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Here is a detailed map of RER A to RER E lines in and around Paris and its surrounding suburbs. The Paris Regional RER train system connects major tourist destinations and ports of entry to the heart of Paris, near St. Printable Paris Metro Map in small format, good for printing on a 4×6 sheet of photo paper.
The above photo is the scene at Gare du Nord upon arrival from the London to Paris Eurostar train. Photo of the eastern half of the Gare du Nord station facing north, showing the departures board on the left, train lanes (voies) 14 and up, used for TGV trains and Ter (Ile-de-France) trains.
This is a photo of the eastern atrium at Gare du Nord with a Transilien (Ile-de-France) ticket window selling tickets for Ter and Transilien trains traveling outside of Paris, but within the Ile-de-France. This is an overview of how to travel from Charles de Gaulle-CDG Airport to Central Paris by city train (RER B). For step-by-step photo instructions see Terminal 2 to Paris by train or Terminal 1 to Paris by train. The quickest & least expensive way from Roissy-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport to Paris is by taking the RER B city train leaving from either CDG Terminal 2 or Roissypole (RER trains for CDG Terminal 1 and CDG Terminal 3). Buses will replace service along the affected part of the RER B line between CDG Airport and Aulnay-sous-Bois station. For step-by-step photo based instructions see either CDG Terminal 1 to Paris Photo Guide or CDG Terminal 2 to Paris Photo Guide. At either the Aeroport Charles de Gaulle 1 train station, a large open concrete atrium, or Terminal 2 train station, a white, triple level, escalator extravaganza, you’ll find plenty of ticket vending machines. Even more important to note is that any credit cards or debit cards without smart chips nor 4-6 digit PIN numbers will not work with these machines. For Aeroport CDG 1 train station the train platform is visible behind & below the train ticket vending machines. Here are photo instructions for RER B train from Paris CDG Airport Terminal 1 to central Paris (Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris). Keep in mind that these vending machines do not sell pass cards Pass Navigo and only take coins or smart-chip enabled credit cards. To purchase a Pass Navigo Decouverte (public transportation passes) you must visit the ticket window immediately in front of these machines (visible in photo below). RER B trains leaving CDG going to Paris (right side screen) stop at all central Paris stations (Gare du Nord to Cite Universitaire, full list below) regardless of the name under the Destination column. The following train timetables show depature times of RER B trains leaving CDG Terminal 1 towards Paris.  (Ignore the second pages, which show Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 departure times).
Instead of taking the RER or train heading into Paris, there is an airport shuttle from Charles de Gaulle or Orly Airport to the heart of Paris.
Cost will be dependent on what shuttle you take and whether you qualify for any discounted rates.
This photo of the Eiffel Tower taken from Montparnasse Tower observation deck captures the city in a beautiful orange glow.

The closet Metro station to la Tour Montparnasse (Montparnasse Tower) where this photo was taken from is Montparnasse Bienvenue station on Paris Metro Lines 4, 6 12 and 13. This photo of Notre Dame Cathedral with water reflection is taken from a tunnel along the Seine river.
This photo of Paris La Defense was shot at dusk with long exposure showing streaking car lights taken from a pedestrian park in the median of Avenue Charles de Gaulle, located just east of Pont de Neuilly. This aerial sunset photo of Paris capturing rain over the city and the Eiffel Tower is taken from the observation terrace on the roof of La Tour Montparnasse (Montparnasse Tower).
Photo from rooftop of Montparnasse Tower of Paris city at sunset with rain and the Eiffel Tower. The closest Metro station to this viewpoint over Paris is Montparnasse Bienvenue on Paris Metro Line 6. This night time photo of the Sacre Coeur cathedral in Paris’ Montmartre area is Photoshopped with a starry sky background of our own Milky Way galaxy to make a stunning scene. Fields of lavender in Provence area of (southern) France offer stunning colorful landscape views. Originally founded in 12th century, Cheylade Church was rebuilt in the 15th & 17th centuries to what you see today. Closest train to Cheylade Church arrives at Murat from Paris Austerlitz train station, roughly 5 hours 30 minutes travel time by train, with train tickets costing about 47€ one-way. Trains from Paris to Etretat in Normandy (Le Havre closest station, 20km south of Etretat) leave from Paris Gare Saint-Lazare, departing every 1-2 hours, costing from 15 to 21.50€ and takes 2 hours 5 minutes to arrive via the Intercites brand of French train. Clermont-Ferrand is accessible from Paris by train on the Intercities brand of train departing from Paris Bercy station (walking distance from Gare de Lyon train station).
Unlike the Paris metro system which covers only 2 Zones, the Paris RER trains cover 5 Zones all around Ile-de-France, the province which contains Paris. Near the center of the photo is a sign reading Reseau Ile-de-France RER with an arrow pointing to the east side of Gare du Nord station. RER B trains connect Paris to Aeroport Charles de Gaulle (CDG), taking roughly 25 minutes from Gare du Nord.
This train schedule from CDG to Paris is the same every day of the week, including holidays.  (For a complete timetable, see the schedule of RER B trains). Keep in mind that the CDGVAL tram stops at parking stations in between Terminals 1 and 3 (Parc P-r), and Terminals 3 and 2 (Park P-x), so don’t get off CDGVAL too early. To buy Paris train tickets, be sure to use the Paris Ile-de-France box machines and not the yellow SNCF TGV vending machines. To access the RER B train platform, look for the entry gates with green lights on them (detailed guide). Look at the television screens on the platform and note how many stops are between CDG train stations and the four central Paris stations mentioned above. The Destination names are the terminus stations for the several RER B train line branches and are used to specify the direction each train is traveling. Air France offers a shuttle service for non-passengers (and passengers alike) with central destinations such as Gare Montparnasse, Gare de Lyon, Invalides metro station and Charles de Gaulle Etoile metro station.

Children from the ages of 2 to 11 get a 50% reduction in fare and groups of 4 or more get a 15% reduction in fare. Non-EU citizens will need to fill out a declaration card for UK Immigration before you enter.
Remember that most non-smart-chip credit cards will not work with these machines, so use Euro coins if you have them.
The express RER B train will go directly from Aeroport CDG 1 to Gare du Nord, without stopping at any stations in between. A complete list of departure times from Terminal 1 RER B station towards Paris is available at the bottom of this article. If using a multi-use train pass (Navigo or Navigo Decouverte) place your Navigo pass against the purple pass reader on the top arm panel on your right of the gate. Considering that this option is substantially cheaper than hiring a taxi, it’s a great deal for a lot less stress. Lines 2 and 4 will take you into the city of Paris while line 1 will connect you to the Orly airport. RER D runs north-south, connecting Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon station in direction of Melun or Malesherbes.
If you’re facing this glass room, the entry on the left will be for RER tickets to Paris. It’ll be quite difficult to miss and all trains from these platforms travel to Paris. RER E runs east-west connecting Gare du Nord to Gare St-Lazare on the western side of central Paris.
You can view the television screens while on the platform to see all the stops the train will make.
You’ll save roughly 12 minutes by taking one of the express trains, but even the non-express RER B will get you to Paris (Gare du Nord) in about 34 minutes. Only line 1 will take you into the city of Paris while line 3 is a shuttle to connect to (Roissy) Charles de Gaulle Airport. These train ticket machines will be labeled BILLETS, TICKETS, BILLETES Paris Ile-de-France Train, RER, Tramway, Metro, Bus. Almost always there will be at least one ticket seller that speaks English and it will be noted by a little British flag on the corner of his or her window. The price should be roughly €10 for adult tickets and €7 for children (9 and under) RER B train tickets to Paris (as of 2015).
The four mentioned here are the ones that the majority of travelers will be looking for as they’re all in central Paris. Michel-Notre Dame is across the Seine (the Left Bank), and Luxembourg being near the Jardin du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens).

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