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This is a simple 3D horse riding game where you can take care of your horse and compete to become the next champion in dressage, rallying or show jumping. Tags: Dressage, Feed your horse, Grooming, Horse competitions, Horse jumping, Horse racing, Multiplayer, Riding, Take care of horses, Train horse.
If you are looking for a game that has no storyline where you only have to enjoy the competitions, this is the right game for you.
You can enjoy the game in three different modes: Hot Seat (where you can play with up to 6 friends in a local multiplayer. In this particular mode you’ll be able to customize your character and give it the look you desire, from the hair to the shoes.
With this game you’ll have the experience of a real champion while you train hard to reach the top.
Younger girls who want to learn about running a horse farm and how to make it successful by breeding and training their horses to be champions will be most interested in this game. Girls interested in seeing what it is like to attend a boarding school for horses and learn how to train them there will find this game most exciting and educational as well. Tags: Dressage, Educational, Girl, Horse jumping, Mini-games, Riding, Take care of horses, Tournament. Paige is the center of the game and has won a scholarship to a boarding school where students learn about riding in general, caring for horses and various types of riding such as jumping, dressage and the western style of riding.
This Barbie role-playing game allows users to develop riding skills and explore on fun adventures.
The main goal is training hard and be able to participate in tournaments, making your own path to the top.

You can also choose the look of your horse, picking between three breeds (Arab, Haflinger and Hanoverian) and giving it the hair and coat that you desire.
It’s a simple game that certainly while make you have a really good time, alone or with your friends. As the player of this horse game, you are Paige and learn how to care for your horse and get to know other students at the school who also love horses.
As the game starts at the beginning of the school year, you need to start with the campaign game in order to find out some of the things you need to know about the boarding school. Despite the little interaction with the animals, you’ll have plenty of tasks and very fun quests to do. In this game mode, you’ll have a lot of tasks to do before you’re prepared to any competition.
Although the 3D graphics aren’t amazing, they are enough to make you want to play this game. Some of these students are helpful while others are not so civil and part of your education is learning how to deal with their jealousy. There are some other things that you will need to find out on your own in order to fully get going with the game. In this game you can park the big bus in the right location without causing any damage to other vehicles.
Good Luck for this game!!!!Category: Car Driving Games Car Games Car Racing Games Racing Games Related Games Race Under Floods Car Racing Game.
You also get to play various mini-games within the game and compete in a variety of tournaments.

The game comes as a download from the web and comes with a PDF file with instructions on how to play it. The graphics are good so that the game is fairly realistic but you need to read the instructions in order to figure out how to use the controls. In this Game you can try to overcome all your opponents on the slippery road and score high in the limited time available. If you enjoyed it, you need to buy it to continue your adventure, which is kind of annoying because we should be able to keep it for free. It is a game for girls who like to play on their own and don’t require other players in order to enjoy a game. In this BMW Car Racing Game you can drive your car as a lightning and don't let your rivals out as the winner. To control the speed simply use W and S in your keyboard, use the reins with your mouse and jump with space.
When you feel that you’re well prepared, put on a saddle in your equestrian friend and try out one of the three available competitions.

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