can access it? You will be escorted to the Diamond Die to try your luck to win a diamond, after which you will see several interesting and historical sites as well as taken onto an enclosed ramp on the edge of the Kimberly hole. After this exciting tour, freshen up and enjoy pre-dinner drinks served at any one of the lounges.
Experience fine dining at its best by delighting an array of delicious dishes during your five-course dinner.
Later, moved to Touws River in the Karoo for use on the Ladismith branch line until that was shut down. Three kilometers from the station is Seaforth Beach where you can walk past the nature reserve with all the African Penguins.
Day 2: Cape Town, Western Cape, South AfricaBreakfast is served on a first come first serve basis. But you sit on top of a boiling kettle with more than twenty tons of water that gets turned into explosive steam by this fire. 3655 was then left idle and unused in Touws River until she was donated to Cape Western Vintage Railways who restored her. He was involved in the motor spares industry when one of his staff got him involved in a steam train restoration project in 1986.

Since then he has collected and restored probably the largest and most original train set in the world. The rolling stock dates from around 1911 to 1930 and now runs on private tours all over South Africa, as well as trips to Namibia, Victoria Falls and on up to Dar es Salaam. This was a prelude to our next stop, Kimberley, preceded by beautiful views of a large lake with two spectacular flocks of flamingos on its shores. It’s a vast plateau 3,600ft above sea level and 155,000sq miles in area, and despite its layering of vegetation, both rain and surface water are rare. Before town we pulled into Whitehill siding and jumped down to walk the last three miles into town. It was a crystal bright morning and offered a welcome chance to stretch one’s legs, accompanied by a staff member from the train. Lunch was served as we descended the Hex valley to Worcester, passing through a series of tunnels, the longest of which offers eight miles of darkness. This is one of the world's great and most luxurious train journeys, wending its way through the epic landscapes of South Africa. He covered the final years of Apartheid, the uprisings in the black townships, the draconian state of emergency, and the final dismantling of white minority rule. Also includes trips to museums, Roman ruins and mosques in Tunis and several other Tunisian towns. The nine-day trip includes tours of Cape Town and Johannesburg, and ends with three days at a safari lodge in the Kruger National Park. Prices start from A?2,849, including hotel accommodation and full board on the Blue Train, but not flights. This 19-day journey takes you across four countries, from Tanzania south down the Great Rift Valley to Zambia and the Victoria Falls. In Zimbabwe there is a stop at Bulawayo before the train crosses into South Africa at the Beit Bridge, with travel via Kruger National Park, Pretoria and Kimberley to Cape Town.

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