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From comcept, the makers of "Boiling OSSAN Eggs!",comes the second game in the OSSAN series!Stuff all the OSSAN (middle-aged Japanese men) into the train!Ossan Train Stuffing! Alonso a "Bounty Hunter" is on his way to collect bounties and get on a locomotive packed with assassins, criminals, tech robots and the boss "Bad Ass Drek". In Train City, you can build colorful houses, hundreds of shops, and various public offices.
Gamers can choose to take the role of engineer on one of several finely detailed recreations of actual trains from the past and present.
But be careful - each move you make rotates an entire row or column of tiles, so it can be tricky to line them up just right.Last Train to Timbuktu!
Northeast Corridor, the busy urban Odakyu Electric Railway, or the intriguing Orient Express of the 1930s. In addition to the realistic scenery, the game also features authentic engine and railway sounds to provide a more complete sensory experience.The Microsoft Train Simulator is designed to present a relatively hard-core simulation of the true function, feel, and flavor of trains and railroads throughout history. Like the successful Microsoft Flight Simulator games, Microsoft Train Simulator was designed with an open-ended structure to allow enthusiasts and other game development companies to create new trains, landscapes, and scenarios that can be easily incorporated into the game.Trains are perhaps not the most obvious vehicle to simulate, locked as they are to two strips of metal which prevent them from doing anything other than going forwards or backwards. But that hasn't stopped Microsoft and British developer Kuju from attempting the impossible.
And they have almost succeeded.Scenic Railways Of The WorldThe imaginatively titled Microsoft Train Simulator recreates six different railway routes spread across America, Japan and Europe, with around 800km of track to explore.

Settings vary from the commuter belt between Washington DC and Philadelphia to the picturesque Austrian Alps, and the addition of both seasonal and weather effects provides even more variety for both the game's graphics and the handling of your train.Each of the tracks has been lovingly recreated and, apart from the dull Tokyo to Hakone route with its narrow strip of tall featureless buildings on either side of the track, the locations are generally very good. Highlights include driving over the Marias Pass in Montana during a winter snow storm and crossing the Japanese island of Kyushu with its steep gradients, spectacular scenery and switchbacks. Simply driving a train up and down a length of track is perhaps not the most exciting way to spend your evening though, and although it is possible to perform some impressive gravity-defying high speed derailments, this isn't likely to keep you entertained for long. For example, which bright spark came up with the idea of putting a temporary speed limit in the middle of the game's longest tunnel in one activity?
Spending over a minute driving through a dark winding tunnel at a snail's pace is not fun, however you look at it.
There's no way to skip this, and given that pedestrians aren't rendered in the game you can't even watch them getting on and off. Sitting in a station for up to two minutes waiting for invisible passengers to board your train is frustrating to say the least, especially when you know that you have effectively finished the mission already.Everything Is Under ControlBut it's not all bad news. Spending an hour driving a dingy electric shuttle train through Tokyo stopping at stations every five hundred meters is not likely to prove particularly entertaining for any but the most hardcore of train fanatics, but some of the activities are genuinely enjoyable. The game has a strange charm about it, and driving a tourist train through the valleys of Kyushu, for example, can be both relaxing and fun, even if the lengthy stops for your non-existent passengers to get out and admire the view are somewhat less amusing.The trains themselves are usually very easy to control, with just three sets of keys that you need to know - throttle, brakes and reverser, which (as the name suggests) controls whether you move forwards or backwards. Controlling a steam engine is somewhat more complicated as you have to worry about pressure and water supply, although you can at least let the computer shovel coal into the firebox for you if you're not a total masochist.

Sure to prove popular with trainspotters and journalists looking for a pretty screenshot, it shows off the detailed train models and often beautiful scenery to maximum effect, although occasionally you will end up staring at an extreme close-up of the back of a tree sprite.
In passenger trains you can even see the action (such as it is) from inside one of the carriages, but these are not very pretty to look at and have a very limited field of view.Sadly the audio hasn't received the same attention to detail, and the steam locomotives in particular sounded decidely wimpy to me. There are no real ambient sounds apart from the tolling of bells at level crossings and car horns from nearby traffic, and the sound in general seems primitive and lacking in punch and imagination. The low system requirements have also lead to a few strange compromises in the graphics department, like the way it seems to stop snowing outside whenever you go into a tunnel. Most worrying though are the overhead wires, which often stretch for miles with no visible means of support, just hanging in mid-air above the track.ConclusionTrain Simulator is something of a mixed bag. There are some nice stretches of track to travel on and plenty of things to do along the way, but several of the activities are downright dull, while others are marred by questionable design decisions such as lengthy stops and the excessive use of temporary speed limits in the most boring parts of a track. This was a brave first attempt by Kuju and Microsoft which will no doubt appeal to trainspotters and railway enthusiasts, but for your average gamer there's not really enough here to make it an essential download.

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