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Two trains were heading right toward each other in 1918, each going around 50 to 60 miles per hour when they collided. Please notice that when we talk about crashes – whether we are talking about car wrecks or train collisions, look at the words we use. Yet, scientists now want you to believe that two subatomic particles colliding at an excessive rate of speed produced everything! The God particle or Higgs boson may prove to be a scientific reality (it is only inferred at this point), but it does not explain how and when the universe began.
People want to disbelieve in God so much, that they will believe and chase any fairy tale that comes along. Paul tells us in Romans 1:20-21 that all you have to do is look around at creation and know that the Creator created us and the universe. The history of Polish armoured trains starts shortly after Poland regained its independence in 1918.
The general make up was always the same and varied only in detail, such as the type of artillery car. Even though it might seem that armoured trains present a perfect target for aircraft, they managed to survive attacks by the German Luftwaffe (Air Force), and armoured train No.
Throughout the campaign the armoured trains provided the Polish Army with what it lacked most—mobility and firepower in an well-armoured package. The wreckage left the wooden railroad cars crumpled up and the crash produced 101 deaths and 171 persons injured.
Scientists still can’t explain it because no matter how far they go back in time, the question remains – who created it?
They were one of the most important weapons in the war against Bolsheviks in 1919 and 1920.

Leading the way, but within sight of the train, were two TK3 or TKS tankettes and an FT-17 tank mounted on individual self-propelled railcars. Each armoured train was followed by a supply train carrying ammunition, coal, and other supplies such as track for repairing damaged rail lines. In the end, six out of ten trains were destroyed by their own crew because they were surrounded or had no ammunition.
Despite their limitation, the armoured trains fought well and were sometimes able to influence the outcome of individual clashes, such as the battle at Mokra.
No sane person can sincerely believe that two trains colliding at high rate of speed would produce anything positive or good. The main part of the train started with an empty platform car with a lookout and brake installation so the train could be stopped in case of danger. The crew spent two days repairing the rail line and even rebuilt a large part of an embankment, before proceeding.
51 was sent to patrol Sarny-Rokitno area where it encountered a Soviet motorised column and destroyed a number of armoured cars and trucks.
Two were damaged and withdrawn from fighting, one derailed, and one captured by the Red Army in Lvov after the fighting ceased.
No, creation came about from the great Creator of the universe – God Almighty who spoke it into existence (Genesis 1). It is impossible to give the exact number of armoured trains used in the period from 1918 to 1921.
The platform car was followed by an artillery car, usually armed with one 75mm gun and one 100mm howitzer. Armoured trains were usually attached to other units and were tasked with patrolling, providing artillery support and covering withdrawals.

Meanwhile, its train was sent south and reached Ciechanów where fighting was already under way.
The train patrolled the area and supported Polish units until it was damaged by Soviet planes on 22 September.
There were several dozen of them, some improvised and some set up with anything that was at hand.
The Land Coastal Defence also had three improvised armoured trains at its disposal and in mid-September Warsaw Defence Command formed two more improvised trains. Behind it was the assault car with a long-range radio, armed with machine guns and carrying an assault platoon of infantry. 51 that was operating in southern Poland supporting the 1st Mountain Brigade and the 10th Motorised Cavalry Brigade.
When military operations ceased in 1921, only the twelve most combat effective trains were left in service.
Next was the locomotive with an armoured tender carrying coal, with the commander’s station on top. This was followed by another artillery car, a platform car, and more tankettes and a tank on their rail cars.The train could operate equally well travelling in reverse.

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