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By Ben M on February 14, 2014Miniclip Roundup #4 – New games, tips, tricks, and cake! Our other new favorite is Crash & Burn, which takes place in an open city packed with stunt jumps, cash stashes, hidden secrets and lots of things to destroy.
This month saw our first big mobile release of the year, with the awesome Hot Rod Racers hitting iOS, Android and WP8 devices. The latest version of 8 Ball Pool on mobile also included a brand-new feature: a no-guideline mode on the highest tier. We’ve recently published our new 8 Ball Pool Trickshot Masterclass, featuring 14 of the very best shots sent in by 8 Ball players over the last month. Alternatively, if you’ve made your own walkthrough video of one of our games, share it with us! Our growing Lisbon team have just moved into a shiny new extended office, complete with an awesome chill-out area with fussball tables, sofas and game consoles.
In London, between battling tube strikes and weather that actually washed away the ground underneath the train tracks that one of our team uses to get home, we also held a real-life Pool Tournament.

I was on the miniclip solitare and made a friend and could not answer him because I couldn’t figure out how to send a whisper ?????????can any one help?????????????? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Games Description: This is a game which is very useful for someone who wants to train his memory. It’s a free racing game that requires perfect gear-shifting timing to squeeze every last bit of speed out of your car as you try to get over that finish line before your opponent. You also get a cool view of the Atlantic ocean out of the window (now, we just need the sun to start shining again). As we’ve learned in the past, being good at 8 Ball Pool bears no relation to your ability on a real pool table.
The first person to find the cake and announce its location in the comments section gets a prize of indeterminate value. So far, each week seems to follow a similar pattern: Big Rob loses most of the first five or six games, but then gets his act together for the home straight, rattling off three or four quick wins that take him back into the safe water of respectability.

We also took the opportunity to upgrade our entrance hall with some Miniclip artwork – check it out!
Check out our video to see it in action, or, if you’re already convinced, play it right now. Having said that, the eventual winner was none other than Big Rob himself, although the overall standard would probably cause some of our 8 Ball players to turn their nose up in horror.
You can impress your friends with achieved results but first make them to play the same game and see theirs.

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