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Founded in 1901 in Schenectady, NY, Alco was the second largest manufacturer of steam locomotives in the U.S.
We consistently deliver the diesel engine parts that provide our customers with the best possible service and with competitive pricing. Although diesel engine locomotives first came to American railroads in the 1920s, their use was confined to diesel switch engines and later to passenger train diesel engine locomotives.
GE, ALCO, EMD are designated Trade Marks of General Electric, ALCO, & Electro-Motive Diesel.
Ameren Sales International is not an authorized distributor, nor is otherwise associated and or affiliated with GE, ALCO,& EMD. Ameren does represent only that our aftermarket parts and components are compatible with said engines.
A diesel generator combines a diesel engine and an electrical generator (often called an alternator) to generate electrical energy. The Forestry Museum & Blacksmith Shop are brimming with artifacts that bring the turn of the century camps back to life. The "4-spot" Steam Locomotive, built in 1916 pulls two all-steel passenger coach cars, an open air observation car and three cabooses. A ticket on the Lumberjack Steam Train takes you out to "Camp 5", the site of an old logging camp. Your ticket is all-inclusive and includes the round-trip ride on the Lumberjack Steam Train and admission into the Logging Camp Complex of historic and natural attractions, including the Logging Museum and Blacksmith Shop, Green Treasure Forest Tour, Animal Barn and Corral, the Nature Center, Cracker Barrel Store and Choo Choo Hut Restaurant. The work was performed by scientists at the nanotechnology startup Nanostellar, with collaborators at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, University of Kentucky, and the University of Texas at Dallas.
In both cases, you want to convert some of the NO into NO2 (the SCR reaction is fastest when you have equal amounts of the two, and the NOx trap stores NO2 more efficiently). Diesel engines also contain catalytic converters to remove carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons. A line-line comment on why NO and NO2 stay in the exhaust as it cools since they're not at equilibrium would be handy (the gas cools far faster than the NO can return to N2 and O2).

The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. I hope no train ever goes off a track again, but there can’t be any harm in looking at these spectacular photos of train wrecks from days of yore, which can be found on Wikimedia.
Indiana: The Hammond Circus Train Wreck of 1918 occurred due to a conductor falling asleep. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
We have many customers worldwide that are satisfied with the diesel engine parts and components we supply. It wasn't until 1940 that the Electro Motive Division of General Motors (EMD) demonstrated that diesel engines could practically replace steam locomotives in heavy-duty service. The rotating crankshaft can power the propeller directly for slow speed diesel engines, via a gearbox for medium speed diesel engines or high speed diesel engines, or via an alternator and electric motor in diesel electric vessels. However, their use was confined to switch engines, then to passenger train locomotive diesel engines.
Diesel generating sets are used in places without connection to the power grid, as emergency power-supply if the grid fails, as well as for more complex applications such as peak-lopping.
Head for Laona and climb aboard the famed Lumberjack Steam Train for a journey into the late 1800's. The "4-spot" is the only "PRAIRIE" style steam locomotive operating in the state of Wisconisn.
Inside the depot, tickets can be purchased for the train ride, just as people did at the turn of the century. Cleaning up their exhaust is a bit more challenging, though, due to the large amount of oxygen involved in the combustion. Research published recently in Science describes a new catalyst, a complex mixture of metal oxides including manganese, mullite, and the rare earth metals samarium and gadolinium (Mn-mullite (Sm, Gd)Mn2O5, to be precise), that actually performs better than platinum. At the high temperatures inside engines (around 1900K), oxygen and nitrogen in the air begin to dissociate and react to form nitric oxide (NO).

The first is selective catalytic reduction (SCR), which reacts NO and NO2 with ammonia or urea in the presence of a (non-platinum) catalyst, forming nitrogen and water.
This is where the platinum comes into the picture: a catalyst is needed to jumpstart the reaction between oxygen and NO to form NO2.
The researchers exposed the material to a gas mixture of 450 parts per million NO and 10 percent oxygen (the rest was inert helium). The authors added their new material to a commercial catalyst (based on platinum and palladium), and found that it oxidized NO without impeding the catalyst's original function. Sit in a rare cupola caboose as the vintage steam engine takes you to an actual site of a Northwoods logging camp. When you arrive, you find some of the old buildings which were a part of the Lumber Company Farm.
In particular, removing the nitrogen oxides (NOx) formed as oxygen and nitrogen in the air reacting at high temperatures requires specialized systems and expensive catalysts like platinum. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) can then form by the oxidation of NO, but this is much slower—meaning most of the NOx in the exhaust is just NO. Over a range of temperatures, the new catalyst performed better than platinum (around 64 percent better at 300 degrees C, and 45 percent better at 120 degrees C).
The next step, then, would be to create a catalyst (or modify this new one) that could replace the entire system—removing platinum altogether.
There is the old Hog Barn which is now the Petting Corral, the Blacksmith Shop which is now a part of the Museum, and the Old Slaughter House.
While everyone would like to get rid of the platinum, no materials have been found that match its catalytic performance in diesel engine exhaust. In the distance is the old Boarding House and several original barns, as well as the "Woods Boss's House".

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