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Lite Glow Complete Train Horn SystemBlow the traffic away with our brand new Train Horn System! When first installing the train horn kit, first turn the air pump on and only pressurize to 80psi.
The power running from the toggle switch to the air pump should be turned on only after the horn has been used multiple times.
When using your Train Horn, you will be able to tell when the air pressure is low and you need to turn on the compressor again. Air Pumps should be installed where the exterior elements (rain, snow, salt, and extreme temperatures) will not affect its performance. K5LA, P5 new cast, and a S3L on CSX locomotives saluting eachother, recorded in the cab of a GP38-2. Comparison of the Old Style P5(C#, E, G, A, C# octave) , and P5LAC (C#, F, G#, A#, C# ocatave).
Includes sealed compressor system - ideal for under-vehicle installation Considering an air horn package with and "all-in-one" compressor system?
We've replicated the deep rumbling tri-tone sound of a freight train air horn and made a compact version to fit in almost any truck or SUV.

The compressor has an automatic shut off pressure switch on it, but there is always the chance that the switch could fail or a leak arises, the compressor will continuously run which will ultimately cause your battery to die or cause the pump to have a drastically lowered useful life due to it continuously running.
Some of the most popular locations for air pumps are either under the seats or behind the seats of your car or truck. These valves are perfect for train horns, air horns, air suspension systems, air lockers, or anywhere else you need electric control over air flow.
This sealed compressor has 2 important advantages over the all-in-one compressor systems: All-in-one compressors must be mounted upright and flat. Don?t be fooled by their size - they may be small but they pack a punch that can rival any air horn out there.
Our horn is made of chrome plated hand spun brass & cast manifold, features 3 octaves tuned and weighs 20 lbs.
These are the same train horns we offer in our other kits, except we've beefed them up with a few upgrades to boost the performance to a mind blowing level.
Shipping costs to return items to us for exchange or refund are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Now, after letting it rest, turn the pump back on and fill the tank until it reaches its cut-off pressure of 80-110psi.

We recommend Air Lift and SMC valves, which are extremely durable and rated to 300 and 217 PSI respectively. Don?t be fooled by their size – they may be small but they pack a punch that can rival any air horn out there. The compressor turns off when the pressure switch fills tank to 120 PSI and turns back on when pressure drops below 80 PSI.
Easy to fit, glistening chrome finishing and tuned train horn sound; these horns are the complete package. If you plan on using the horn every couple of minutes, It is recommended that you upgrade your compressor.

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