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The Electric Train Shop, where owner Scott Law says “all my customers are under five or over fifty,” will soon open at 625 SW 152nd Street in downtown Burien because he was priced out of the West Seattle Junction neighborhood. For the past 11 years the Electric Train Shop and the liquor store shared a space with the liquor store at the back of the property and the train store on California Avenue. When he moved from his first store in Pioneer Square to the Junction, there were many vacant spaces. His shop in West Seattle features rack after rack of various size models, from modern trains, to pre-Amtrak Steamliners and transcontinental passenger and freight trains with many names now gone, such as Southern Pacific, the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe, Western Pacific and others. Added to those are people like him who loved model trains as kids and still do, so even in the days of computer games and high-tech amusements and hobbies, he says model trains are still enjoyed by many more than people might think – and some famous people, too.
Trains “was something I did as a kid and just continued,” says Law, “I worked for companies that made model trains, and I worked for companies that sold them.

He said he spent 20 years working for companies making craftsman model train kits, including a then-West Seattle company known as Northwest Short Line, which was then where the YMCA is now. He said he had hoped to be ready by the 4th of July, but there was just too much to move and set up. Now the liquor store is moving and the property owner intends to remodel the space into two equivalent size stores, which would be much larger and unaffordable at $6,000 a month.
But West Seattle has become “one of the most vibrant areas in Seattle” which he predicts will happen to downtown Burien in the next few years when the economy revives and now empty condos and other spaces are filled.
It’s a hangout and not a real money making business thing for me, but I enjoy it and I get to be in contact with a lot of people during the day.
In the 1950s, Lionel made millions of models and they are still readily available inexpensively and the company still today churns out models, some relatively inexpensive.

But I found out that I enjoyed mostly just sitting across the counter talking to people about model trains. They stole a golf cart from Boulevard Park PlacePat on PHOTOS: Boats, bees & beauty around Burien during recent warm weatherBurien Human on Recognize these 2 young men?

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