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People have been taking their Lionel trains outside on sunny days since the early days of toy trains. When LGB trains reinvigorated the Garden Railroading hobby, folks with a basement full of O-gauge trains wondered if they could build a garden railroad using trains they already owned.
Though I've been collecting information for an article like this for years, I didn't feel I could make it credible without showing some great photos of a successful O-Gauge Outside railroad. Note: These "O Gauge Outside" articles are written to help serious O-gauge hobbyists adapt their equipment and their experience to outdoor railroading. Although most buildings designed to go on garden railroads are made to withstand serious abuse, they seldom encounter any abuse worse than direct sunlight, rain, and bird droppings. Unlike Large Scale trains, which are made for garden railroads, O gauge trains are not rust-resistant or UV resistant, and some are particularly vulnerable to sand in their gears. Most O gauge trains are about half the length and a quarter the bulk of similar "large scale" trains, but they are still large enough to see outside; and for some folks it helps that they are small enough to fit a lot of railroading into a small space. Note about O Gauge versus O Scale - By the way, I say O gauge when referring to the trains because not all trains that run on O gauge track (1.25" between the rails) are the same scale. One big difference is that O gauge track is not quite as sturdy as LGB or AristoCraft Large Scale track, so we recommend using a method that provides a sturdy base that supports the whole length of the track.
We've established that O Gauge Outside is a growing hobby and that many resources are available.
Fred Young's Ground-Level Arizona Railroad - A ground-level railroad that has lots of operational options and some unique ways of adapting to the Arizona summer sun. If you have a garden you can construct a real steam driven locomotive all weather railway layout in G gauge or 16mm scale. Beijing hotel to Beijing South Railway Station transfer by our Beijing tour guide and driver & Shanghai South Railway Station to Shanghai hotel transfer by our Shanghai tour guide.
Today see the modern part of Shanghai by visiting the Shanghai Museum and Oriental Pearl TV Tower. After the tour, be transferred to Shanghai South Train Station to catch the train back to Beijing. In the rush to "do" Epcot, many Guests bustle right past the Garden Railway Miniature Train, a quaint exhibit in the Germany Pavilion that's worth the time to enjoy - or investigate, if you happen to be - like Debra the Disney P.I. Perhaps it's my not-so-secret desire to ride the rails, but one of my sweet surveillance spots at Epcot is Germany in the World Showcase.
The area is a natural for a private detective, even if I'm not investigating anything in particular.
And I like to think Walt, a rail fan himself, would have enjoyed seeing the Epcot Garden Railway as a permanent addition. The three electric traveling trains, primarily locomotives that may pull a car or two, are the highlight of the 50 x 130 model garden layout. The railroad uses model trains from a German company, Lehmann Gross Bahn (LGB and German for "Lehmann's Big Train"). The Bavarian village is both picturesque in its overall appearance and detailed in its execution, as is the surrounding countryside. Most of the fascination and the fun of the layout derives from something that comes naturally to a detective - snooping around.
Similar to Walt Disney World itself, the miniature village would be something of a noirish landscape - visually striking but a bit creepy - without people to populate it. I regularly stop at the Epcot Garden Railway to spot any details I may have overlooked during previous visits.

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So it is probably not surprising that when he and his wife, Ingrid, decided five years ago to dig up a portion of their suburban yard to plant a garden, he would build a train garden. Of course the trains, the track, and even the buildings were rust-prone, so they took everything back in when the dew started to fall.
If you have a couple of Lionel trains in the attic that you seldom run, you will probably be better off keeping them inside and getting a Large Scale starter set to use outside. This rules out some "floating" methods that garden railroaders often use, in which track is simply laid on packed gravel and more fine gravel is poured between the ties to represent "ballast." But track laid on poured concrete "roadbed," on pressure-treated lumber, or on HDPE roadbed is just fine.
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They span from early steam engines of the Victorian times to the modern high speed intercity express locomotives. The ability to have model steam engines that are actually powered by steam is irresistable.
Today we will visit the two representative ancient attractions as well as learn to be a Shanghainese. Her cases often take her to poorly lit, sparsely peopled, but still well-themed areas of Disney World, where she counters shenanigans with snark, and sometimes silliness, but most of all with keen insight and insouciant style. It's home to the Epcot Garden Railway, a miniature train and village that is one of Walt Disney World's small - pun intended - delights. Like so much of the Disney magic, the Epcot Garden Railway is all about noticing the details. In fact, it's just steps away from the dual distractions of Karamell Kuche, the caramel kitchen which tempts with the fresh sweet smell of Epcot candy, and Sommerfest, with its savory tastes of a pretzel and beer. The trains move through the village and into the countryside, in tunnels and over bridges, past people and picture-postcard scenery. You can investigate all the secrets of the Epcot Garden Railway on your own, at your own pace. The display is filled with villagers going about their daily lives, from conversing with neighbors to working in the orchards. There's a meticulous attention to details in the trees, miniature topiaries, and other plants, their use common to garden railways in order to evoke a realistic miniature world. Disney also wants to keep guests alert and returning to the "scene of the crime." The model village and railroad regularly change in some details, especially to mark special Epcot events.
What was the size of the miniature camera Disney attached to the Epcot Garden Railway train?
Even before the first plants were in the ground, Stegmiller laid out the track of his G-scale train. But a few brave souls built track and buildings that wouldn't rust out and created permanent O-gauge garden railways throughout the 1900s. A Tucson family, the Blessings, sent me a link to a "photo album" of their railroad, and John was helpful with my questions.
First come to the beautiful Yuyuan Garden to see the pavillions, rockeries, ponds and corridors. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower, one of the tallest TV towers in the world, is known for its novel design and gives a charming view of Shanghai. You're invited to accompany Debra each week as she solve baffling mysteries and pursues adventure.

And that makes this theme-park spot ideal for any Disney investigator looking to practice her craft.
But the display turned out to be so popular that it's become a permanent fixture of the Germany Pavilion. There are public spaces, such as city hall and a church, as well as businesses and private residences.
You can even get relatively close to the various scenes by following the human-sized footbridge that runs through the layout's middle. For eagle-eyed guests, there's even a happy gathering of people celebrating one couple's wedding. All original content on DisneyDispatch, unless specifically stated, belongs to DisneyDispatch. So the O Gauge Outside articles are a summary of what we've learned so far, with much input and applicable photos from John Blessing and his family. You feed it with real coal and when there is enough pressure you can run your model steam train around your track. Then visit the Jade Buddha Temple, which is a popular Buddhist temple among local people and is famous for the two jade statues of Buddha impored form Burma. The train is designed to run on a 45mm gauge track that takes a tour around the village and countryside. Anything not belonging to DisneyDispatch belongs to someone else: it appears here with permission or under fair use and may be removed upon the copyright holder's request. Also, although I refer to Lionel frequently, 99% of these articles' content also applies to using other brands such as MTH, Williams, or K-Line.
Fortunately, they are still plenty big enough to be effective outdoors if you plan properly.
Today, Gargraves and Atlas, both longtime hobby suppliers, make track that can be used outside - Part 2 contains more information on this subject. You will be taken to the Caoyang New Neighbourhood,  the first new-birth neighbourhood for workers since the national liberation in 1952. The ability to have model steam engines that are actually powered by steam is irresistible. After that you will visit a local food market and call on a local residence to make dumplings together and have lunch there. For the sake of simplifying the terminology in this article, I will say "O scale accessories" and "O gauge trains." Please contact me for more information if this "explanation" has muddied the waters.
When the train was running smoothly, he added the plants: sedum, creeping Jenny, pink and white spirea, bearberry, red creeping thyme, dwarf Japanese maples and dwarf twisted Hinoki cypress. His most recent project is putting in low- voltage lighting to highlight pond and walkways.
Stegmiller says he used to have a train garden in his basement, but he never had time to play with it. Now he can play with his trains while he's outside mowing the grass and working in the yard. The satisfaction, the gratitude afterwards, and to share it, it makes you feel so good inside," Stegmiller says.

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