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You're aim for the next 6 months is to get at least 250 hours driving, of which at least 50 should be in darkness. You will naturally begin to learn the routes as you drive over them, but you will also be examined on this when going though the end of training exams. If you pass this, you will then move on to your full salary, and become a certified Train Driver - no longer a trainee! The interview itself will be mainly focused around you - what you did previously, why you have applied for the job, and what your expectations are of being a driver.
Mine lasted for about 45 minutes, although most of that was made up of introductions, and giving more information about my past. Remember, be presentable (wear a suit) come across well, and do your research on the job role, and you should be fine. After the initial elation at being out on your own as a fully fledged Train Driver has worn off, many Train Drivers get bored and down beat with the job. As I mentioned earlier on, you are now in a position to move to other companies, and play the money game. Chris J Parker Photographer Corporate, PR, Commercial Photography in Middlesbrough, Teesside. Britain's longest-serving train driver has finally retired after 52 years and much to the amusement of his family and colleagues, he pulled into the station for the final time five minutes late. Over the years he has clocked up an estimated four million miles on Britain's rails - most of it between London and the West Country.Around 60 colleagues and rail staff turned out to greet him at his home station of Bristol Temple Meads for the last time.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. You will be paired with a Train Driver Instructor, and will meet up with him on your first day, and be given a copy of his jobs for the day. You're Train Driver Instructor will teach you about how drive the train, how to respond to signals and junction indicators, braking points for stations, assist with learning the route, and how to put into practice pretty much everything theory based that you were taught in the previous 6 months. You will need to learn the placement of signals, braking points for stations, location of junctions, and where the junctions can take you, areas of known poor adhesion, location of goods loops, speed restrictions, and many other pieces of information regarding the route you will drive over. Once you and Your Train Driver Instructor decide that you are ready, you will be put forward for your final assessment. You will be questioned on pretty much every aspect of the rules and regulations, you will be taken around a train and questioned on its workings, you will be asked to identify and resolve faults, and the assessor will also ride out with you and observe how you drive the train. If you have made it through the assessment centre, then this should not prove too challenging. But you will have the status of newly qualified driver for 2 years, during which time you will be regularly assessed, and regularly have competency managers riding out with you to observe.
New information, technology, rules and procedures are constantly being released, and will have to be learnt and understood.
In all truth, you're not really learning any transferable skills, so if you were to leave the industry, you would be hard pressed to get a job which pays anywhere near as well. There is a rather large variance in pay between the different operating companies, so you can try to trade up and get yourself a better salary. Bruce Parkin, 67, has driven the equivalent of 200 times around the earth during his half-century on the tracks.Mr Parkin started out at the tender age of 15 cleaning steam trains and became an assistant driver three years later in 1964 and a fully-qualified driver in 1980. You will take a real live passenger train out in service just like a normal Train Driver would.
You may also get to see what all the fuss is about with the wrong type of leaves on the track! In addition to all this, you also have to 'sign off' all your routes, which involve answering a multitude of questions on your routes.

You will now get to meet with two Train Driver Managers, at least one from the depot you applied for.
It seemed to be more of a chance for the managers to size you up, and get a feel for whether or not they would want to have you on their team. This is all to make sure that you remain competent and safety standards continue to be met. You may even want to move geographical location where cheaper housing is available, and to do this you may have to move train company. You will accompany other drivers, and sit in the passenger seat in the cab observing, taking notes, and drawing maps if you think it helps.
This interview usually takes place a couple of weeks after the assessment centre, but can take longer.
What they are looking for is clarity, brevity, and attention to important details such as times, any delays and what modes of transport you used.
As a Train Driver you will be completing paper forms regularly, so the ability to put your thoughts down on paper is needed. At times, the guard is asked to go back and see if a person we've just hit is deceased."Emergency service people need to know who to send, whether the person still has a chance. I've been asked to do that, go out and have a look."Guards get involved and are affected as well. That's another thing you've got to think of."I know a driver who not all that long ago had to finish up.

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