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Train Conductor 2: Travel the states of America and guide all the trains across the tracks safely!
We put out a press release of Train Conductor 2 a few weeks back, and since then we’ve been pretty hooked!  Some of you may recognise the screenshots of this game from when it was first released by the Voxel Agents on the iPhone about a couple of years ago.  But in any case, check out its good points and our game tips on how to beat your mates below!
When you’ve stopped a train, don’t worry about trains coming behind it – they’ll automatically slow to a halt.
Don’t be too greedy – sometimes it’s not possible to get all trains to their destination and you need to lose some points to free up some exit lanes. Survival is the most important thing first – the longer you survive, then the more points you can score (i.e. If you’re in rush hour and you’re planning on stopping many trains, then try and tap on it as soon as it appears on the screen.  That way, you won’t have another train behind it which you’ll need to remember to stop.

Make sure you play the Challenge mode after you’ve been through the Classic tracks because the layout and the points are different! According to the Android Market page for Train Conductor 2, the game works for Android OS 2.1 and above.
Interestingly, the Voxel Agents are based in Australia, so perhaps they have an opinion on this.
In your case it’s more likely that the Android Market has filtered the game based on your OS version. Detailed maps, amazing trains, wonderful features will make you feel like driving a real train! In Australia, some of us are stuck with Motorola phones which are never going to be upgraded, so we cannot use modern games which are not backwards-compatible.

Drive your own subway surfer train, solve riddles in amazing subway train racing strategy game.Subway Simulator puts you in the cab of subway locomotive and manage your railway in crazy high-speed racing.
When the chewing-the-bricks phase fades out, the building experience phase takes over, helping to stimulate and improve fine motor skills development. Game for kids Subway Simulator provide an opportunity to become a real racing rail rush dr.

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