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Tip: If you are here on a layover, you can store your luggage at JFK or several locations in the city. Read our blog posts on how to purchase a MetroCard and how to navigate the New York City subway system. TransBridge is a bus service that offers service from JFK to Port Authority Bus Terminal (42nd Street and 8th Avenue). A taxi is definitely the most hassle free option, but it is also by far the most expensive. There is a limit of four passengers per taxi (or 5 in a minivan), so if you have a larger party you may need to split up into different cabs.
If you have a late flight and would like to have a good sleep before starting your visit to Manhattan, World Airport Codes JFK Airport Hotels lists a few of the hotels near the airport, where you could stay the night after or before your flight.
Travel Time: There are no hotels at the airport at the moment, but the closest is only two miles walking from the airport. One of the most recognisable parts of London’s skyline, The Gherkin captured world attention when it was opened in the early 20,000’s.
The site the Gherkin stands on today previously held the Baltic Exchange – the headquarters of a global marketplace for shipping.
The design of the Gherkin, the creation of architect firm Foster and Partners, began to take shape as early as 1999, and the nickname appeared around that time, as well. The unique design of the building came about out of a desire to not take up much ground space in the already crowded narrow lanes of the City of London as well as an order to not obstruct any views of St. On the top floor – the 40th, in fact – there is a bar for workers and their guests, providing a panoramic view over London. The Gherkin has been the recipient of numerous architectural awards, including the prestigious RIBA Stirling Prize, which was awarded in 2004 – in the first ever judges unanimous decision! Although NOT open to the public, many visitors like to head to the Gherkin for photographs and to see it in person. Perhaps the most atheistically pleasing of all the shopping districts listed here, Regent Street was designed by master architect Sir John Nash in the 19th century. Carnaby Street was the heart of swinging London in the 1960’s and still offers quirky and glam shops, international brands, and unique one-of-a-kinds. After a big of shopping in beautiful Knightsbridge, what better way to finish your retail experience than by visiting the most luxurious department store in the world – Harrods!
In the heart of Chelsea lies the King’s Road – a singular stretch of eclectic shops, clothing boutiques, bars and restaurants. Not only is Chelsea a great area to celebrity-spot and shop, it’s also a great London district for literary lovers. Not only is Covent Garden one of the best shopping districts in town, it also happens to be one of the best places to grab a bite to eat! Located in the heart of London’s financial district, the Royal Exchange previously hosted the centre of commerce for the City of London.
The newest additions to the London shopping scene, Westfield is the largest urban shopping centre in all of Europe.
Camden Market: Located in Northwest London on the bank of Regent’s Park, Camden Market is actually a series of open-air and indoor markets, along with food stalls, retail shops, bars and restaurants. For those who are adventurous, off-beat, or just a little bit quirky, Camden is the place to head. Borough Market: For the gastronomists among you, Borough Market is your sure fire stop for delicious and authentic London food and drink. Originally focused on fruit and vegetables, Borough now sells nearly any kind of edible delight one can imagine, showcasing local purveyors from all over the United Kingdom and Europe.
Portobello Market: The largest antiques market in the entire world, Portobello showcases over 1,000 dealers in one localised area in the west of London. 100’s of stalls, stands, shops and arcades are located along Portobello Road, providing some of the most unique antique items available in the capital. For the thousands of people who come to London to bring in the New Year, there is no better place to hear the bells chime midnight than right next to Big Ben himself!
So for those of you who are ready to brave the cold (and the crowds!) to see in 2015 down on the Thames, read on for all the information you need.
Cannon Street – Cannon Street is in the City of London, just down the river from Westminster.
Millennium Bridge and Southwark Bridge– The ticketed area will end at Blackfriars Bridge, leaving the Millennium and Southwark Bridges open to the public. Lambeth Bridge – In the westerly direction, just past the Houses of Parliament, lies Lambeth Bridge. Primrose Hill – In north London, on the edge of Camden Town, lies the beautiful neighbourhood of Primrose Hill.
If you get a ticket – You need to be in your designated viewing area by 10pm and will not be admitted after. If you are watching from elsewhere – We’d advise you get into position as early as you possibly can.
Clubs and Bars – Most clubs and bars will require tickets on New Years Eve, so again, plan your visit in advance. The newest addition to London’s iconic skyline, the Shard was completed in 2013 and has immediately become and icon of our capital city. Tickets come with a WEATHER GUARANTEE that ensures if there is bad weather, you can rearrange your visit!
Stemming from a UK government order encouraging development of tall buildings at major transport hubs, the Shard was initially proposed in the year 2000 by Italian architect Renzo Piano who sketched the design on the back of a restaurant menu.
Development plans were opposed by numerous bodies including the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, the Royal Parks Foundation, and English Heritage, unhappy with the potential change of the London skyline and restricted views. Funding was difficult to find and it was not until 2007 that preparations for the demolition of the buildings on the proposed Shard site began…and not until 2008 that demolition actually went underway. Renzo Piano, the Shard’s architect, designed the building to appear as a spire-like sculpture emerging from the River Thames.
The Shard also took first place in the Emporis Skyscraper Awards – recognising only buildings over 100 metres and completed within the last 12 months of the award. By 2013 developers of the Shard were in negotiations to secure the first tenants of the buildings 25 floors of office space. In 2011 a group of trespassers, calling themselves “Place Hackers” managed to break through security and get to the top of the Shard’s building site. More than a dozen times, base jumpers have jumped from the top of the shard – and four jumps were undertaken by a single man, Essex roofer Dan Witchalls who filmed one of his jumps with a helmet-mounted camera. Be sure to also check out our full list of self-guided London tours as well as all of our guided tours of London. TIP: If you are considering using one of the hop-on, hop-off bus companies to get around London, please keep in mind that all the major companies have stops in Westminster. Take the path that directs you towards BUCKINGHAM PALACE and follow it to the end of the park. You are now standing just outside Buckingham Palace – the London residence of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Union Flag – The red, white, and blue flag of the United Kingdom signifies that the Queen is NOT HOME.
Royal Standard – The red, blue and gold flag known as the Royal Standard depicts symbols representing the United Kingdom (harp for N. Behind these gates you will see two members of the Queens Guard (the world-famous soldiers wearing large black hats) who are guarding the entrance of a building known as Clarence House. Clarence House was commissioned by the Duke of Clarence in the early 19th century and was designed by master architect John Nash (also responsible for Regent’s Street).
Clarence House is only open to the public one month during the year – traditionally this is at the end of the summer when the Prince of Wales and his wife are away from London, taking their holidays!
It was in the Chapel Royal, inside the Palace, that Queen Victoria married her husband, Prince Albert in 1840, and here also in October 2012 was where Catherine Middleton and Prince William had their first son, George, christened. Now go back on yourself, staying on PALL MALL, cross over MARLBOROUGH ROAD and continue going straight. As Nell was leaving the King’s Palace at Whitehall, she was traveling in his royal carriage toward her home. Nelson led the English navy in the Battle of Trafalgar and other Napoleonic generals are depicted in the square, as is King George IV – who was on the throne during the Battle of Trafalgar.
The Square is flanked by The National Gallery to the north, the Canadian Embassy to the west, and the South African embassy to the east. Originally the site of a medieval leper hospital (which gives this park it’s name today), St. The huge concrete building you just passed is known as the citadel and was built during World War II to be a war bunker in case of an emergency. The open space here is known as Horse Guards Parade and is, for the majority of the year, a large empty courtyard. Occasionally, athletic events are held here and this is also where The Trooping of the Colour takes place every year, which is the official celebration of the Queen’s birthday. In the 1990’s this area was a car park for government employees working in the nearby buildings such as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Scotland Office, both of which are based here.
Here you are looking onto Downing Street, a 17th century residential street that is now famous for holding Number 10 – the traditional home of the Prime Minister. Continue down WHITEHALL until you get to the huge traffic junction with BIG BEN on the opposite corner. One of the most famous churches in the world, Westminster Abbey is sitting on a site that has had a house of worship on it for around 1,400 years! The Abbey is also the burial site of famous names who are not royalty: Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton and Sir Laurence Olivier who is, at the time of writing, the last person to be buried in the Abbey. Here at Parliament Square, you are surrounded by all the branches of the State: Religious with Westminster Abbey, Judicial with the Supreme Court (the white stone building with the Lincoln statue outside), Executive with the Treasury and Home Office (the white buildings where the red phone boxes are), and legislative with the Houses of Parliament – to which Big Ben is connected. The Houses of Parliament that you can see here, run from Big Ben on your left to the tall Victoria Tower on the right. It is possible to visit the Parliament on weekends by purchasing a ticket for a guided tour. The Medieval Palace of Westminster was lost in a fire in 1834, but there is one small piece of the original building that still stands. The Palace of Whitehall, lost in a fire in the 17th century, was one of the largest and grandest palaces London had ever seen. Cardinal Wolsey, famously a minion and companion of King Henry VIII, had originally built a palace on this site – right along the River Thames, up the road from the Palace of Westminster. Inigo Jones, an English architect beginning to make a name for himself by working for the royal family, was chosen by the King to replace an early banqueting house that had been significantly damaged by fire.
AirTrain is free for on-airport travel and makes frequent stops around the airport including airline terminals, parking lots, hotel shuttle areas and rental car facilities. If youa€™re departing from NYC Penn Station or Newark, take NJ TRANSIT or Amtrak to Newark Liberty International Airport Station. Travel times from Newark Liberty International Airport Station to passenger terminals vary. For terminal-to-terminal transfers to catch connecting flights, please allow sufficient time to go through security checks at the next terminal.
Amtrak service on the Northeast Corridor runs approximately every hour between the Airport Station, New York City and Philadelphia. PATH service runs frequently during most hours every day, but run at a reduced frequency during certain hours of the day.
There are 3 major airports and two smaller airports serving the New York Metropolitan area. For useful and informative facts about the selected airports, click on one of the below airports.
When you book a flight, be sure to check airline rates for each airport because ticket prices (even for the same airline) can vary greatly between airports. JFK Vetport: (1-718) 656-8295 The JFK Vetport provides veterinary, kennel, quarantine and pet transport services. Ramada Queens: 718-526-8500 Ramada Take bus line Q-3 available from Terminal 4 at JFK airport. Inter-terminal Transport within JFK: A free 24--hour shuttle bus runs every 5-15 minutes to all the terminals in the airport.
The Air-Train has mostly replaced the need for the shuttles, but connecting all terminals, and offering service to Jamica and Howard Beach stations.
Location: This 680 acre airport is located on the nothern shore of Queens surrounded by Flushing Bay and Bowery Bay. Flights: La Guardia, as it is called,services mostly domestic destinations, Canada and the Caribbean.
Facts: La Guardia, as it is called, has 4 terminals including a Marine Air Terminal with 73 gates. Layout: La Guardia airport has one large Central Terminal Building with the upper level for departures and the lower roadway for arrivals and connected to a multi-story parking lot.
Services: Delta Crown Room, Northwest Worldclub, bank, currency exchange, duty-free Shop and TDD. Location: New Jersey's biggest airport, Newark International is located south of Newark on Newark Bay.

Facts: With three large terminals, service from 47 airlines, and decent access via public transportation, Newark is rapidly becoming the busiest of the thee airports.
Flights: Newark Liberty International Airport is a major international airport with 36 international airlines. International Passenger Facility: This facility is located between the B-2 and B-3 areas in Terminal B.
Layout: Its 3 terminals each with three levels, are located around a large circle road enclosing short-term and daily parking lots. Local traffic snafus are making Newark a popular choice, especially if your final destination is the West Side or downtown Manhattan. Alternative Airports in Bad Weather: Hartford and Philadelphia Airports are the other major airports to which flight are diverted when bad weather shuts down the NYC airports. There are dozens of small airports surrounding New York City including many Sea Plane Bases.
Locted on Long Island about an hour East of NYC, this satellite airport is quickly expanding to include some major carriers and routes.
Located near NYC in Teterboro, NJ this airport serves as a base for executive aviation for the metropolitan area.
By using this site you agree to abide by our Terms of Service and agree to our Privacy Policy. These traditional trains are not to be confused with Amtrak's faster, more expensive Acela Express trains.
The daily Lake Shore Limited is the only rail connection between Boston and the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts. The City of Newark spent more than $8.2 million on construction and development of the airport. In 2002, reconstruction of the National Historic Landmark Newark Liberty International Airport's Administration Building #1 was completed.
The 425-acre oval Central Terminal Area was built as part of a large-scale airport redevelopment program in the 1960s and early 1970s.
With 27 gates, Terminal A branches out into three circular satellite buildings, designed as A-1, A-2 and A-3. AirTrain is a simpler, easier way to get to, from, and around Newark Liberty International Airport.
AirTrain also offers a simple way for passengers to get to and from Manhattan and points north, or Philadelphia and points south. Also, during rush hour traveling by subway can be faster than being on the roads in a taxi. You will be assigned to a van with other passengers heading to the same general area as you. Depending on where you are staying you may need to take a taxi or a subway from Port Authority.
Consider using a private car service. GroundLink is a black car service that specializes in airport transfer. If you’re already looking into taking a taxi out to the airport, it may be smarter to use a private car service instead as costs are competitive. That building was destroyed on the 10th April 1992 by an IRA bomb and immediately it was decided by the City of London Corporation that the building should be repaired and rebuilt to look exactly as it did before. Planning permission was granted by the Prime Minister in 2000 and the building was constructed by the Swedish Skanska company. In 2006 the Gherkin was named by “BD World Architecture” as the most admired new building in the entire world.
Ultimately it was IVG Immobilien AG and UK investment firm Evans Randall who jointly purchased the Gherkin for ?630 million in February 2007, making this Britain’s most expensive office building. The price tag is currently set at ?550 million and it is unknown whose hands it may eventually fall into. But whether you’re looking to break the bank, or you’re pinching pennies, there’s a variety of districts in London ready to meet your retail needs! Holding well over 300 shops, 4 underground stations, as well as flagship stores for numerous companies, Oxford Street is not only the busiest shopping location in London it’s the largest shopping district in existence.. Whatever your schedule, we’ve got you covered with our Self-Guided Soho, Chinatown and Piccadilly Circus Food Tour.
With huge sweeping vistas and different decorations throughout the year (including impressive Christmas displays) Regent Street is a picturesque place to spend your pennies. Boasting over 150 different shops and over 50 restaurants and bars, Carnaby is a great place to shop off the main roads of London and is a wonderful place to get lost!
Here you will find some of the most prestigious and famous retail and fashion names in the world. Once you’ve enjoyed the gorgeous surroundings that Harrods has to offer, consider exploring the rest of Knightsbridge with our Self-Guided Knightsbridge and Chelsea Tour that will take you through some of the most glamourous neighbourhoods in town and finishes along the iconic River Thames! From high fashion at shops owned by names as recognisable as Vivienne Westwood, to antiques at the Chelsea Antiques Market, King’s Road is a broad mix of different types of shops and stores.
Chelsea is an area jam-packed with locations associated with some of the world’s best known writers. Market stalls with handmade goods and crafts as well as cheap clothing and souvenirs, Covent Garden’s Market provides a true London market shopping experience. And amongst the hundreds of shops, you’ll find a hundred places to satisfy your appetite.
Located entirely indoors, it also makes an excellent place to browse and shop when the London weather isn’t too cooperative!
Open every day of the year (aside from Christmas), the weekends are still the best time to visit as that is the only time to guarantee all the stalls will be open.
In Camden, vintage shops, piercing parlours, and tattoo artists reside alongside stalls selling food from all around the world. One of the oldest markets in London, Borough operates on a wholesale level on weekday mornings and is open to the public for commercial trade on weekday lunchtimes and all day on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Food is available to eat as soon as you buy it, or you can purchase a multitude of ingredients to create your own meal at home. Bric-a-brac, jewellery, art and artefacts, crystal, silver and gold, books or clothes – whatever you may be after, you are sure to find it at Portobello.
Much as Times Square is the popular destination for New Years revellers in New York City, London’s hot-spot for official fireworks displays is right on the bank of the River Thames, just opposite the London Eye and next to the Clock Tower of Big Ben. Although this won’t provide a direct view of the London Eye, it will definitely provide you with a decent place to see some sparkle! This bridge will be open to traffic but also has pavement space for those wanting a decent view. Named so after the park and hill of the same name in the centre of this London community, the Hill is a popular spot to watch London’s New Year firework display. London is crowded on the best of days, but New Years Eve brings out all the revellers throughout town so the early bird definitely gets the worm. It may be easier to bring your own drinks than to try to get into a bar around midnight – especially as London prices mean you could be paying serious ??? to get in.
Some tube lines will be running throughout the night – but the stations they stop at may be limited. Standing on the southern bank of the River Thames, The Shard – now the tallest building in the European Union – dominates the London Bridge area and is a draw for tourists and locals alike.
In addition, the top of the Shard holds an observation deck, open to ticket holding public. An inquiry was held and in November 2003 planning consent was approved by the then Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott.
English Heritage had claimed the building would be, “a shard of glass through the heart of historic London” which, unfortunately for them, ultimately gave the building it’s now iconic name. Today, The Shard is home to three restaurants: Oblix, Hutong and Aqua Shard, as well as the Shangri-La Hotel. It was later revealed that this was, in fact, a popular path for other urban explorers to take and over 20 people had made their way to the top of the building during construction. Yellow markers indicate a stop on our self guided tour, red stars indicate a stop on the Big Bus Tour Company route, and blue stars indicate a stop on the Original Bus Company Tour route. Buckingham Palace originally was known as Buckingham House and was a much smaller home of the Duke of Buckingham in the 18th century. Ireland, red lion for Scotland, three golden lions for England) and when this flag is flying it means the Queen IS AT HOME.
Look at the VICTORIA MEMORIAL and notice that her back is to the Palace and she is facing down a long red road known as THE MALL.
The house has traditionally been home to secondary members of the royal family and for just over 50 years it was the home of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the Queen Mother.
The offices of the Royal Collection Department are kept here and this is where the Accession Council meet to officially proclaim a new monarch on the death of the previous one. She had no links to the Royal Family, owned no land, and nobody in her family had any titles. It has been a site of celebration (the end of WWII) a site of protest (suffragettes campaigning for the right to vote) as well as hosting numerous events throughout the year such as showing American football games, ballet and opera performances. Here, carefully cross the road and, where it is safe to stop in the middle, you can see the entire length of the road toward Buckingham Palace.
Continue walking straight ahead from the traffic lights down a small path with the concrete bunker (covered in ivy) on your right. So called because the Household Cavalry – made up of the two most senior regiments of the British Army – are based here.
Originally, this large piece of land was a courtyard in the midst of a huge palace that stood on this site: The Palace of Whitehall. Parking here was outlawed in 1997 and more recently, in 2012, this was the grounds where the beach volleyball tournament was played in the London Olympics! As you go through the courtyard here you may see some of the Household Cavalry who are stationed here. Until the 1990’s, it was possible to walk along Downing Street, but because of security, it is fenced off on either side and guarded by officers with automatic weapons.
Turn RIGHT onto PARLIAMENT STREET, where you will see Parliament Square opposite and red phone boxes on your side of the road. The famous design was submitted by architect Giles Gilbert Scott in a competition that was hosted by British Telecom. Strictly speaking, it is impossible to stand here and see Big Ben…because Big Ben is actually the name of the bell inside this tower! When you get to the traffic lights, cross over and walk down PARLIAMENT SQUARE – with the square still on your left, and the statues of George Canning and Abraham Lincoln on your right.
However, the Abbey is built of stones dating from the past 10 centuries – pieces from the 11th century, the 15th, and even the Victorian era comprise the Abbey as we know it. This is for a number of reasons: the man who founded the Abbey as we know it today, Edward the Confessor, was a King of England in the 11th century – the Abbey is where we host royal weddings like that of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Phillip or the wedding of William and Kate in 2011 – it is where all but two of our monarchs have had their coronations – and it’s also where the majority of our Kings and Queens are buried. However, whenever the Houses are in session, it is FREE for the public to request to go inside and sit in the public galleries – something we at FTBF recommend! Just opposite the Victoria Tower (the southern tower at the Houses of Parliament) sits the Jewel Tower – a 14th century building that used to hold the personal treasures of the King!
Built nearly entirely out of gleaming white stone, the Palace of Whitehall was the site of celebrations, political manoeuvrings and even an execution. Henry took over when Wolsey fell from grace and decreed that his new Palace would be the “biggest palace in Christendom,” a dream he magnificently managed to reach. Jones had studied architecture throughout Europe and was keen to flex his design muscles and create a building in Italian Renaissance style. The ground floor contains cellars and store rooms and uses the foundations of a room that previously held the wine collection of King Henry VIII. Your browser either doesn't support Javascript or you have it turned off.To see this page as it is meant to appear please use a Javascript enabled browser. AirTrain Newark provides easy connections to and from NJ TRANSIT, PATH and Amtrak through one gateway: Newark Liberty International Airport Station. It takes about five minutes to get from AirTrain to the train platforms and between seven and 11 minutes to get to your terminal, depending on the terminal.
Amtrak also runs hourly service to New York City with some trains continuing to or originating from Boston, Massachusetts, providing service to Stamford and New Haven, Connecticut and intermediate points.
This is due to airlines charging different rates depending upon the amount of competition to a particular destination from each airports. Its 321-foot control tower coordinates the operations of terminals with 119 gates to service more than 80 airlines. From there, you can hop on a subway to other transportation hubs and anywhere in New York City. It is directly east across the East River about 9 miles from midtown Manhattan and is accessible by the Grand Central Parkway, local highways, a ferry from Manhattan and by helicopter and seaplane. To the east are the smaller Delta Terminal and the USAir Terminal and the USAir Shuttle Terminal.
It is as close to Manhattan-approximately 16 miles southwest from midtown Manhattan and is especially convenient from and to the west side of Manhattan.
Since it has been expanded, 3,000 passengers per hour can clear immigration and customs without delay.

Located on Newark Bay, 16 miles southwest of Manhattan in New Jersey (30 mutes to an hour traveling time), it has one international and two domestic terminals, with shuttle bus connections and easy public transportation options to and from Midtown. The airport expanded its cargo capacity in 2004 with the opening of a 142,000 square-foot facility, which combined with United and Continental's cargo buildings, increases cargo space at the airport to 1.3 million square feet.
Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, AirTrain provides easy connections to NJ Transit and the rail lines that run on the Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coast Line. It also connects passengers to airline terminals, rental car facilities, hotel shuttles and central parking lots. Mary Axe, the building has become known as its’ more popular moniker, “The Gherkin” because of its’ supposed resemblance to that particular food stuff. However, it was later discovered the damage was far more severe than originally believed and it was decided to rebuild completely. Completed in December 2003, 30 St Mary Axe was opened on 28th April 2004, becoming the UK office for Swiss Re – a global reinsurance company.
The design is also functional, using only half the power that a building of the same size would normally consume as there is a double glazing effect running throughout the entire outer structure of the building.
This walk will take you on a gastronomic journey through the nearby area of Soho for some British classics and international fare, through iconic Chinatown and finishing with a sweet treat at world famous Fortnum & Mason’s, located right in the heart of Piccadilly! Cobbled roads, small centres, alleys and dead ends, Carnaby Street is on the edge of Soho and is a great destination for those who like to stumble upon interesting shops and bars during their visit. Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Agent Provocateur and even Christian Louboutin – this district is all about high fashion. A true London shopping experience, King’s Road is a destination for celebrities in London as well as locals and tourists alike. We’ve composed a helpful Self-Guided Literary Tour of London that will take you not along along the shops, but also through history as you check out the homes of celebrated authors from throughout history, such as Oscar Wilde, George Eliot, Mark Twain and Bram Stoker. However, Covent Garden is also home to recognisable shops based here permanently (Apple and The Body Shop, for example) and is filled with cobbled roads, eclectic boutiques…and even one of the finest cheese stores in London (Neal’s Yard Dairy)! Since Covent Garden is a mix of authentic London restaurants, as well as restaurant tourist traps, we’ve put together a Self-Guided Food Tour of Covent Garden to help you taste the best that this neighbourhood has to offer! Westfield is divided into two parts – the standard shopping area and the luxury department.
Home to a thriving counter-culture community, Camden is a haven for those who are fans of the extreme and outlandish.
Located under beautifully architected structures dating from the 19th century to the 1930’s, Borough can be found in Southwark, just below the River Thames.
From bakeries to butchers, confectionaries to charcuterie, seafood to spices, dairy to drinks – whatever you choose to indulge in, I guarantee you will not leave Borough Market with an empty stomach!
Easily the busiest market in London, it is best to visit Portobello first thing in the morning to avoid the crowds. On Saturdays there are also a number of food trucks and stalls set up so that you may refuel with delicious delights whilst you shop!
It’s the UK’s largest annual fireworks display and, for the first time, the event will be ticketed this year, so it’s important to plan in advance. Paul’s Cathedral, Cannon Street lies outside the ticketed boundaries and includes part of the Riverside Walk, which means it’s possible to get a space on the bank of the Thames. Although this vantage point is far away from the display, views are still excellent as the hill here offers a panoramic view of the entire London skyline – and an unobstructed view of the display. So whether you’re hiking up Primrose Hill, or watching from Lambeth Bridge, feel free to bring some fizz to ring in the New Year! The official government line was, “Mr Prescott would only approve skyscrapers of exceptional design. Piano, on the other hand, felt the design would in fact recall the church steeples previously standing in London throughout its’ entire history. Al Jazeera Media Network has a base in The Shard, as well as law firm Mathys & Squire and investment group Foresight.
However, once the house fell into royal hands, it was expanded and partially redesigned into the palace you see today. Today it is the official home of Charles, the Prince of Wales and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. The rooms here are used to entertain guests on state visits, and it is also where the Household Office of Prince William and Prince Harry are located – although neither of them live here. King Charles II had numerous mistresses and was the father of well over 20 illegitimate children, of which 2 were born to Nell Gwynne. And as a practicing member of the Church of England – and a native Londoner – Nell looked on Louise de Keroualle with disgust…and the feeling was mutual. The column in the centre of the square is known as Nelson’s Column and it is Nelson himself who stands on top. Part of the Fourth Plinth Project, different artists are selected to have their work displayed here in the Square.
King Charles II opened the park to the public in the 1660’s and chose this location as a place to keep his collection of rare birds.
The huge white building dominating the eastern side of the Square forms part of their base here in London.
Whitehall Palace was the primary home of kings and queens from it’s’ creation in the 1500’s until its’ destruction in a fire of 1698.
Today, Downing Street holds only two houses: Number 10 and Number 11, traditionally home to the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer respectively. Nowadays, the entire tower is commonly referred to as Big Ben but it is actually officially called the Queen Elizabeth II Tower.
This is the Palace of Westminster, which has stood here in one form or another for 1,000 years. It is known that King Henry VIII kept a large supply of goods, fabrics, and toys for his children here.
Although the origins of the Palace date back to the 1500s, the Banqueting House as we know it came about during the reign of King James I in the early 17th century.
Customers may purchase a ticket to ride on AirTrain from NJ Transit or Amtrak at their train stations, ticket offices or ticketing machines and the AirTrain Newark fee will be included - one ticket does it all.
On Sundays, the train arrives and departs approximately every 15 minutes from midnight to 7 a.m. It also has a general aviation terminal for corporate jets and private planes, numerous cargo terminals and major airplane servicing facilities. Planning for the redevelopment of Terminal A has begun, with discussions under way with probable tenant airlines.A  A Welcome Center was recently added. Guests are also able to see the cost of the service before requesting it, so there are no surprises when  the bill rolls around.
Although not normally open to the public, The Gherkin still receives tourist attention from visitors who have travelled to London from all over the world. The shape of the Gherkin is partially attributed to this previous building, as the panoramic dome on top of the Gherkin (known as the “lens”) specifically recreates the glass dome that had previously covered the ground floor of the Baltic Exchange. Keep an eye out for Hamleys – the largest toy store in London and a must-visit destination for those traveling with children! Knightsbridge is also home to two of the best known department stores in Europe: Harvey Nichols and Harrod’s. A great place to ‘get lost’ Covent Garden provides good shopping for any budget and a variety of retail ranges. Luxury restaurants and champagne bars are a great place to take a shopping break and the location of the Royal Exchange, the opposite side of town from our other shopping centres, means it is often times not as busy as the better known shopping locations of London. This means there’s the standard names you’d expect to see (Marks & Spenser, House of Fraser, Debenhams) as well as top labels known the world over (Jimmy Choo, Tag Heuer, and Ted Baker). An explosion of colours and textures, art and antiques, Camden Market is a bustling complex well worth a visit.
Check out our self-guided Borough Market Food Tour, where you can easily what we recommend trying. For those who love the fun of a bargain, Portobello offers the opportunity to come face-to-face with some of London’s most experienced market operators who will be more than happy to haggle and bargain with anyone who is up to the task!
To placate those who felt the building would be huge and cumbersome, Piano planned sophisticated usage of glazing and angled panes of glass so that the building could delicately shine and change, according to the weather and time of day. This is also the neighbourhood where Queen Elizabeth II was born – and where she lives today.
Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert, are mostly responsible for the palace you see today and were the first royal family to spend the majority of their time here. The King who ordered the Palace built was King Henry VIII, who moved into the Palace in 1533 with his second wife, Anne Boleyn. The King’s two primary mistresses at the beginning of his reign were Barbara Villiers and Louise de Keroualle. Nell and Louise fought constantly and Nell is noted to have dumped ink into Louise’s tea, to turn her teeth black, without telling her!
They formed a mob around the carriage, shouting and screaming abuse directed at Louise’s French birth and Catholic religion. In fact, the park is still home to a family of pelicans the decend from these original birds! However, the residential rooms in Number 11 are actually somewhat bigger than the ones in number 10 which means occasionally Prime Ministers actually move their families into Number 11, instead!
Around 10 years ago, many of the red phone boxes were being removed as the majority of people now use mobile phones. If you look above the clock face you will see large arches and it is through those arches that Big Ben – the bell – is hanging, along with four smaller bells. Originally a home for kings and queens, the last monarch to live here was Henry VIII who moved out in 1512. Later, the parliamentary archives were kept in this building and in the 20th century it became the office for Ways and Means. Designed by renowned architect Inigo Jones, Banqueting House sits silently along Whitehall, the only reminder of the magnificent Palace that used to dominate this part of London. It has 2 pairs of parallel runways aligned at right angles to each other and records, on average, more than 443,000 takeoffs and landings in 2007. If your budget won’t stretch to Bond Street, it is worth just walking down the road to peek into some of the most glamorous window displays in town. Often it is possible to visit Barbie, Captain John Sparrow and the like standing outside the shop and visiting is a sensory experience for people of all ages. Harrod’s is worth browsing even if guests do not have the intent to buy and goods in their food halls can oftentimes be affordable.
With over 275 shops, more than two dozen places to eat, as well as a seasonal ice rink and cinema, Westfield is a one-stop shop for a retail day out.
Her house is just on the other side of Green Park (so named because it was said that this part stayed green all year long…supposedly because this is the medieval burial ground for a leper hospital that used to stand on this site!). Both of them were of high birth and were fond of spending the King’s money, and demanding titles and allowances for their children.
Because the road symbolises a red carpet that has been unrolled all the way down to Buckingham Palace. A great place to relax in the grass, enjoy a pic-nic or feed the birds (the swans here are legally owned by Her Majesty, the Queen!), St. However, the public were outraged at the removal of these iconic boxes and many of them were reinstalled! These small bells ring what we call ‘The Westminster Chimes’ every 15 minutes, and Ben rings at the top of the hour only. In 1547 his son, King Edward VI, gave the building to Parliament and they have been sitting here ever since – although the original Palace was lost in a fire in 1834 which means the one you see today is a Victorian building. During the summer months, the Tower is open to the public every day, but in the winter it is weekends only! The new Concierge Center can help with everything from hotel reservations to theater tickets. If a driver is more than 5 minutes late in picking you up from your destination, then a $75 credit is added to your account. James’s Palace home: Queen Mary I, Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles II and James II – just to name a few!
They also both meddled in political affairs, showed no respect to members of the royal family, and were generally detested by the public!
A commoner, a Londoner, and a protestant…and she felt the same way about the other King’s mistresses as the public did. It is quite convenient for passengers continuing on by car to the north or south (via the New Jersey Turnpike) or the west on Rt. Louise in particular suffered much dislike because of her French lineage and her Catholic faith – mostly because in 17th century England, both Catholics and the French were viewed with much derision and dislike. The men took their hats off and bowed, and the ladies clapped as Nell got back into her carriage and went home without further disturbance.

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