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Vanessa Stallbaum and Marco Stepniak love trains so much they decided to integrate two old mail cars in the design of their new house. Da die Wanderarbeiter sehr einfache Menschen ohne grosse Ausbildung oder Schulabschluss sind, brauchen sie diese Arbeit.
Wenn dann die Eltern endlich wieder zu Hause sind, dann wird immer nur um das eine geredet, die Schule.
Die Eltern machen sich grosse Sorge um ihre Tochter, doch wissen auch nicht wie sie das Dilemma andern konnen.
Lixin Fan zeigt im Dokumentar Film sehr nahe und eindrucklich wie die Wanderarbeiter leben und mit welchen Problemen sie sich jeden Tag auseinander setzten.
Sie wollen ihren Kindern ein besseres Leben schenken in dem sie hart arbeiten und ihnen so eine Ausbildung oder die Schule bezahlen konnen. Die Mutter und der Vater versuchen immer wieder mit ermutigenden Worten die Kinder zu motivieren, dass sie hart fur die Schule lernen.
Er hat es geschafft in der Familie aufgenommen zu werden und kommt in Situationen die wohl noch niemand so nahe gezeigt hat. Some people like to keep things simple and classical while others prefer a more adventurous solution.
In seinem neuen Film bringt er uns ins Bewusst sein, wie billige Produkte aus China entstehen und was fur Schicksale dahinter stecken.
Aber ihre Tochter ist in einer Freiheit aufgewachsen die die Eltern nie hatten und so hort die Tochter auch nicht auf ihre Eltern.
Anstatt am Nachmittag die Hausaufgaben zu machen, mussen sie in der Landwirtschaft mit helfen, damit etwas mehr Essen zum Leben ubrig bleibt. Die Tochter Qin ist es leid in dem Dorf zu leben und will raus in die grosse Stadt um unabhangig von den Eltern zu sein und endlich ihr eigenes Leben zu leben. Die Distanz zwischen Tochter und Eltern ist einfach zu gross um das die Tochter darauf horen wurde.

The artist lives here a few days a week and, given the size and structure of this space, it can’t really be considered a full-time residence.
The architect that designed the space has been working at this project for three years and finds it very interesting. Die Bahnhofe sind uberfullt, Zugbillette gibt es bereits schon langer keine mehr und doch wollen alle irgendwie nach Hause.
Since the size of the space represents a problem and an obstacle, making it feel airy and spacious is nearly impossible. In order to not interfere with the structure of the neighborhood, the house was built about ten feet above the ground. If the Keret House impressed with its narrowness, this space impresses with its spaciousness.
It’s a complex combination of diverse elements and yet the atmosphere is very pleasant and everything feels cohesive. The artist wanted this placed to be a combination of elements, at the limit between art and functional design.
The result was a very strong and durable structure that, despite its curved and gracious lines, was designed to last. They each serve different functions and usually have independent designs but they also all follow an overall continuous design as they are part of the same space and structure.
The rooms of this house were organized around a central kitchen and they each resemble a petal. For example, even if we all, more or less, live in the same types of homes, we try to make them unique through size, design and location.
Some people go even further and have rather crazy ideas of how their homes should look like.
I like that feeling of knowing the train is going very fast and yet I can just sit down and not move at all.

It’s a 807 square foot space with 10 foot high ceilings and the interior is surprisingly inviting. Well it did, in fact, happen and this was the result: an airplane turned into a beautiful living space. It was made from a 727 fuselage that had to be transported piece by piece from the San Jose airport. It has two bedrooms, a TV area, a kitchenette, a dining area, a master bathroom and a balcony on the wing. It must be very interesting to spend time in an airplane hotel but that’s not even the best part. It’s a themed room designed by a steampunk fan.View in galleryThe room was actually designed to look like a shipwrecked submarine.
It wasn’t actually built out of a real submarine because it would have been basically impossible to get one. The room was created using pieces of MDF which were sprayed with concrete and made to look like rusted steel beams. A mid-century look was chosen for the interior and, as you can see, there’s a nice mix of architectural elements. For the walls, a soft green shade was chosen and some of the furniture features the same color as well.

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