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But what does the loudest air horn and motorcycle safety have in common with an Irish and Scottish Folklore?  Well a a€?bansheea€? is a female spirit who cries loudly to warn of impending danger a€“ and so does the Screaming Banshee A® system. This is the first and only automatic warning system that deploys 130+ decibels and also pulses the high beam headlight for extra impact. This is not just the loudest horn for motorcycles - the Screaming Banshee system is also a great solution for all scooters, cars, and boats that have unimpressive, wimpy horns. The Screaming Banshee system is the loudest horn on the market for its size, and for motorcycles we have the most compact system a€“ it can be heard from up to 3 blocks away! Note that we do not in any way alter the regular horn system in the motorcycle or car to keep within DOT (Dept of Transportation) regulations. WOLOa€™s BAD BOY CHROME a„? has all the same features, as the original BAD BOY a„? with bright chrome plated finish is a step-up letting the vehicle stand out in chrome.
The Stebel Compact Nautilus, also known as the EAR CANNON is the ultimate motorcycle and car horn.
Three years after the "Never-Before-Seen" twin-tone airhorn "Nautilus" a "Compact" version is now available. The product is specifically designed and manufactured for custom tuning of medium and large motorcycles or on automobiles (particularly suited for visible mountings). 97 year-old lady driving a '73 Buick, who doesn't like to wear her hearing aid because it isn't fashionable. 20 year-old men driving any vehicle at all, with Metallica playing, at a volume that is guaranteed to cause a brain hemorrhage after one hour. You get my point: there are an awful lot of people on the road that are just NOT going to hear you with that feeble stock horn. In many cases, you can buy one electrical horn, or install a pair - one is a "high tone" the other a "low tone" horn. Second, Oliver's findings confirm that, when both Fiamm horns are used, the result should be louder than stock - NOT and huge increase in loudness, but one that is noticeable.
A discussion of decibels, power, intensity, and perceived loudness is beyond the scope of my web site. To double the perceived loudness of the sound, you'd have to increase the intensity by 10dB, and this would require TEN TIMES the power output.
Although the Fiamm horns are good, and EXTREMELY easy to install, in my opinion, nothing tops a good set of air horns for an instant laxative effect on the cager's bowels. That's it -- everything else you need including the relay, is included when you buy the horns. Now my wiring is a little different than is showed in the diagram above - because I wanted to keep my Fiamm horns on the left handlebar, and install the new horns on the right. The RIGHT handlebar seemed like the perfect place to mount a switch for a SECOND set of horns.
Here's the right handlebar control assembly all put back together, now with my new round black little button. Since I did not use the stock horn switch to control these horns, you don't have to worry about the stock horn button wires at all. THIS is how I actually connected my compressor and relay, using the Radio Shack #275-644 momentary switch, and the SPST relay supplied with the air horns. 9 instructions -- this is the FIRST product for the bike I believe I have ever gotten that actually came with clear instructions.
The web's largest and most active community resource for Nissan and Infiniti owners and enthusiasts. All you need to do is chop the horns' pigtails off, solder some quick disconnects on the wiring and the horn's wires, bolt in the horns, plug it in, tape up the wiring, and you're done.
NICOclub's Nissan forums and Infiniti forums and all affiliated sites are the property of HDS Holdings, Inc. They are independent publications and are not affiliated with or endorsed by Nissan or Infiniti.
I own a Civil Defense air raid siren powered by a V-12 engine.Might be a little big, but it would do the trick. I don't know the brand but when I was buying my truck toolbox they were demonstrating their train whistle horn.
Too bad ARFCOM dont have a "bling" sectionIn other words , why do you need an air horn?

Just about an houra€™s work to give you the edge over those sleeping, texting, spaced out drivers that could potentially take you out!
Also, our system doesna€™t put any electrical loads on the existing vehicle wiring system because all the power is drawn directly from the battery. Reduced in size by about 30% thanks to its thin shape and design of its sound exit, it is even easier to install! It is very fast and easy to install because it requires only ONE fixing point (and a single electrical connection).
We wanted to design something that would unite the advanteges of an elettromagnetic horn with the nostalgia of an air horn.
Only 10cm wide, it is able to emit 110dB (measured at 2 meters) at an "earthquaking" frequency of 300 Hz. It has a sleek Italian design - the visible face is completely chromed with a professional high quality OEM finish able to resist 400 hours of salt fog exposure. But you'll see that just about any horn you will find for $40 at autobarn or auto zone will be much louder than that whimpy stock horn. Yes, they are a big improvement over stock, but really are not going to shock anyone - the sound is good, but not really going to have the "racing heart, colon-blow" effect I was looking for. First, there is a true advantage of installing both horns as opposed to a single Fiamm horn. That's why people disagree on exactly what dB increase corresponds to a doubling of loudness. It may be confusing which wire to connect to the relay, once you disconnect your stock horn. I drilled a hole through it with the dremmel, then just kept widening the hole until it was big enough to get my switch inserted.
Then take one very long 22-guage wire (black is best) and run it all the way back to your relay and attach to pin 85. Then put your rear cowling and undertail back on -- it's a bit of a tight squeeze, but it WILL fit. Just run one 22-gauge LONG wire from the right handlebar all the way back to your relay (which I put behind the battery- plenty of room there ).
I'd have given them a 10 if they included Suzuki color codes, but they never intended for these to be used on a bike!
I would not want pretty chrome horns if they are to be hidden anyway, and because they would drive the price up. This means that when you pressed the horn button, you connected the GROUND wire of the circuit, completing the circuit and allowing the horn to sound.
This gives the intense sound and visibility that per numerous customer testimonials increase rider safety by helping to avoid life-threatening situations. According to the statistics in a€?The Hurt Report,a€? around 75% of motorcycle crashes are collisions with other vehicles. Up until now, this same frequency performance could be reached only by using "trombones" of almost 50cm in length and the obvious placement difficulties that come with such bulky items. The horn on the left (furthest from the camera) is just mounted in place of the stock horn.
One fiamm horn will not be perceptibly louder than the stock horn was - because a difference in "intensity" of only 1 or 2dB is a barely noticeable difference in loudness to the human ear. But still, an increase of 10dB in intensity is usually thought to cause a doubling of perceived loudness. And if you were only to install EITHER Fiamms or airhorns, I'd suggest going for the air horns. So just take apart the control housing, pop out the piece of plastic and go to work with the Dremmel to insert your switch. Note that my bike is a 2002 GSXR-1000, with a Mototeck undertail, so your specific bike may be different. In Wolo's defense, these were NEVER intended to actually be visible, they are intended to be hidden, and rightly so. When you press the horn button, you are allowing a connection to the power wire, and the horn sounds. I'm not talking about plastic pep boys horns-those are like an radio alarm clock by comparison.

Produces a powerful dual tone air horn sound that is two times 2X louder than the factory horn. The excellent sound output is INSTANT thanks to an incorporated perfectly balanced air jet system.
The Stebel Compact truck Horn does not require complex connections to the vehicle's compressed air chamber because it features an incoporated mini-compressor with a totally independent capability. However, they are a bit more difficult to install, since you need to find space not only for the horns themselves, but also room for the air compressor. You can just tap the stock wires on the left, and attach some extra wire to reach over to the right radiator bolt mounting location.
The stock horn is "negatively switched", meaning it always is supplied with + voltage, but the horn is OFF anyway because it does not have a valid ground connection. Just SECURELY cover the end with tape and shrink tubing to make sure it doesn't short to anything, then tuck it away. Heavy gauge wire is unnecessary for THIS part of the wiring, since the switch will only carry enough current to activate the relay (about 160 mA). Take a good look at the tail on your bike - but if in doubt, just give it a try - for only $25, it's not a big risk.
I don't know if there are any differences in the frame from 600 through 1000 bikes, but it's nice to know that these airhorns COULD be installed on a 600.
If you made these out of chrome, then the price would be $200 (like the air horns I put on my cruiser). So when you wire your air horns, and you wire the relay, you want to think of a way that the horn button will switch the POWER to the compressor on and off, rather than the ground wire on and off as we showed above with the older bikes.
The BAD BOY is compact in size to fit any car, truck, motorcycle and any 12-volt vehicle that wants a loud air horn sound. The product is pratical and easy to install like an eletric horn, yet features the power, reability and uniquely pleasant tone of an air horn.
More water proof than Nautilus Compact, it features an intricate maze system for the protection of the a€?anti-water spraya€? air intake. I had to go to the hardware store to get a slightly longer-than-stock bolt, and used a piece of scrap metal that I bent and drilled in order to fit this horn in. By this method, Oliver says that a difference of 6dB would be interpreted by the human ear as approximately twice as loud. They were actually made for cars, assuming that they would be mounted under the hood, out of site.
The air intake hole has a patented protection system which insures a pleasent High and Low Tone and suprising power! High decibel power and pleasant pitch that only an air horn can offer (115 dB(A) at 2 meters a€“ 139 dB(A) at 4 inches, 530 + 680 Hz). You can also see how I drilled a hole in the trunk plastic to allow the air hose to come through and connect to the two horns. The Nautilus has a beautiful "Made in Italy" design which makes it perfect for openly visible installations on motorcycles too! Oliver used the single stock horn alone, and various combinations of the Fiamm horns with stock. Finally a fast, easy to install air-horn which is above all compact; therfore appropriate for the ever shrinking space available within today's vehicles.
Important Notice: We strongly advise the consumer to follow in detail the suggestions and requirements of installation in order to insure the correct function and performance of the product. The air intake hole has a patented protection system which insures a pleasant High and Low Tone and surprising power! The Nautilus has a beatiful 'DESIGN IN ITALY' design which makes it perfect for openly visible installations!

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