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Running from 1964 until the end of 2008, the Series 0 Shinkansen Bullet Train has been recreated in all its original locomotive glory by Otona no Chogokin in this sophisticated model set that features a meticulously detailed train and passengers.
The Type 0's nose light also changes color and illuminates, while quality metal materials are used throughout the model. Visual scene series (HO), unassembled, and Petit (Z) followed byDiorama (N) is now available! Laser sheet A-F (6 photos) and 1 roof sheet, plastic plate (2 pieces).Roofing sheets, plastic Board is not cut so please cut with a ruler!

From its movable seats to the toilets, the famous nose, doors, metal wheels, and even the air conditioning: Every aspect of the train is present and correct in the model, surely a must for collectors or enthusiasts. With twenty varied figurines to represent passengers, the set also has its own station platform and railway track stand for displaying the train proudly. Japan's first high-speed train and an icon of its post-war Economic Miracle, return to the days of yore with this elegant and nostalgic serious model set.
BTW it's tweezers to ????? outdoor unit.^ It's not bonus is (laughs) ? Accessories perfect for houses set 2 kinds.Diorama option kit in addition to house power-ups!

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