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Scroll down to find free online time games to help with all aspects of learning to tell the time. Pre Booked Station Visits are available throughout the year except during December and January.
The Watercress Line makes a great base for team building, science exploration, bridge building and motivating reluctant writers. If you are planning a visit to travel by train, then why not make your trip more than just a train ride! Although we do not run train services in the winter, education visits to our stations are available from October to April. Lulu and the monster - Lulu's Games Click on the number hidden by Lulu in the boxes below to release the friend. BUGZ - Counting Game - Priory Woods School Count the spots on the ladybird - and feed the alligator! The Story of 1 - ngfl cymru Pupils follow a character through a story to find one of every item. The Story of 6 - ngfl cymru The story of 6 This activity introduces pupils to the number6. The Story of 7 - ngfl cymru The story of 7 This activity introduces pupils to the number7. Count objects - Count Us In Count the objects and enter the number or hard - number and word.
Counting with Money - BGFL 1p coins are shown and six cards with amounts on them - choose the correct card.

Countdown - Anglia Campus 2 interactive Counting to 10 activities - get the numbers in order or find the number missing in the order. The Dragon's Eggs - ICT Games Click on eggs with your mouse and deciding if the numbers are odd or even.
Frogs - Count Us In Make the frog move by clicking the number one higher than the one he's sat on. Missing Numbers - ICT Games Use the counting stick to help you work out the value of the missing number. Dienes Blocks + abacus - Maths Activities Show the number represented by these arrangements of base 10 blocks on an abacus. Dienes - Maths Activities What number is represented by these arrangements of base 10 blocks? Primary Resources: Swinging Ted - Teddy clings to a swinging rope which swings from odd sideto even side as it counts up.
Counter - A Blundred Children can count aloud with the counter, going up in ones, tens, hundreds, and decimals too. Super Sequencer - Ambleweb Count with the computer in increments of number you input, starting from number you input. Up and jump - BBC Digger Pupils will practice counting in fives in the adventureactivity. Two less than - Birmingham Understanding of number sequence and ‘counting back' from 20 in steps of 2.
Two more than - Birmingham Understanding of number sequence and ‘counting on' to 20 insteps of 2.

Number sequencer - Crick Like when you count in 3's starting from any number other than0. We have an exciting programme of educational activities, including Evacuee Experiences, How big is that Engine?
They will use songs and rhymes to practise ordering numbers correctly and to match the correct numeral to the correct item.
Develop your mouse control and counting skills as you help Lecky collect objects to match numbers in the 1 to 5 or 6 to 10 range. It develops mouse skills by requiring children to catch fish by clicking the right number of moving fish. This is a useful introduction to the 2 times table and supports the development of subtraction skills. This is a useful introduction to the 2 times table andsupports the development of addition skills.
2a??s, 10a??s, 6a??s).Pupils use counters to explore different jumps, listing the numbersthey land on.

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