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Get your daily fix of the hottest celebrity photos on red carpet, in bikini, on vacation and fashion photos from the red carpet, awards shows, events and more. Although a short drive from Las Vegas, many of the city’s residents have never heard of the Kelso Train Depot. Kelso was a railroad town that began as a pit-stop for Union Pacific Railroad workers in 1905 when the line from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City was built. Originally dubbed the “Kelso Restaurant and Clubhouse,” the current train depot building was built in 1923 and opened in the following year. Today Kelso is a ghost town, the only trace of it still remaining besides the beautifully restored train depot is the post office building across the street. For the morbid traveler, there is a small cemetery just up the tracks from the depot that is something of a mystery. Driving to Kelso can be a fun adventure in and of itself, the Kelso Cima Road offers spectacular views of a Joshua Tree forest.
If you have a free day and want to get out of the city, Kelso is an easy and short road trip to consider!
As Osie’s photos show, the lines of the building make for a wonderful photo opportunity at various times of the day with the change of the quality of the light.
And if you want to see a rather unusual photo of the Zyzzx Springs area — check out this aerial shot I captured a few years ago! Denver, Co to Livingston, Mt May 21-23Hi Guys My wife and I are planning a long weekend trip from Denver to Livingston, Montana. But now the area’s Regional Transit Alliance has decided to replace its light rail plan with a commuter rail system that would run using diesel locomotives on existing tracks. Perhaps it is true that the population in Kansas City is spread out enough that citizens of the region are unwilling to agree to a sales tax for a central city-only light rail network, but the commuter rail network for which they might settle will change the travel habits of fewer people than a light rail system would have. The problem is that neither the national government nor the Queensland state have indicated the appropriate willingness to direct the necessary hundreds of millions of Australian dollars that would be necessary to get the light rail line built, even though everyone seems to agree that the Gold Coast is in desperate need of alternative transport options. As of now, both projects remain funded but obstacles are likely to stand in their way in the future. Great to see you covering Australian issues, but I encourage you to avoid expressing much of an opinion about transit developments in Sydney, since this is a place where announced transit projects often incur significant green, pro-transit opposition. State government (which holds almost all of the power in the Australian system) is balkanised in the worst possible way — even worse than, say, the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1990s.

Unlike the Brisbane-Gold Coast region of Queensland, Sydney lacks any centralized transit planning authority that could be a site for public consensus building and for the rational comparison of different modal options. Did you remove the post about Edward Glaeser’s article because you misread it, and jumped on him for it? Recent PostsFrequent service, not escalator access, is what attracts transit users Which riders matter?
This is likely owing to the fact that the town of Kelso, California has been mostly abandoned since the 1960s — not that it was ever a thriving city to begin with. It remained mainly as a layover stop until World War II, when a new need for minerals for the war effort caused the area to swell to a town of almost 2,000 residents. It served as a restaurant for passengers and workers, a boarding house for crew, and telegraph office.
A few foundations of long-lost structures, the only evidence of the town’s brief existence, can be spotted from the road. The Kelso Dunes—sweeping sand dunes like something straight out of the Arabian Desert, some reach over 600 feet tall—are only about eight miles from the depot as well.
When I visited, I listened to a clip of old Doc Springer talking about Zzyzx on his radio show.
It really is a fascinating area, and, as often is the case in the desert, there is more to it than meets the eye.
There had been several efforts over the past few years to build a variety of lines, led by community organizer Clay Chastain, who in 2006 won an endorsement from voters for a 27-mile rail system to run throughout the city. Sanders’ statement is that while an investment in commuter rail may provide longer lines spreading further out into the region, it would also almost certainly mean fewer riders. The city is increasingly dense along the waterfront but lacks any major mass transit option. Anyone standing on a street corner on a typical day has driven there from the suburbs for work or play. The train depot building was closed down from its intended purpose in 1985, but now hosts a museum and art gallery, as well as serving as a visitor center for the Mojave National Preserve. It was designed in the Spanish Mission Revival architectural style and built to rival the roadhouses of the competing Santa Fe lines. His ghost can be seen pacing around the second floor and looking out one of the windows down to the street.

What I found surprising is that it is not that far off the I-15; its just amazing that its so close to such a busy thoroughfare. The fact is that commuter rail systems, usually running at inconvenient frequencies and stopping at stations more likely to be surrounded by parking than dense housing, do not attract the kind of patronage that a game-changing light rail network would.
The project has been supported by Australia’s ruling center-left Labor Party, but recently the coalition of the conservative Liberal and National Parties that controls Queensland has veered back and forth about whether to support the project, putting its construction into jeopardy. But you can’t go from what Kansas City is now to what you want it to be without some steps in between.
If you put light rail there, you’ll be asking people to park their cars downtown and then get around town on a train. Deleting it won’t help your case, and I think you should still comment on it, and explain your error.
The depot stands out as an oasis and is still a welcomed sight for travelers driving through the vast desert between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
The main floor and lower level are filled with changing displays of artwork and photography relating to the Mojave Desert.
All of the thirty or so graves in it have simple white crosses as markers, but no names or dates are to be found. Unless you’ve got billions and billions of dollars to turn parking garages back into city blocks and build the urban paradise complete with schools that would attract people to live along these light rail lines.
The most likely theory is that it is the resting place of migrant rail workers from the lines early days. The national government, however, sees the CBD subway as the first stage of a massive new metro system that would run to the Northwest quadrant of the city and provide much-needed traffic relief. Visitors can look in on the original train crew’s lodging quarters, and get a hands-on feel of what the men who worked the line did.
Safe, Fun?Portland, OR to Las VegasI was wondering what to see and the best route to take down the coast to get from Portland to Las Vegas from Saturday evening to Wednesday is it possible.

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