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Former inmates who were transported by train from Bergen-Belsen were photographed in Farsleben, Germany, shortly after their liberation by U.S. BALTIMORE (JTA) — Frank Towers, even at 96, still recalls the stench of the prisoner train when its doors were opened nearly seven decades ago. Once the doors were opened, the prisoners “just fell out,” said Towers, a first lieutenant and now a resident of Brooker, Fla., near Gainesville. The post-Holocaust lives led by those whom Frank Towers, pictured here in 2006, and his U.S. Now Towers is determined to find the approximately 700 former prisoners he estimates could still be alive today from the 2,500 liberated by his unit. On May 18, 2011, a reunion in Rehovot, Israel, drew 50 of the train’s passengers and more than 400 of their descendants. Mostly they were foreign nationals, with many holding entry documents to prestate Israel and South American and other countries.
The convoy required several round trips to transport everyone late that afternoon and evening. Eventually the survivors established new lives elsewhere and Towers returned to his hometown of St. The Tugendhafts became wealthy as owners of duty-free shops at Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport.

Towers evinces pride relating the names of the Jews who became surgeons in Jerusalem and in London, and engineers, lawyers, teachers, businesspeople and housewives. Last April 11, the flag representing the 30th Infantry Division assumed a place of honor during the National Days of Remembrance ceremony, an annual event commemorating the Holocaust at the U.S. The flag, which now hangs at the museum, does not honor the heroism of Towers and his compatriots in Farsleben. According to Luckert, only divisions that liberated inmates in concentration camps qualify for the honor. Talking about his unit’s efforts in Farsleben, Towers said, “We were trained to fight a war. SPONSORED: "Why Be Jewish?" Edgar Bronfman's clarion call to a generation of secular, disaffected and unaffiliated Jews. Hillel Kuttler in 2011 launched "Seeking Kin," his now-thrice-monthly column on people searching for long-lost relatives and friends. Army’s 30th Infantry Division, to which Towers belonged, freed prisoners from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany who had been packed onto a train 40 to 50 cars long bound for Theresienstadt. The escapees soon encountered a reconnaissance group from the 30th and led the soldiers to the train, where the remaining guards surrendered. A woman in Australia responded first, and “the whole thing snowballed” from there, he said.

They were held for future exchange with the Allies for German prisoners of war and lived in far better conditions than other camp inmates.
Others freed from the train made their marks, too, like Warsaw native Micha Tomkiewicz, a physics professor at New York’s Brooklyn College. Instead, the division is recognized for its liberation the day before of Weferlingen, a subcamp of the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany. They had been on the train for six days before it was stopped at a railway siding in Farsleben over a bureaucratic dispute. He attended college and in 1950 moved to Florida, where he worked as an office manager at the University of Florida. In February, some of the survivors plan to attend the 30th Division’s reunion in Savannah, Ga.
Those requiring treatment, including for typhus, were taken to three buildings in Farsleben and nearby Hilersleiben that became ad-hoc hospitals. Army Center for Military History determined in late 2012 that members of the division had liberated Holocaust survivors.

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