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Amtrak's Station in Niagara Falls, NY as viewed on a very snowy January 12th, 2004 from the street side. Another view of the station, this time looking from the main platform which is set away from the station building. Just before sunset, Amtrak Train #251 arrives at Albany-Rensselaer Station with a Turboliner Train Set.
The Niagara Wine Trail—right in our backyard—features 20 wineries and stretches from Lewiston to Rochester, along the Niagara Escarpment and the Lake Ontario shore.
Beginning September 27 through October 18, trains will depart from the Medina Railroad Museum for the Niagara Wine Trail. The winery-train excursions are being organized by WNY Excursions, a partnership between Benjamin Woelk and Michael Gaughn.
Woelk sees this as more than just scenic train rides, rather a whole new way to promote our region and boost tourism. The excursions are a two-train ride through the Niagara Region’s vineyards, orchards, and farmland, and along the historic Erie Canal.
The Niagara Wine Trail Winery Trains offer a unique experience of the Western New York countryside, taking passengers through the fields used to harvest the ingredients for the food and wine they are enjoying on the train. Each excursion showcases two Niagara Wine Trail wineries, offering a wide selection of tastings, from sweet to dry wines, red and whites, dessert wines, ciders, and more. Train 283 (Empire Service nach Niagara Falls) nahert sich dem nur am Wochenende und nur von Metro North bedienten Haltepunkt, nachdem die Bear Mt. Train 283 (Empire Service nach Niagara Falls) durchfuhr soeben den nur am Wochenende und nur von Metro North bedienten Haltepunkt.
Amtraks 91+95 ziehen den Capitol Limited von Chicago nach Washington, DC uber den Potomac River.
I asked the ticket agent inside where the train actually boards from as I’ve never been here before.
This coach had the old red interior although it did have AC Outlets so I had no trouble plugging in my computer while onboard.
I then got on the internet to check out some bus schedules as I would be riding around town all day on local transit buses. This train never made it past Albany tonight due to arriving over 8 hours late, as well as a freight derailment on the CSX Boston Line.
I relaxed at my seat and typed a bit on the laptop as not much else was happening and freight traffic was minimal.
This region has been quickly gaining national attention for the variety and quality of its wines, including late-harvest, ice, and traditional vinifera.
Guests will enjoy a variety of wines from eight Trail wineries as well as gourmet farm-to-table dishes prepared by well-known Western New York-area chefs. A farm market on the museum property features fresh produce, goods from local vendors, and live entertainment, as well as the chance to purchase wine from the participating wineries. Passengers are served gourmet farm-to-table dishes prepared using locally-sourced ingredients.
The station feels like you are being deposited almost in the center of a freight yard and their lots of Box Cars in the distance to convey this feeling. There were no internet specials for Train #64 so I had to settle for a standard coach fare of $50.00. To add insult to injury, Train #257 which was in front of Train #49, had its crew outlaw at 7:00pm, another headache!

Passengers on this train were bustituted the rest of the way to Boston and Intermediate points. Right away, I noticed something very different about this train, the entire New York Section’s coaches as well as the Café Car in the Boston Section, were Horizon Fleet! Our Conductor tonight was the same one I had yesterday on The Maple Leaf, so once again we recognized each other right away. In Fonda, NY, our train stopped at a road crossing to provide a new crew for the significantly late Train #64. A First Class option provides table seating in a vintage 1949 dining car, with live entertainment and one-on-one time with winery representatives. I was able to get a Rail Sale Fare on the Lake Shore Limited for $15.80 coming home which saved me a few bucks.
I tested my GPS at the Wheatfield Detector which read 60mph, and so did the GPS so that makes it relatively accurate! After spending a couple hours at the mall, I took another two buses back to the train station. San Luis Obispo is the northernmost city on Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner Route and has two trains from San Diego serving it each day. I went over to the Dining Car for dinner and was seated with a former Teacher from Rochester and a young couple from Syracuse who were all on their way home from various trips. This track is directly next to a modern brick station building (that is closed for arrivals). At CP-7, we were stopped for a train crossing over from the International Bridge from Canada.
Upon arriving at Utica, our next stop, Empire Service Train #283 arrived into the station with P32AC-DM #701 for power.
I can only remember three times in 30 trips where I’ve ever seen Horizon Equipment on the Lake Shore! I started chatting with a passenger sitting across from me who was moving back to Buffalo from somewhere down South. Tickets are $45 for Coach and $63 for First Class, and can be purchased at the Medina Railroad Museum Web site or by calling (585) 798-6106. There is a bit of a high-platform but only for the uses of the crew and has cleaning equipment and must also have food storage for restocking the cafe car somewhere as well. I planned to board Train #64 from Niagara Falls as I hadn’t boarded a train there yet and since this was my 30th Amtrak Trip, I figured it would be neat to ride the 23 miles to Buffalo-Exchange St. I later found out from the conductor that customs used to inspect the train as soon as it crossed the bridge, but recently, the inspection was moved to the Niagara Falls Station instead. We sat there about 10 minutes and it was all clear to get into Buffalo-Exchange St., Station thereafter.
The P32’s are still making the Empire Service runs to Niagara Falls as they have been pretty much since their purchase by Amtrak.
It was starting to get rather cold out so I waited inside for a bit until my friend showed up. Just West of Syracuse, we slowed down for about 10 minutes as we were following a slow freight until we were able to get ahead of it. The Assistant conductor quickly recognized me from several previous trips and told me an announcement would be made when we could board the train.
Once I got it set up, it was interesting to see how fast we were going, though it was significantly slower out of Albany than yesterday when I came into town on The Maple Leaf. There is just a large blanket of tar that's extremely wide with little yellow stools present along the stub-end track as well as the track thirty feet across from it on the nearest through track through the train yard that I assume the Maple Leaf uses.

I waited inside the station and had a nice conversation with a passenger from Australia who was on a 2 and a half month vacation in the United States to which he had already rode 5 other Amtrak Trains and was on his way to New York, then Washington, DC.
I paid attention to my GPS to see which towns we passed through as it was now well past sunset and the only thing visible outside the train were streetlights and not much else. The most striking feature was the line of taxis waiting for the arriving passengers directly on the large area of asphalt that is used as a platform.
At CP-169, just about 8 miles East of Amsterdam, we entered the CSX Hudson Subdivision and our train shot up to over 90mph as this section of track is designed for high speed trains. We left Rochester at 12:17am, having lost a few minutes due to the slow running back near Syracuse. This would mean somewhere along the way we’d likely end up catching up to it as it has more station work to do than our train. As we passed the Dragging Equipment Detector in Scotia, NY, my GPS read 97mph, amazing, and you could really feel it going that fast. I had a very interesting conversation with the passenger sitting across from me about music. Somewhere near Batavia, I got a Cheeseburger and bag of Doritos from the café car and ate them at the comfort of my seat! What’s more amazing, and this takes a good engineer to do, we practically coasted to a stop from Scotia at around 97mph to the Station in Schenectady, not bad! A few people joined in and it turned out to be a very interesting exchange of thoughts and ideas on the strange impact music has on all of our lives.
After departing Schenectady at 7:14pm, an announcement was made for all passengers continuing on to points south of Albany that they could get off the train and smoke if they wanted to as Albany is a service stop and crew change point for The Maple Leaf. By the time I heard the Lancaster Detector on my scanner, I started packing things up as it was just about time for me to get off.
I got a call from my friend Rich somewhere near Fairport where the West Shore Branch reconnects with the Main Line. As we passed by the Rensselaer Yard and shops, I noticed a couple train sets with solid Amfleet cars and P32AC-DM’s for power, likely being put up for the night.
At 1:19am, running 1 hour and 39 minutes late, we arrived into Buffalo-Depew Station and so ends my 30th Trip on Amtrak in just over 7 years.
Freight Traffic was rather light, as we really didn’t have much slowing us down until near Lyons, NY where we had to switch to Track #1, the normal Westbound Track at CP-335 to let a freight clear the area.
I overheard on the scanner that our train crew wasn’t sure if we would have to wait outside the station in Albany until Train #48 which eventually did get there, was done with its own station work. By Milepost 294, we had an Advance Approach Signal that by rule means to prepare to stop at the Second Signal. Instead, we pulled into the Albany-Rensselaer Station on Track #2, the far track from the station itself at 7:39pm, just 39 minutes late. At CP-293, we got our regular Approach Signal and at CP-291 where Track #7 starts, that allows trains into the Syracuse Station, we got stopped and waited for about 10 minutes for Train #48 to clear. It left Chicago some 6 hours late the previous night and just kept losing time as it progressed further in its route.
From what I could see, still only two coaches were open on the train, the front two will likely be open at Albany as this becomes an Unreserved train from Albany to New York and since it’s the last scheduled train to New York, it will likely fill up greatly there.

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