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When first installing the train horn kit, first turn the air pump on and only pressurize to 80psi. The power running from the toggle switch to the air pump should be turned on only after the horn has been used multiple times. When using your Train Horn, you will be able to tell when the air pressure is low and you need to turn on the compressor again. Air Pumps should be installed where the exterior elements (rain, snow, salt, and extreme temperatures) will not affect its performance. You need to place a 1 amp diode in the wire between the siren output and the relay for your train horns.

So, I am still not quite sure how to wire up the train horns correctly, so that they will honk when my alarm shock sensor has been triggered. The compressor has an automatic shut off pressure switch on it, but there is always the chance that the switch could fail or a leak arises, the compressor will continuously run which will ultimately cause your battery to die or cause the pump to have a drastically lowered useful life due to it continuously running.
Some of the most popular locations for air pumps are either under the seats or behind the seats of your car or truck.
I am not a free install service. Read the installation manual, do a search here or online for your vehicle wiring before posting. Now, after letting it rest, turn the pump back on and fill the tank until it reaches its cut-off pressure of 80-110psi.

ALso, the diodes: someone in an earlier post said to put the band of the diode towards the relay, but in your pic it is away from the relay.
Which is correct? I also wanted to note that I am not using the vehicle horn button for the train horns, I have a separate SPST (not sure if that matters).
If you plan on using the horn every couple of minutes, It is recommended that you upgrade your compressor.

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