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Sure there are plenty of online games websites you could try with your children that offer colourful characters and bright backgrounds, plus many of them are free.
Check out Jurassic Pinball for a start; play a classic fast-paced pinball game with a definite prehistoric feel. Challenge your kids to the Memory Game, where you must remember the exact locations of all your kida€™s favourite dinosaurs and ancient mammals. Play Dinosaur Games is always adding new and fun games to keep adults and children entertained for hours. Dona€™t forget to check back often for new offerings, fresh updates and to play our older favourites. All graphics, games, and other multimedia are copyrighted to their respective owners and authors. I'm interested in Environmental Management, Petal collecting and pressing and Norwegian art. You then have the chance to try your hand at dinosaur or dragon themed games that range from easy and fun to challenging and extreme. The classic game; Youa€™re Toast has you running from a giant and ferociously hungry T-Rex, jumping over standing dinosaurs and toasters whilst trying to avoid falling off the highly placed cliffs.

These fun online games can teach your children memory skills, computer skills and help develop hand a€“ eye co-ordination.
You dona€™t have to subscribe in order to play any of our games; but if you want to keep track of your scores and earn points, then you must register. Ita€™s time to take playtime to the next level with never dull or boring, truly online games, that you dona€™t have to worry about downloading in order for them work.
All of the games we host are designed to keep you and your kids coming back for more time and time again!
Jurassic Putt puts a fun and challenging spin on online mini-putt; a great way to spend hours with your kids. This doesna€™t mean you have to pay a fee; it is simply a way to see which levels you are in your games, and earn valuable points! The bright colours and friendly characters within our games will keep your child happy and engaged.
Play Dinosaur Games offers only the finest graphics with a mix of fast-paced, action packed and fun online games for free! These few select games are just a taster of the fun to be had at our dinosaur games arcade.

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