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This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series New York City 2013 Trip ReportAfter we rebooked our train to an earlier time, we still arrived at Penn Station with enough time to grab a snack before our train departed. As I mentioned in the introductory post, I transferred 24,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards to my Amtrak account to redeem two first class tickets on the Acela train from New York to DC. Seating areas in Club Acela There was a small bar area with sodas and coffee, near the check-in desk.
Not long before our scheduled departure, staff in the lounge announced boarding for our 4:00PM Acela train to Washington, DC’s Union Station, departing from Track 13. One of the benefits of First Class Acela versus the rest of the classes is that you get free food and beverages, including a nice selection of alcoholic beverages. When my food came out, it looked like the sauce had spilled all down the side of the plate and then been microwaved.
Although I did enjoy a few Dogfish Head IPAs As for the speed of the Acela, we were monitoring that the whole time with Ken’s handheld GPS. I don’t think I’d take the Acela, and especially Acela First Class, again in the future unless there’s some amazing sale. Although I do not travel by train often, I think rail travel is a refreshing break from air travel.
On the evening of our departure, Ken and I took the metro from our workplaces to Union Station, and we met up about an hour prior to departure. I knew I’d want a snack during our 3.5 hour train ride, so we boarded the third car, right behind the cafe car. Thirty minutes into our train ride, I walked to the Cafe Car and purchased a cheese and cracker tray, as well as a bottled beer. Thanks to many lessons learned in my travels about hauling luggage, no matter how light, through unfamiliar public transportation systems, we opted to take a taxi from Penn Station to our hotel at 41st and Fifth Avenue.

While this probably isn’t the greatest value of Chase Ultimate Rewards points, I should point out that when I was researching tickets for that day, Amtrak tickets were exceptionally expensive at around $200 each. It was small and dark, but it was a good place for some quiet, considering the near constant announcements going on in Penn Station.
On our trip up to NYC (on the normal Amtrak regional train), the max speed the train hit is about 100MPH, and it didn’t stay at that speed very long.
I just don’t think that the price premium was worth it considering that it A) wasn’t that much more spacious; B) Didn’t have good food, and C) the time savings was not all that significant.
I think this is usually intentional to prevent the passengers from lining up to board too early. The Cafe Car had a decent selection of food and drinks available for purchase, especially compared to coach class airlines!
The engineer stated that our train was having some mechanical issues that they needed to examine. Our train maxed out around 100 MPH, and when it did reach that speed, the train didn’t stay at that speed for very long.
After climbing several sets of stairs and escalators, we found the taxi stand fairly easily. Lane January 21 - 23, 1991 No sound files are available for the interview with Justice Coleman.
During rush hour, you have throngs of daily commuters clamoring to board their commuter trains to cities like Baltimore and Fredericksburg, in addition to regular Amtrak departures and arrivals.
There’s no assigned seating on Amtrak trains, so many people, especially larger families and groups, probably prefer to board earlier to sit together. We were moving within 15 minutes, but once we arrived at the Philadelphia train station, the train remained stopped for longer than usual.

There are many stops on the Amtrak Northeast Regional between Washington, DC and New York, so (although I’m no train engineer!) the train probably can’t stay at higher speeds for very long since it has to prepare to stop so frequently.
We waited in a short line, and then proceeded to have a terrible (read: completely unknowledgeable) taxi driver take us to the Andaz Fifth Avenue. I’ve always wanted to try the Acela, but I’ve never been willing to pay the price premium, so I figured what the heck, and booked Acela First Class. It was difficult to tell a true time savings because our train up to New York was delayed along the way due to mechanical problems, but the Acela train itself was scheduled for about 30 minutes shorter than our Amtrak regional. You can use your electronics whenever you want and you can (gasp!) get up and walk around at your leisure thanks to the absence of “fasten seatbelt” signs.
All Amtrak trains I have ever ridden, including this one, have always had plenty of empty seats. Presumably, they were verifying that the mechanical issue had been fixed, now that they were safely stopped at a train station.
I set down the bottle on the countertop to get out my credit card to pay, and my bottle almost fell right off the counter!
Next time, I will take a cup holder tray they had available in the cafe car, even if I am only carrying one beverage!

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