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That's the question I set out to answer with Nancy Solomon, an editor at WNYC who's been commuting from New Jersey to the West Side of Manhattan through Penn Station for more than ten years.
Yet, Nancy and I turned up a handful of grace notes: a hidden water fountain, a sanitary restroom, decent sushi.
More than most municipal facilities, Penn Station is haunted by the ghost of its earlier incarnation--a Beaux Arts masterpiece by legendary architects McKim, Mead and White. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Big Commissions of public relevance which are not subject to much discussion or any option.
If there is no option it is very hard to know if it is the best possible way of doing things.

Plus no competition takes away pressure and the urgency to excel on the designer’s side. Same thing is happening with the Metropolitan Museum, Frick Gallery, Roosevelt Island new campus, New York Library, and happened with the consequences we all know at the Calatrava Transportation Hub downtown.
Like ants, 600,000 passengers per weekday course through it, pausing only to stare at an overhead information board until their departure track is revealed and then, toward that specified bowel, they descend. But that won't happen until Amtrak decamps across Eighth Avenue into a new space at the Farley Post Office, which is at least four years away.
Our tour of the station on a sweltering summer afternoon revealed a bi-level, nine-acre public space that, in some places, barely functions. And to our surprise, we stumbled upon a large, and largely overlooked, piece of the original Penn Station.

Its dismantled columns, windows and marble walls suffered the same fate as a talkative two-bit mobster: they were dumped in a swamp in New Jersey.
On the levelled site rose Madison Square Garden and a nondescript office tower; station operations were shunted to the basement, where they remain.

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