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Despite their aggressive nature (to protect their nests), they seem to know if another dragon's fire is worn out, and are kind and sympathetic enough to reignite other dragons' firepower with their venom (at least all species of Stoker class receive benefits[1]). As shown in the episode Reign of Fireworms, Fireworm colonies migrate from island like birds and other animals do in the real world.
The queen of the fireworms and her daughter the Fireworm princess looks similar to your average fireworm, but she has some differences that make her stand out from the rest. All fireworms can heat up their skin to a temperature expressed to be hotter than the sun and being high enough that they can burn almost anything. Applying their body heat, Fireworm Queens have extremely powerful, napalm-typed fire breaths that are very unruly gaseous fire with spewing out small fireworks (being similar to that of the Monstrous Nightmares).
They also have strong prehensile tails that can pick up large objects over 5,000lbs or more. On top of that, they are able to stand on four legs and their tongue has a venom that has the special ability to reignite the worn out fire of Stoker Class Dragons, like Monstrous Nightmares. Fireworm Queen has shown to be clever as she was able to a take short cut to catch up the escaping Hiccup, Toothless, and Snotlout.
When searching for the fabled Hamish Treasure, Hiccup, Astrid, Snotlout, Fishlegs, Ruffnut, Tuffnut, and their dragons find themselves trapped in a cave. They also make a small reappearance in "Gem of a Different Color", where Tuffnut tried to jump into a pit full of Fireworms while holding a Changewing egg which he still thought was a "Stone of Good Fortune" thinking the stone won't let Fireworms burn him, only to be saved by Stormfly.
Fireworm flying Fireworms are explored more thoroughly in "Race to Fireworm Island", where it was revealed that, like Fireworms, they have their very own island and nest, which is overseen by their mother, the Fireworm Queen. Fireworm's main weakness is the fact that they are afraid of fire, even though it coats their bodies. Fireworm Queens are very territorial and won't let you take any of their gel, which can make them a bit hard to train, but they are actually quite friendly once you get to know them. It could be possible that the Fireworms received their name from Fireworm (book), a female Monstrous Nightmare belonging to Snotlout. They are extremely powerful in packs, as it is shown that all of the kids and the dragons together struggle to hold off a swarm of Fireworms. Though they had already been discovered by Vikings, as Hiccup was easily able to identify them, their statistics have not been discovered yet (possibly due to the low danger rate they emit on their own). In the Cartoon Network website, the Fireworms have no wings at all, but it is possible the images on the site are just concept arts instead of the final version of the images.
It is possible that they are based off the Red-Hot Itchyworms, as they look similar and have very similar attributes. Despite the Terrible Terrors being considered the smallest of all dragons, Fireworms, at least the males, are actually much smaller, and can be held in the palm of your hand.
It could be possible that the idea of Fireworms came from fireflies (their ability to fly and their glow), fire-ants (their biting exchanged with heating their skin) or bees (since they live in packs and have a queen and produce honeycombs replaced with firecombs). Overall, the Fireworm Queen slightly resembles the Yinglong like the Grapple Grounder, but the Fireworm Queen's features are more suiting to the Yinlong than those of the Grapple Grounder; it is golden colored, has unnaturally powerful (and hot) fire, and is generous and intelligent. In Dragons Rise of Berk, it is said that if another female is born, it goes off to create it's own colony.
The Fireworm is the first dragon species that has more than two pairs of legs, with the second being the Hackatoo. In Rise of Berk's Book of Dragons, it is stated that the size of the queen is 500 times bigger than that of the normal Fireworm. Strangely, in School Of Dragons, the player can choose a gender for the Queen,rather male or female, despite it being the only female of the species. The Death Song is a Mystery Class dragon that is featured in Dreamworks Dragons: Race to the Edge. This Dragon uses his melodic call to lure his targets into the dense jungles of Melody Island. This dragon will lure you in with it's enchanting melody, then immobilize you with a ferocious strike. After striking its prey, the Death Song covers it in a yellow, liquid substance which traps and preserves victims as it hardens into a stiff amber cocoon. Death Songs are able to consume medium size dragons under a few minutes, as shown when it devoured an entire Gronckle. Considering their size, Death Songs have shown to have strong jaw muscles, as they have been shown to lift up medium sized dragons such as the Gronckle. They are also very powerful, as it was shown to be able to defeat a Thunderdrum easily by swinging its tail to the mountain and able to hold it down with no difficulties at all despite its heavy weight.
The Death Song is the fifth dragon to have "death" in its name, and the first dragon to have the word "death" at the beginning of the name.

This is the fourth dragon that appears to eat other dragons, the first being the Red Death, the second being the Scauldron, and the third being the Changewing. This dragon's name was believed to be the Deathsong, but the name is actually split into two words.
This was an internal joke from the producers as the Death Song was originally called Songwing, but they later renamed the species. It seems very unlikely that a Death Song can eat a full grown Gronckle in minutes (although it only takes seconds).
Its jaws also seem incredibly strong, as it can carry a full grown dragon covered in its amber-like substance with no struggle.
The Death Song is the second smallest dragon that can control other species in some way, as well as the only one that is not a Legendary dragon. The Tide Glider coasts along the waves peacefully, until it spots an enemy in the distance and shoots an acid ball to clear a path!
The Tide Glider is able to shoot acid at its opponents and it serves as a useful attack and defense.
Its saliva is said to be able to heal people, making it similar to the Scauldron's venom, which can be used as an antidote for dragons that are poisoned by the Blue Oleander.
Tide Gliders can be inferred to be very agile and graceful as they are described to 'dance' through water instead of swimming. According to Rise of Berk, Tide Glider eggs can be found in Dark Deep, but when Hiccup and Fishlegs got there in Quake, Rattle and Roll, or when Fishlegs was looking at the Dragon Eye with Meatlug's coloured lava, the Tide Glider wasn't seen or even mentioned. The Tide Glider's healing saliva might have been inspired from Defiant One, when Hiccup told Snotlout that Night Fury saliva has "healing properties". The Tide Glider is the first original dragon in Rise of Berk to appear in School of Dragons.
The Tide Glider's healing saliva is most likely contaminated in it's water blast as it sprays it out. While the Tide Glider has hind legs in School of Dragons, it lacks them in Rise of Berk, leading to question which is the correct one.
It didn't have horns like its cousins, the Triceratops; however it had a small bump on its nose. It is like the cockroach of the dragon world, that is, if a cockroach could super-heat its skin to burn everything it touched.
It is unknown why the Fireworms have to migrate or why Fireworm Queens have never been seen migrating. They have dark gray scales with red skin underneath, or gray skin that turns red when heated; however it seems in Riders of Berk, they have orangish-brown scales. For instance, while the common fireworm can fit in the palm of a hand, the queen is many times bigger, her size is comparable to that of a Boneknapper.
While doing so they also generate a great amount of light, and sometimes, they even set themselves on fire.
Fireworms can also produce some kind of gel that gives them their fire and they store in honeycomb-like containers. Another way of showing off her intelligence is that she quickly understood that a bond between a dragon and their rider was strong enough to risk their lives for each other. The reason behind their constant and extreme heat is also explained to be that they feed off firecombs, filled the very same gel that gives the Monstrous Nightmare its flaming ability. Because of their size it makes them not very agile, shown by a Fireworm Queen that continuously smashed through walls while chasing Hiccup and Toothless. This is because when Tuffnut was burned by a Fireworm, it would have burned his hand off if it was hotter than the sun, which is approximately 5,505 ?C at the surface.
The Deadly Nadder's flame is supposed to burn with the heat of the sun, so logically touching a Fireworm should be hotter than being hit by a Deadly Nadder's flame, although it is likely they use a less intense heat normally. The secret behind this amazing feat is the Death Song's extra cervical vertebrate.[1] When the Death Song calls, its extra vertebrae expand into its frills, and its song is able to be projected to specific targets up to a mile away. This is most likely because of the fact that they will eat any dragon who gets too close to them, including their own kind. The dragon seems to be of a different color scheme than the Death Song, but Ludia has confirmed that they are the same species. It is possible that it heard the gang talking to each other and came back before it could eat it. A titan Tide Glider has a darker, more vibrant shade of blue and pink wing edges that have swirly patterns. It is the third to do so, the others being the Scauldron and the Bewilderbeast (though Bewilderbeasts shoot blasts of ice).

At first he is was nervous to meet new people but over time he becomes close to Buddy and Tiny. She also possesses several horns the back of her nape and the front of her snout that resemble a crown.
It is known that the closer two fireworms are to one another, the brighter they will shine. Their head, tail and half their wing bones have hints of cyan while the other half of the wing bone is yellow.
The only thing keeping them from extinction is the fact that you can't eat or hold them as their skin is burning hot. It is most likely an exaggeration because Vikings at the time would not have known the temperature of the sun itself.
They don't fly in the 2 episodes of Season 1 episodes they appear in (the first of which involving a situation that might have warranted their flight had they the capability), which seems to support the lack of wings. Their preferred prey is other dragons, but they aren't adverse to eating any unwary human who strays to close to their nests. In the game, Death Song is, instead, the name of the dragon living on Melody Island that Hiccup and the gang encountered. Its saliva might also be in its water blast, which can be used to heal wounds by spraying them.
However, it is unknown if it changes the temperature of the water it fires like the others.
The Queen was seen only at Fireworm Island so her original colour (the color when not heated up) is unknown. Toothless lights the room, and they find thousands of little Fireworms bustling about in a shallow pit. Your best chance to defeat this dragon is to ride a Thunderdrum, which is mostly immune to the Death Song's song.
Its wings have wavy white patterns all over and it has a large tail fin that resembles a mermaid's tail. Fireworm Queens are very protective of their firecombs of gel and will chase down anything that tries to take it. It has been shown to be very powerful especially when there is a pack of dragons using this ability.
It's too cold any other time!" However, it can only exit its cave during the hot summers and not cooler days.
As being a mother, the Queen has a devoted, discreet nature even on rage to take back her firecombs, and being highly intelligent as being capable of conjecturing the intruders' motives and objectives.
Fireworm Queens are, like the name suggests, always female and if another female fireworm were to be born in a nest which already has a queen, the newly born fireworm ( the Fireworm princess) would fly off to start a nest of her own.
This is probably because reptiles, like dragons, are cold blooded and their body temperature depends on its surroundings.
As this is the first series, this would strongly suggest that they always were intended to have wings. The Death Song has the striking and bright colors of blue, yellow and orange on both its wings and its tail. Death Songs also struggle with small spaces, as they can be effected by the echo of their own song. From what the Rise of Berk game says, it would appear that the average fireworms are all males.
In Race to the Edge, it is confirmed that Fireworms have wings, as several are seen flying into the sky in the trailer. The spines of the Death Song, which run all along its back, resemble those of a Stormcutter or a Skrill.
As shown in "Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Young Man", when Toothless blasted at them, they started to back off.
In the episode "Race to Fireworm Island", when Stormfly blasted the Queen, she stood firm and kept fighting.

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