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Train horn installed - built LML Quick video the shop took of my truck rolling by blasting the horn. Coming out of the front bottom of the underhood electrical center (LML) there are 2 dark green wires in that loom.
Originally Posted by Goose2448 View Post It's really complicated sounding, but it's easier than giving a fat girl a bucket of ice cream.
I did run the air chuck - I think the shop is mounting it inside my tool box - not 100% sure where it landed.

Just make sure your regulator can handle the flow and don't use anything that could freeze (open) the solenoid! Figured id get some pictures up, Im putting a new valve on tomorrow (hopefully) that is meant for 12v Tried to make it as clean as possible, obviously wires are still visible.
Silvy: I am on THF, Im the guy asking stupid install questions, I have a thread just like this one over there. I sort of enjoy being able to press the center of the steering wheel and have a train horn go off haha.

The switch, in the up position both vehicle and train horn go, off position just the vehicle horn sounds.

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