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Its a SOUL TRAIN costume and dance party going down at the HOTEL CONGRESS to celebrate the birthdays of JOE SILINS and JOE PAGAC!!! The Historic Hotel Congress & Maynards Market and Kitchen will be the creative heart and cultural hub of Tucson, beacon of the Southwest.
If you have traveled on the Victoria line, in the past year or so, then you have noticed that London continues to grow, along with the number of Victoria line passengers.
A less noticeable, yet equally important improvement has come with the arrival of a world class signaling system, which was installed back in 2009. The new trains come with with wider aisles and doors, they are larger, taller and are simply more pleasant to ride. The improvements to the Victoria line have led to faster running trains that run more often and carry a greater number of passengers with fewer delays. This is just the beginning, because starting January 2013, the goal of the Victoria Line is to have, at peak hours 33 trains an hour with the ability to increase passenger capacity to 10,000 commuters. These improvements are being noticed by commuters and are greatly appreciated by passengers, who have over the years been riding an older system whose parts dated back to 1968 when the Victoria line opened.

Victoria Station Hotel: The Best Western Victoria Palace is a recently refurbished modern air-conditioned property within 5 minutes walking distance of Victoria Rail Station, Tube and Coach Terminals.
During the rebuild in 2004, we had an old dining car installed on a set of rail lines and used it as a temporary bar until the hotel was reopened in 2007. We ask that you check the latest information in your area before departing on your journey.
We strive to inspire the local community and world traveler with a unique experience, the best in entertainment, exceptional dining, and unsurpassed hospitality.
Due to increased traffic from events such as the Summer Games and an increase in London foot traffic. These new trains come equipped with regenerative braking technology, which returns energy to the rails, so it can be used by other trains, rather than releasing the heat into the tunnels. For those requiring the use of a wheelchair, there are now dedicated spaces provided to accommodate travels with special needs. As far as travelers are concerned this breaks down to more trains, more often and faster commutes with more room on each train.

All in all, there has never been a better time to travel throughout London and incorporate the Victoria line train into those plans. You dont have to know us well, just well enough to have heard about the party through the grape vine. There has been a massive push to upgrade and improve the Victoria line and other aging train lines in London.
All trains are equipped with security equipment like CCTV, and there are push-button emergency alarms, in every carriage, which are connected directly to the driver. In fact, there’s now a train every two minutes at peak times, and 30 trains per hour.

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