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This starter kit brings you the fun of commonly used train horns without the price and installation. 1.5 gallon US made air tank, all steel construction, Cortec internally coated against corrosion. ABS trumpets with extra-wide bells produce a bone rattling locomotive blast that can be felt as well as heard.
Train Horns and Train Horn Kits are the loudest air horns you can buy; at least that we've ever encountered. Train horns for trucks aren’t the only drivers that can pull off the insanely loud truck horns. Car air horns should be for novelty use only and we never intend to hurt, scare or damage anyone’s ear drums compliments of the deafening rumble that emerges as the train horns let loose.
Since we specialize in all types of truck air horns, car air horns and we even offer a budget-inspired electric air horn - - it’s fair to say we are the leaders in custom train horns for your car. A lot of your sound will depend on the size or the actual horn, but the majority of the sound and increased decibels come from the amount of air moving through each train horn.
Making sure that every other vehicle will get out of your way in a moments notice means you need a crazy loud Kleinn truck train or PIAA horn. If you are looking for some obnoxious loud sounding, blow your ear drums right out of the back of your head you have landed on the right spot.
Additional trumpets create a more fully-blended tone while being compact enough to fit almost any vehicle.

Trumpets mount separately, each with its own mounting bracket & solenoid, making them easy to install & freakishly loud. Some people think it's a rather odd feature to have excessively loud train horns mounted on your car or truck. We strongly advise all users, new and old, to use their car air horns with caution and be courteous of other drivers.
We have specifically pieced together the right sized air tanks, air lines, air compressors and horns to give you a pre-packaged car air horn kit that’s ready to blow right out of the box! These horns and accessories are the loudest and most obnoxious sounding horns on the market today.
We have some of the best horns and accessories and custom truck parts names right here like Kleinn. Flat mounting design allows for easy mounting behind the grille, engine compartment, or on frame rails. Includes a high output 150 psi, 100% duty compressor, 5 gallon tank and tire inflation kit with storage bag. However, like anything else in the custom auto accessories world, the name of the game is to do something different or unique. The train air horn was designed to be used on locomotives as a tool that indicates they are passing through areas in which pedestrians may be present. Keep in mind, we sell the loudest train horns on the market and these car air horns will not only set off car alarms from blocks away, but could severely damage a person’s hearing.

Professional installation is recommended, but a little mechanical know-how can go a long way. They will not just scare the you know what out of you, but will probably send you to the ear doctor.
We carry one name and one name only in truck horns because Kleinn truck train horns makes the loudest and most obnoxious horns on the planet.
Includes a 150 psi, 100% duty compressor, 3 gallon tank, bonus tire inflation kit with storage bag & all parts needed for installation.
Trucks horns really have no reason to be as loud as a train air horn, but then again why people install air bags on their custom rides or stuff a V8 into a compact car?
It goes without saying that all car airhorns should be used when not in close proximity to other vehicles or people.
Enjoy all our custom truck parts, custom horns and accessories and clear the street of all traffic.
If you are looking to move semi-trucks, trains and every vehicle on the road out of your path just click on Kleinn and you will drive everything completely out of your way.
Your standard car or truck horn is only used when needed and possibly to quickly say "hello" to someone in passing.

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