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In our recent publications we've told once about the strange Soviet projects of terrestrial and water vehicles (a train and a ship) with jet engines. SVL (Russian abbreviation of "high-speed laboratory car") was developed in Kalininsky carriage-building factory in the far 1970. A true critic would have also found something positive to say about the models construction and overall appearance.
Japan has similarly fast trains, but all designed in Japan – they need special characteristics, such as the ability to stop very fast in the event of an earthquake warning.

Based on the train model ER22 (the picture below) it was able to move by means of two engines from the passenger jet Yak-40, installed at the front. No offense taken since I did not build the model, but please try to be a little more positive. Can you please use capital letters at the beginning of each sentence and use comma’s and spaces where applicable ? I know Bombardier of Canada built a Turbo train using a turbine generator to produce the power for a lightweight highspeed train.

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