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Initially envisioned by developers and city planners as a demi-Times Square, Queens Plaza has proved a more fruitful ground for new residential developments.
Between 2,000 and 3,000 apartments could hit the market in the Queens Plaza area in the next three years, say brokers.
But before you start packing your belongings and driving across the Queensboro Bridge, you should be warned that prices at the Plaza aren’t exactly cheap. The first building, a 709-unit, 42-story rental tower at 43-10 Crescent St., is already out of the ground. To get best possible experience using our website we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version or other web browser. Emergency rescue personnel work the scene of a Metro-North passenger train derailment in the Bronx borough of New York, Dec. NEW YORK— A suburban New York train derailed on Sunday, killing four people and injuring 70, including 11 critically, when all seven cars of a Metro-North train ran off the tracks on a sharp curve, officials said. The National Transportation Safety Board said it would be on the scene investigating the accident for at least the next week  and would focus on track conditions, signaling systems, mechanical equipment and the performance of the train crew. Joseph Bruno, who heads the city's Office of Emergency Management, told CNN it appeared that three of the four people killed had been ejected from the train. Michael Keaveney, 22, a security worker whose home overlooks the site, said he had heard a loud bang when the train derailed. New York police divers were seen in the water near the accident, and dozens of firefighters were helping pull people from the wreckage.
The derailment was the latest in a string of problems this year for Metro-North, the second busiest U.S. In July, 10 cars of a CSX freight train carrying trash derailed in the same area, Anders said.
In May, a Metro-North passenger train struck a commuter train between Fairfield and Bridgeport, Connecticut, injuring more than 70 people and halting service on the line.
Amtrak said its Empire Line service between New York City and Albany was being restored after being halted immediately after the crash. Metro-North's Hudson Line service has been suspended between Tarrytown and Grand Central station, and bus service is being provided between White Plains and Tarrytown, the MTA said.
New York-Presbyterian Hospital said it was treating 17 patients from the accident, including four in critical condition. President Barack Obama was briefed on the accident and a White House official said the president's thoughts and prayers were with the friends and families of those involved.
Amnesty International says almost a dozen children, including babies, have died this year in squalid conditions at a military detention center used to hold suspected Boko Haram militants.
When roads are blocked by floods, landslides or hostile checkpoints, often the only way to get vital medicine and supplies to remote areas is by air. Nigeria has pledged to crack down on armed nomadic herders accused of a series of brutal raids against communities across the country. Donald Trump — the presumptive Republican presidential nominee — has some tough talk for U.S. Discarded plastic bottles are piling up around the world despite recycling efforts, and people are coming up with new and creative ways of using them. A year ago, Turkey's biggest city in the predominately Kurdish region, Diyarbakir, was hoping to cash in on a wave of tourists attracted to its rich history and legacy of multiculturalism. Rescue workers in Nairobi continue to dig through the rubble of a building that collapsed more than a week ago. Conservative advocates of providing nuclear weapons to America's closest Asian military allies could move from the political fringes to the mainstream if Donald Trump becomes the next president of the United States. The motorman, Robert Ray, who was drunk and going more than 40 mph where the speed limit was 10 mph, is later convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 15 years in prison.
Robert Ray was released from prison in April 2002, after serving two-thirds of his maximum sentence.
While there is the occasional murder, it seems that most of the deaths that occur in the subway are due to sickness, accident, or suicide. A handful of the deaths uncovered by amNewYork's research were technically due to unknown causes, because the police were unable to determine whether they were accident or suicide. Following the deaths of two MTA employees, Daniel Boggs and Marvin Franklin, within days of each other in the Spring of 2007, the MTA released a report revealing that 238 NYC subway workers have been killed in work accidents since 1946. The MTA has installed pay phones and talk-back boxes on poles of subway platforms so that riders have a way of calling for help if necessary themselves. Cell phones, which people have become increasingly dependent on for summoning help in the everyday world, rarely work in the underground trains and stations, making it difficult for riders to contact outside help when necessary.
The most terrifying incidents in the NYC subway have been completely unpredictable, and often at the hands of the mentally ill.
A pair of truly alarming New York subway murders occurred in 1999, when two people were shoved in front of trains within months of each other. The second incident happened on April 28, when Juilo Perez, a schizophrenic homeless man who had also slipped through the cracks of the mental health care system, shoved Edgar Rivera in front of a 6 train at the 51st Street station. The incident data makes It quite clear that the most dangerous place on the New York Subway system is the train platform.
The most dangerous stations in the New York Subway system are, surprisingly, in many affluent areas of the city.
The commuter train that crashed in the Bronx on Sunday was going about 82 miles per hour as it entered a 30-mph curve, NTSB member Earl Weener said Monday. Even though the train was careening around a curve, Amanda Swanson felt the wreck in slow motion.
Swanson, a waitress on her way to work at a Midtown Manhattan restaurant, put her bag in front of her face to block the rubble as the car she was riding in flipped over. As the dust settled, she saw fellow passengers staggering out of the train and heard them moaning for help. Swanson managed to get off the train carrying her cell phone, its screen shattered but still working. But four others died and at least 67 were injured after the train derailed Sunday morning in the Bronx, about 10 miles north of Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal.
Investigators have recovered two event recorders — one from the locomotive at the back of the train and one from the car at the front. They’ve downloaded the information from one of them, the National Transportation Safety Board said, and began downloading information from the other one in Washington on Monday. The recorders will answer important questions for investigators about how fast the train was traveling and whether its brakes were working, said Peter Goelz, a former managing director of the NTSB. From there, he said, authorities will likely zero in on several questions: Was the train’s driver rested? Authorities also are looking for video that may have captured the derailment, safety board spokesman Keith Holloway said.

NTSB member Earl Weener said the agency would look into whether there was any connection between that derailment and Sunday’s crash, but both he and Cuomo discounted the possibility. Locomotive engineer William Rockefeller told investigators he applied the brakes, but the train didn’t slow down, according to a law enforcement official who was at the scene and is familiar with the investigation.
Anders said the railroad conducted routine drug and alcohol tests on crew members but has not released the results. Rockefeller appeared coherent at the scene, and there was no indication he was intoxicated, said a high-ranking law enforcement official who is part of the investigation.
Lovell did freelance audio and was headed into New York to work Sunday morning, said Dave Merandy, a town council member in the Hudson Valley community of Philipstown. While patients with severe fractures could be released from the hospital Monday, he said, they may require further treatment and mental health care after surviving the devastating accident. One of train’s assistant conductors has a broken collarbone, a head injury and bruises all over her body, Bottalico said. The train’s conductor suffered a head injury, he said, but was scheduled to meet with investigators Monday. The Metro-North Hudson Line had a ridership of 15.9 million last year, with hundreds of people on packed trains during weekday rush hour, officials said. The governor advised commuters in the area to plan for a long journey or use the Harlem Line, which runs roughly parallel to the damaged Hudson Line. Service was suspended on part of the Hudson Line and won’t resume until the NTSB finishes documenting the scene and returns the track to the MTA for repairs, Cuomo said. Officials hope to get train service on the line up and running again by the end of the week, he said. Weener said the NTSB hopes to interview the conductor and the engineer either Monday or Tuesday. You may not be able to afford a transcontinental journey, but I’m guessing you can afford a Metrocard. The 7, which cuts through the borough of Queens, is known as the “International Express” for good reason. As soon as I embark at Grand Central Station, I can see that the 7 stands apart from its sibling subway lines. The Middle Eastern component of the ride intensifies at Sunnyside, which serves as the main portal in and out of a vibrant community.
Continuing along Roosevelt Ave and into Jackson Heights, we seem to travel across continents yet another time.
After a quick stop somewhere in Italy, we finally reach China, appropriately situated at the 7 train’s final, far eastern stop.
An hour later, I am back in the heart of Manhattan, in awe of the international tour I managed to take without stepping off a train. While Manhattan has long reigned supreme as the leader in residential real estate developments, Queens is the latest borough to see a building boom of its own, The Wall Street Journal reports. Construction on commercial space in the area has slowed, but the market for shiny new apartment complexes has skyrocketed. With that many new units, Queens Plaza will start catching up with the nearby Long Island City waterfront, which is already densely packed with glass towers. Studios will rent for about $1,750 a month, while two-bedrooms could fetch about $3,350 a month. You can move your growing family out in Queens, make the easy commute to Manhattan during the week  and take cultural excursions to Rikers Island on the weekends via the nearby Q100!
A fire department spokesman said 11 people had been sent to the hospital in critical condition and six in serious condition with non-life threatening injuries. At least one rail car was lying toppled near the water and others were lying on their sides. Partial service was restored four days later but full service did not return for more than a week.
Jacobi Medical Center, which received 13 patients from the accident, said none have critical injuries and several had already been discharged. It's the latest in a series of accusations made by the human rights group against the Nigerian military. More than 20 percent of the plants known to science are facing extinction because more and more of their habitat is being used for agriculture and urbanization. As the cost of living continues to rise and the economy slows, some are considering returning home to look for work. Almost everything and anything that is made in China can be found and purchased in the city.
But the collapse of a cease-fire last July between Kurdish rebels and the government led to violence, dashing hopes for the city's economic revival. VOA’s Brian Padden reports from Seoul that comments made by the presumptive Republican Party nominee about disengaging from Asia have raised doubts about the U.S. Local officials say those carrying the right papers, and those who are injured, are allowed through — but Ankara says it is under pressure to tighten controls following the recent migrant deal with Europe.
There was some truth to this image during a particularly unpleasant period from the '60s to '80s when even hardened locals avoided the underground. The Metropolitan Transit Authority does not keep these statistics, and undoubtedly many cases go unreported, so the stats are extremely difficult to ascertain.
Oftentimes when someone is killed by a train, it's hard to be sure whether they slipped and fell on the tracks or if they did it on purpose, unless there is an eyewitness or a suicide note. The report showed that in the majority of cases the victim was hit by a train while working on the tracks, but many have also been electrocuted on the third rail and numerous others have died from falls. The subway is an especially desirable target for terrorists because it is the lifeblood of the city, and it has large numbers of people concentrated in small spaces. There is also concern that deadly nerve agents could be effectively used in attacks, much like the sarin gas used by the Aum Doomsday Cult in a 1995 attack on the Tokyo subway, which resulted in 12 deaths and thousands of injuries. The first incident took place on January 3, when Andrew Goldstein pushed Kendra Webdale off the platform to her death in front of an oncoming N train at the 23rd and Broadway station.
Although some incidents may start on the train itself, or even on the street, its the platform where the body of the incident will most likely transpire - 90% more likely in fact.
A freight train derailed in the same curve in July, damaging about 1,500 feet of track, the Metropolitan Transit Authority reported at the time. Department of Transportation, said investigators should take a close look at the sharp curve. One suffered a spinal cord injury that could leave him paralyzed from the neck down, said Dr.
Luckily for you, riding the 7 train is not only the perfect way to alleviate midweek boredom—it’s akin to an international getaway. Stops seem to take you from Mexico to Ecuador and Peru, then to India, Thailand and China in an around-the-world expedition that lasts but an hour.

From my experience, the typical New York City metro train takes you on a predictable journey, and is occupied by a predictable group of passengers including students, professional commuters and nannies. But before I have time to acclimate to this atmosphere, an intense session of exiting and entering leaves me surrounded by the sounds and faces of Korea. Ecuadorian riders soon comprise the majority in my car, their collective demeanor noticeably lively and hospitable. The scents and sounds of Latin America come and go before we’re deep within India for a colorful stretch.
The whirlwind of Beijing overtakes the train as I imagine what daily life is like in Flushing.
Although the waterfront has  traditionally been billed as the most appealing development site, the most popular new housing complexes have sprouted in a rather unlikely location significantly inland: Queens Plaza. The MTA said details about how the accident would impact Monday morning's commute were not yet available. The Nigerian government denies the allegations, and says it is succeeding in its fight against Boko Haram.
He already wants to force Mexico to pay for a border wall and is threatening to impose huge tariffs on Chinese imports to offset America's record $366 billion trade deficit with China. VOA's Zlatica Hoke reports the installation aims to promote art, health and environmental protection. As worries persist about the Chinese economy and the possibility it could see a hard landing, sellers in the mountainside city of commerce say they are feeling the pain, but also finding ways to weather the storm. In response to the tragedy, the government has begun demolishing other condemned buildings.
As Henry Ridgwell reports, the restrictions have divided families trying to flee the civil war in Syria.
Service on the Lexington Avenue IRT, was disrupted for six days as transit workers toiled around the clock to clean up the wreckage. But recently amNewYork reporter Chuck Bennett wrote that, in a review of news stories and police reports filed in 2006, he found that 23 people had died in the subway during the year. Even in cases where the person deliberately leapt onto the tracks, it may be ruled an accident if it appears that he was just (stupidly) goofing around or trying to retrieve a dropped item. A few workers also perished in train collisions, and some were even fatally shot during robberies. The pay phones are notoriously problematic -- in fact, a recent survey by the Straphangers Campaign showed that roughly one in four aren't functional.
Blackberries have also been shown to work well in the New York Subway system, even a few feet below ground. It also allows easy access since there is no mechanism for keeping weapons and explosives out (there is no formal security check, and bag searches are very rare).
A diagnosed schizophrenic, Goldstein had been left unsupervised and wasn't taking medication for his illness. But if there’s security camera footage in the area, that could give clues to investigators, Holloway said. Always curious about different cultures, I decided to hop on the 7 one recent afternoon and to remain on board until I boomeranged back to my starting point.
And unlike an airplane’s cast of travelers, which remains oppressively constant, the 7 train’s population is a constantly changing mix of people from all over.
I spent a year in Korea after graduating, so I feel somewhat at home amongst my new companions.
When one gentleman sits down next to me and begins eating what looked like a tray of freshly griddled pupusas, the intoxicating smell of sizzling cheese, beans and meat nearly leads me to step off the train just so I can locate the nearest pupusa grill. Like a tourist, I gawk at the glimmers of gold vibrating off bright pink, blue and green ensembles. From young to old, everyone on board balances several bags filled with what must be at least a week’s worth of edible goods. Although jumping in front of a train is often thought to be a popular method of committing suicide, a New York City Department of Health report determined that, in 1998, less than four percent of NYC suicides involved jumping in front of a moving object. Half of the total number of deaths occurred in the 1940s and '50s alone, indicating that safety has steadily improved through the decades (nine subway workers have been killed so far this decade).
And many locals (not to mention tourists) aren't even aware of the call-boxes and how they work. So far there has yet to be a successful attack on the NYC subway like the deadly London Underground bombings on July 7, 2005 that claimed dozens of lives, but there has already been a foiled attempt: Shahawar Matin Siraj and James Elshafay were in the early stages of planning to bomb the Herald Square subway station when they were caught thanks to the work of a police informant.
The combination of these two tragedies raised public awareness of the fact that many mentally ill people are going untreated and, without proper care and medication, can become violent.
Analyzing criminal incident data from the last 10 years, the 23rd Street stations at Broadway and 6th Ave have had the single worst most shocking incidents - Penn Station has experienced the highest amount of incidents per subway traveler, giving it the most dubious accolade of most dangerous station in the New York Subway System - having said that, walking along any street in New York City may have a higher risk. And federal investigators combed the wreckage, searching for the answer to a key question: What caused the deadly derailment? Within minutes, I discern at least five different accents, some Eastern European, some Latin American and some Middle Eastern—at least I think. In the name of fulfilling one mission at a time, I tell myself that I can return later to sample the authentic Ecuadorian fare.
In one satchel I spot a bunch of blistering hot Chinese chilies and pause to wonder which dish they’re destined to accent. One of those cases was a murder-suicide committed by Frantz Bordes, a man who drowned his girlfriend's children, and then went down to the Church Avenue station and jumped in front of a Q train. Foreign fruits fill another bag and I swear I see something writhing within a black bag carried by a lady standing in the corner. He left seven different suicide notes, claiming that people were out to get him and that his girlfriend's family had been using voodoo on him. Webdale), which allows doctors to insist that people with potentially dangerous mental problems be given assisted outpatient treatment. Young girls clog the central area with their bodies, and the wider airspace with their gaggles. At the far end of the subway car, a sign promoting the upcoming Lunar New Year is being affixed to the wall. Franklin was a reminder that the subway is a dangerous place to work, and as a result the MTA has been reassessing its safety standards.
But soon enough this sense of familiarity fades as the composition of my fellow passengers changes once again.

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