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Here's a photo that shows the large NYC cigar band sticker having been replaced by a small version.
I'm pretty sure that the smaller NYC cigar band logos, including those on F unit noses and cabooses, were decals of some sort. Old thread I know, just keeping stuff in one spot.What exact color is NYC green and where could I get it? I've photographed railway stencil drawings in the past, and then projected the slide onto a wall, adjusting distance, squareness, level etc.
Copyright © 1998 thru 2015 all rights reserved, contents may not be used without permission. If stored outside the edges will start to peel up in around 7 to 10 years.If stored indoors I would consider painting the black and white background and then applying vinyl lettering.
Especially when we need to go over uneven surfaces like louvers on the IRM’s CB&Q 9255 project.

You still need to produce scale artwork to have the vinyl cut.You can also use vinyl as masking if you don’t have the hand lettering skills. The side lettering was actually provided from a person who had produced the artwork for a HO scale engine. The material appears to be something other than merely additional layers of paint, and appears to be crazed and cracked, as if it has shrunk over the years. That would explain the cracking that one poster reported.One NYC touch I always liked was the herald-shaped steel plate that was attached to the end railings of switchers, with the logo affixed. That suggests to me a water-transfer decal, though I am merely guessing.I've noticed that too with the logo.
But you can get very good results scanning a good photo and making the art to scale with the right graphics program.
When you are finished, perhaps you will give some consideration to repainting your drop-end gondola.

When I rode the Southern Michigan a number of years ago, I believe that the gon was still lettered for the New York Central.
The process EMD used for most everything they did.Patterns and hand painting required another 60 hours or so for two coats.
The PC(originally NH) cupola caboose will most likely go back to PC colors too in the nearish future too.
I've seen that particular caboose up close, and the shape of the logo is plainly visible under the paint.

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