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Skip the Bus from DC to NYC, Take the Train!Why take the bus from DC to NYC or Philly? If you book at least 14 days in advance, you can save up to 25% on train tickets to the same destinations and skip all the traffic! There’s also a Cafe Car offering sandwiches, salads, snacks and hot and cold beverages (including wine and beer) if you get hungry during your trip. When you want to use your train trip to catch up on work or school assignments, there’s always the Quiet Car. In Business Class, you’ll enjoy even more legroom, a complimentary digital newspaper and a beverage in the Cafe Car with access to conference tables on a first-come, first-served basis.
I loves the trains better because they have enough legs room plus the bus takes too long to get where u wants to go. Greyhound now has new leather seats, free wi-fi with a charger socket for each passenger, and far more legroom than you would get on a plane. Sorry but while the idea of train travel is great, the execution of it in America is not worthwhile. I am thinking there are some of us who are Train People and some who are Bus People, no reason the two can't exist in the same universe, and actually it is good to have options.Because of this conversation, I am going to give the bus a try from DC to NYC sometime in 2016. I am glad you asked the question.  This is my chance to unload all my frustration with Amtrak. I use take a round trip train from DC to NYC, it's comfortable and no hassle traveling with arriving sometimes "on time".
KOSHER BLESSED TURKEY WHERE BLESSED CAME FROM BELONGS TO GOD INCLUDES GOD THANKING GOD CORRECTLY. My family always takes the train from Philly to DC and we love it over driving which can be hell. After returning from the Yalta conference in the Ukraine which discussed the reorganisation of post-war Europe in Ukraine, he addressed Congress from a sitting position on March 1 - an unprecedented admission of his paralysis, for which he apologised.However, he was still in command of his mental faculties and travelled to Warm Springs, Georgia, where he had built a hydrotherapy facility to combat his paralysis. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Ye Ling has been featured in the New York Times, toured, competed and performed all over the world. The last time I took the Greyhound there was a crazy bus driver driving erratically, screaming at passengers, making threats etc It was bizarre and terrifying. These are the reasons why-Unless I'm taking the train at 4am, I can find a roundtrip flight between NYC-DC for the same price as a train. Yes My Jose was sensitive to the bathroom and it was a bit longer time wise but the price was right, the scenery wad nice, and the company quiet. Though I have to say, I am a Train person.Wouldn't it be nice if there were funding to improve train service, as well as repair our bridges and highways.
Between the cost of tolls and gas, and the aggravation of driving up I95, it makes total sense.
I remember when Greyhound was cheap too, but the cost of their tickets for what you get is expensive.  I would put comfort over the traveling on the bus any day. When I need to make sure that I get to NYC on time I pay the extra amount for the train because the bus can be delayed by highway traffic.

He has studied many forms of dance, including jazz, tap, hip-hop, salsa, Argentine tango, mambo, Lindy hop, and hustle. The airlines and gas industry are given enormous concessions courtesy of the American taxpayers and guess what they in turn charge us for every thing. If you're willing to forgo the wi-fi and some of the legroom, you can take one of the Chinatown bus lines out of DC and go for $40 round trip. I am poor and there have been a times that a bus is all I could afford so I am grateful for the option.
Although I get more leg room and a Cafe car, I also get to have a few extra bucks in my pocket when I arrive at my destination.
The other problem for me with the train is the fact that there are no trains back to Baltimore from NY until the wee hours of the morning. My Amtrak train always leaves on time and I arrive in NY the time stated on the timetable.  Maybe I am lucky, but I have yet to been delayed on a train either out of DC or NY. While I'd lve to take a train that actually made sense, they currently do not make any sense to me.
I have fond memories of taking the train from Washington, DC to Clarksville, TN with my sisters and grandparents a bajillion years ago!
Spoiler alert for Amtrak marketing department, the negative comments received in response to the question " Why do you take the train instead of the bus? If I go to NY to see an opera that is over around 11pm, I have to sit in Penn Station for a couple hours in order to get home.
The cheapest trains between NYC and Baltimore are $80 each way, and that's if you are lucky. I trust any Amtrak employee with my life more than any burned out and distraught bus driver. If Amtrak were to only receive 25% of what these greedy companies receive, they would be in a better position.It is sad that people spout such lies, all it takes is do some research and see how we are being robbed by the airlines and gas industries through our elected representatives. I like that I can eat a ramen noodle bowl for less than 50 cents and when broke have hsppily had ramen for dinner a few times but when I can laterafford a nice pleasant healthy balanced meal, I don't turn up my nose at it or think eating wrll means I am now made of money!!!I suspect some people really like ramen and might choose to eat it even when they could afford a 3 course meal. We walked through several cars unable to find any empty seats and had to stand all the way to Philadelphia.
The company seems fully content to have plenty of empty seats as long as they can charge double what Greyhound does. And it wouldnt truly be worth more to them because they already get what they love and its el cheapo too!
Then, another Amtrak train had mechanical problems and we had to stop and pick up the passengers from the stopped train.
You are right there, within easy walk or subway to much of the city.There is the bus, but really, have you seen the traffic on I-95 and at the tunnels? Next, there was debris on the track and the train had to back up several miles to get on another track. The bus is more affordable, but I like to take advantage of special offers on train fares so I can visit my family in Washington, DC.

Plus there is plenty of room on the train, where as the bus, not so much.Cost, well, you do have to factor that in, but using AAA discounts and buying ahead of time, is the way to get discounts, of course Amtrak often has sales too, so sign up for them. In addition, Amtrak is expensive, especially for a family traveling from NYC to to Washington or vice versa. Now lets talk about their frequent rider program, YEP, its good, and using those for free tickets, you can change at the last minute without any upcharges or problems, as long as there is room on the train.So in the end, the train is the better value in my mind to travel.
I look forward to relaxing aboard the train-I like the clackety clack rhythm and movement of trains which never has given me motion sickness-the train seats let you stretch out but its also easy to get up and stretch your legs,walk to the bathroom or cafe car etc - I like having my bag nearby instead of being smushed under strangers muddybsuitcases below the bus or smelling like gasoline on arrival, i love not having to navigate a cluster of grabby people to get my luggage.
I dont have to stand in a bus line outside or wait around trying to dig my luggage out from a pile.
Yet despite all those things, I would still take Greyhound once in awhile if they paid their drivers enough that the drivers could be healthier and happier and so Greyhound could afford to be choosy about hiring.
My last bus experience was so stressful and scary that I would have been better off hitchhiking.
I value my health and peace of mind so instead I have mastered the art of getting the best deals on Amtrak and I use the Amtrak guest rewards card to save money through discounts on tons of other things so the difference I spend actually pays for itself! Handy to have access-train stations are cleaner and better than bus stations.-a glass of wine with the Amtrak cheese and crackers tray is yummy and dare I say?
So I NEVER take Acela anymore.Yet AMTRAK REGIONAL SERVICE is a gem and sometimes $49 one way during sales - which is competitive with Greyhound and $79one way is all I pay for regular price. But those days are long gone. Once I even got a Bolt Ticket from Baltimore to NYC for $15 going and my return ticket was free! Beat that, Amtrak! Plus I save enough money using the rewards card that it really ends up being the most economical choice!! I have a bad back and long legs so I admit there may be others who are more comfy on buses than me but I had bad experiences with broken seats on overcrowded buses jammed up next to other passengers.
For me its worth the price difference just to be able to stretch out and arrive feeling good. In my experience, Amtrak has extraordinarily polite, kind, intelligent people answering the phone 90% of thr time-guest rewards points got me a free trip to see my Dad in Florida this year! I may take the bus again once in awhile when I think it feels right but I must say that I am not rich at ALL, and I still never regret paying for (good deals ) on (regional service) Amtrak. I never fear that the train will slide into a ditch on a rainy day.-the breathtaking scenery! Along the coastline and through fields and wooded countryside and gritty urban lsndscaoes of Americana. I will take the worst train view over gazing out at an endless line of bumper to bumper pollution-spewing traffic on I95-this os just my personal experience but I find train conductors to be more pleasant and helpful than the bus drivers-trains are more romantic and old fashioned.

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