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HO Scale 25 ft x 25 ftHO Scale 25 ft x 25 ftA freelance version of the Pennsylvania Railroad is the theme of this club sized HO masterpiece.
HO Scale 17 ft x 27 ftHO Scale 17 ft x 27 ftA little European flavor makes this layout different from the run of the mill. O Scale 20 ft x 29 ftO Scale 20 ft x 29 ftThis layout of a lifetime has something for everyone!. O Scale 30 ft x 70 ftO Scale 30 ft x 70 ftFor those who love watching long trains roll by, this layout should exceed their wildest dreams! O Scale 22 ft x 51 ftO Scale 22 ft x 51 ftThis model railroad layout is the ultimate family home entertainment center. O Scale 9 ft x 17 ftO Scale 9 ft x 17 ftA nostalgic walk down memory lane is the prevailing idea behind the creation of this compact but superbly detailed model railroad layout.
S Scale 16 ft x 54 ftS Scale 16 ft x 54 ftA run from Chicago past the industrial northeast to the mountains of upstate New York is the theme of this New York Central based S Scale model railway.
N Scale 10 ft x 14 ftN Scale 10 ft x 14 ftMajestic scenery emulating the Pacific Northwest is the overriding theme of this N Scale layout. California State Railroad MuseumCalifornia State Railroad MuseumThe Thomas Sefton Collection is a multi-million dollar exhibit of classic pre-WW2 trains and accessories, with this layout as its centerpiece. Chicago Museum of Science & IndustryChicago Museum of Science & IndustryThe Great Train Story, one of the world’s largest HO scale model railroads, depicts modern rail transport and its varied functions. Ultimate Executive ToyUltimate Executive ToyFor those high net-worth individuals who think they have everything, this high-tech, state-of-the-art model railroad display is something uniquely different.
Nautical Models Nautical ModelsA contemporary model ship lends an air of class to any den, office, or living room.
Weathered VehiclesWeathered VehiclesNo matter how nice a pre-fabricated model or miniature is, the one element that separates it from reality is always wear and tear.
Industrial StructuresIndustrial StructuresOne of the most fascinating aspects of dioramas is that they can take the viewer where it's too dangerous or costly to go. Military DioramasMilitary DioramasThe machines of war, as well as their surroundings, have always made for popular dioramas.
Mountains & SceneryMountains & SceneryOne of the hardest things for many model-makers to capture is the look of nature. Ringling Circus Museum Ringling Circus MuseumThe Ringling Circus Museum in Sarasota, Florida, has the world’s largest collection of circus miniatures.

High Rises and Commercial StructuresHigh Rises and Commercial StructuresThe best selling point for every high quality real estate sales presentation is a scale miniature of the real thing. Site ModelsSite ModelsWork out every detail of your planned project and examine it from every angle.
Model Railroad Newsletter   May, 2013 Welcome to the May issue of the SMARTT Newsletter. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
This layout is themed around Bavaria in the summer bringing back the nostalgia of the 1920's. SMARTT  site models will help you plot out all the details that make your site plan work.
This month's In The News talks about the decline of the local hobby shop in the rise of faceless website sellers. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
While we all like a good bargain, remember that quality technical know-how often comes from talking to a real live person.
We're still working away furiously to build you the most unique model railroad layouts on the planet, and lots of design work means less time to write. We still found time this month to share our secret billboard making methodology and a few other things too! You will notice a major decline in the number of stores that are listed, including some major shops that have long been a mainstay of the hobby. Orange Blossom has been gone for 12 years; today, Mitchell’s and Long’s have also disappeared. The construction of the new runway at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport is moving along.
The FEC is running up to three trains a day of full loads coming out of the West Dade Quarry. One great way to enhance a commercial or industrial building is with a roof top billboard. Next, to start construction, we began with two roof trusses left over from a Walthers kit.

They were glued to the frame starting with the beer letters on the bottom horizontal support. The Duff letters were glued to the third-from-the-bottom support, and the “Woo-hoo” sign was glued to the center extension. Some light to medium weathering was applied in the form of black and rust streaks running vertically down all sides. If you desire, you could add some LED or grain-of-wheat hat lights to illuminate the Homer sign.
The sign we built could fit very well on a “O” or “HO” scale building, just change the scale of the ladder.
Many a time we have need to fill a space and to avoid spending time making a false front building or just wanting to do something different. You can take a high brick wall that would represent the back side of a building, add one window for each floor along one side. Then cover the brick with a huge painted sign, such as the example below of the Lee Jeans sign on a building facing Dearborn Station in Chicago. Older power that ended up hauling long transfer cuts of cars included 2-8-8-2’s as well as ten coupled steamers such as 2-10-2, 2-10-0. However, there were few takers; the only exception was the Baldwin RT 624’s, which were bought by half dozen different roads.
This was repeated in the 1960’s as new second generation locomotives replaced older first generation diesels, those older power were assigned the lesser tasks. Today the new Gensets locomotives are finding their way into transfer assignments; many terminal railroads have been purchasing these brand new locomotives instead of second hand power they relied on in the past.
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