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Illustration of a standard passenger locomotive of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad in 1885.
Rail commuters have long complained the ride into New York City takes longer than it should.
Tom Foley, the Republican candidate for governor, said Monday at a transportation forum that the train ride from New Haven to the city takes 20 minutes longer now than in 1914. Smith used a 1914 timetable published by the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, which lists most of the same station stops used today, including West Haven, which got a station restored only last year. So if it isn't the number of stations or the means of powering the trains, why was service faster 100 years ago? One of the ten Baldwin Hudsons built in 1937 for the New Haven RR prepares to work the 155 miles to Boston in c1939. DOT recently unveiled an 18-to-20-month-long initiative called Transform CT to gauge the public’s desire for transportation improvements and then build a plan based on what the stakeholders want.
The backlog includes replacing and upgrading the overhead catenary lines, upgrading the antiquated mechanical signal system and addressing the aging railroad bridges, some of which are more than 100 years old.
Once such improvements are made, Redeker said, commuter train trips should speed up and any routine repairs and maintenance become less disruptive of service.
Connecticut may benefit financially from its decision in the 1970s to retain ownership of the New Haven Line. But he stresses that whatever extra money Amtrak provides, Connecticut won’t come close to the figure needed to cover the upgrades.
A federal advisory commission, which Redeker oversees, is examining the financial responsibility of state and federal governments, as well as freight operators and other groups.
Connecticut is one of many states in the Northeastern US rebuilding its state wide Rail network and inner city network. Visit the Reorganized To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater.
DANBURY -- Eliminating rail service on the Danbury branch line is one of many possible spending cuts Gov. Shutting down service on the Danbury, Waterbury and New Canaan branch lines are among dozens of line items included in a letter the outgoing governor sent to the Legislature's Appropriations Committee Wednesday. Eliminating the three branch lines would save about $5 million according to the letter, and it would help fill a $33 million budget gap in the state's heating assistance program for low-income residents for the upcoming winter. Rell's letter is the latest volley in an ongoing battle between the governor and the committee over heating assistance. Several area officials said they doubted rail service would be disrupted, and they said the proposal was just a scare tactic aimed at getting people's attention. The governor suggested earlier this week that if the Legislature had rolled back increased benefits in the heating assistance program as she had suggested, there wouldn't be a potential $33 million shortfall due to a cutback in federal funding.
Donna Tommelleo, a spokeswoman for the governor's office, said Rell is still working with other governors in an attempt to restore some of that funding, but in the meantime, Rell proposed a list of spending cuts for the Legislature to consider.
The proposal is counter to Rell's record of promoting public transit, including the recent, $760 million purchase of 300 M-8 rail cars and a $60 million upgrade for the signal system on the Danbury line.
Boucher compared the proposed cutbacks by the governor's office to threats sometimes made by municipal education boards that vow to eliminate popular sports programs when faced with tough budget cuts.
Democrats on the State Bond Commission last week blocked her bid to borrow $81 million for more Kawasaki M-8 cars.
Connecticut has ordered 342 of the high-tech train cars to gradually phase into the Metro-North fleet, with Kawasaki's factory in Lincoln, Neb., expected to ship as many as 10 a month for the next three years. But Democrats who want to leave the decision to Democratic Gov.-elect Dan Malloy next month balked at Rell's request. Rell conceded on Wednesday that with Blumenthal and Wyman boycotting, she couldn't get enough votes to overcome opposition from Republican Rep. On the same day, The Advocate newspaper of Stamford reported that a glitch had developed with the first six M-8s that are being tested at the New Haven rail yard. Also Wednesday, Rell announced that she would hold another meeting of the bond commission, on Dec.

Last Friday was supposed to be the last State Bond Commission meeting of Rell's administration. STAMFORD -- If state transportation and Metro-North Railroad expectations hold, the first of Connecticut's new fleet of trains will hit the rails by the end of next month putting them in service in some of the coldest and most difficult conditions of the year. The most accurate predictor of their performance could be that of New York's fleet of M-7 trains which entered service five years ago on Metro-North's Harlem and Hudson lines and were the prototype for Connecticut's M-8 trains.
New York's trains are far more weather resilient than the 30- to 40-year-old trains they replaced, but they're not perfect since snow and ice can still interfere with connections to the third rail that powers the electric motors. Metro-North service was brought to a halt for four hours Monday morning when two M-7 trains were unable to connect to the third-rail system because of heavy snow. Permut said Connecticut's new fleet of 342 M-8 cars features a more modern design that will shield vital components of railcars from winter weather related breakdowns which impact the older M-2s, most of which were built in the 1970s.
Gaskets, circuit boards, and other vital components of the M-8 cars are designed to withstand temperatures of 40 below zero, while other vital electronic equipment and wiring are shielded from the elements inside the M-8 cars, Permut said. Aboard the M-2 cars, some critical electrical wiring and circuits are contained in plastic boxes located beneath the trains, where they are susceptible to drifting snow and water damage. The state Department of Transportation initially planned to have the first of the state's nearly $900 million order of M-8 cars delivered, tested, and in service by early 2010 but a range of delays pushed back the debut more than a year.
In late 2009, a delay in installing diagnostic software aboard the first cars delivered, halted the start of a battery of tests of mechanical and computer components controlling propulsion, braking, lights, rest rooms, and door systems on the cars. In early 2010, former DOT Commissioner Joseph Marie predicted that delay could be made up, enabling a late-year debut. As Metro-North scrambled to maintain service in the wake of the blizzard Sunday and Monday, railroad and Kawasaki engineers halted track testing of the long-awaited M-8 rail cars to allow maintenance crews to handle the crisis, Permut said.
Permut said the railroad and Kawasaki are still aiming to fix the software code problems that included electromagnetic interference that caused cars to disrupt railway signal systems and garbled on-board public address announcements in time to get some of the new cars in service by the end of January. Earlier this month, Permut and DOT Commissioner Jeffrey Parker acknowledged the software problems would prevent Metro-North and the DOT from keeping the planned debut of the M-8 cars during December, a goal DOT officials and Gov.
Permut said he doesn't believe the blizzard will affect the timeline to introduce the cars.
DOT spokesman Judd Everhart said the department is optimistic Kawasaki engineers will fix the software problems and begin simulated passenger runs as soon as this weekend.
Under the state's contract with Kawasaki, the first eight pilot cars must log at least 4,000 track miles without a failure before they go into public service, Everhart said.
Subsequent M-8 cars will need to operate for 1,000 miles error free to be put into public service.
Drew Todd, a Connecticut Rail Commuter Council member from South Norwalk, and Terri Cronin, a vice chair of the group who commutes from East Norwalk, said they were disappointed but not surprised to hear software issues were still being fixed despite being told by Metro-North two weeks ago they were almost done.
Cronin said she has stopped telling commuters when to expect the new cars, after being told that a December debut of the cars would be very likely. The New York lines have much nicer trains and they've replaced their older stocks so much faster. The bus in New Haven isn't bad, goes most places and is cheap, however, I've never heard anything about the streetcar plans here.
Check out our revamped To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. A NYC Metro North passenger train has derailed in New York City with reports of passenger train cars overturned in the water. The Fox News website reports this Metro North train derailment on early Sunday morning in the Bronx, which has been confirmed by police.
This just happened so it is not known how many people were riding the train at the time it derailed or just what happened to make the train come off the tracks. Roz ZurkoHartford Top News ExaminerRoz Zurko is a freelance writer originally from Milford, Conn. That's not progress, that's moving backward," Foley said at a transportation forum in North Haven. Katz said the timetable from that year shows the trip from New Haven to Grand Central took 104 minutes.

A recent 12-day disruption along Metro-North Railroad’s New Haven Line caused a $62 million drop in the gross state product, a measurement of economic output.
He contends faster speeds on the New Jersey Transit commuter rail line gave an economic boost to northern New Jersey. Toni Harp recently proposed an hourlong ride from New Haven to New York as part of her economic development plan in a bid for mayor of New Haven. The agency also is designing a new signal system and plans to address the immovable bridges. The New Haven Line has five, including the steel truss bridge over the Mianus River in Greenwich. A new federal rule could require Amtrak, which pays the state an access fee to use the line, to pay a share of the line’s infrastructure costs.
Altogether, the backlog of work along the Northeast Corridor represents a cost of about $52 billion. Toni Boucher, a longtime proponent of public transit improvements, called the suggestion laughable, especially given that construction crews are in the middle of installing the new signal system on the Danbury line, which will expand service. Comptroller Nancy Wyman and Attorney General Richard Blumenthal didn't even show up for the bond commission meeting last week. Those cars were supposed to go into service this month, but will be delayed until at least mid-January, Transportation Commissioner Jeffrey Parker said Wednesday. Parker said that after Kawasaki makes software modifications, the six prototype train cars will undergo 4,000 miles of test runs between New Haven and New York's Grand Central Terminal. Donald DeFronzo and Bob Duff both criticized the DOT for not telling state legislators about the latest problem with the Kawasaki order. She promised upon taking office that she'd replace the creaky fleet of Metro-North, one of America's busiest passenger train systems. 22, to try again to approve borrowing about $22 million for park upgrades, building repairs and other work in about a dozen towns and cities. This accident occurred in New York City, according to “Fox and Friends Weekend” Sunday morning, Dec.1. Redeker brought in outside experts to come up with a plan to build a replacement train bridge alongside the aging Atlantic Street Bridge in Stamford. Constructed in 1904, the bridge is operated by crews who make sure it closes perfectly after opening for marine traffic.
John Rowland, Rell's disgraced predecessor, also proposed eliminating service on the Danbury branch line toward the end of his tenure. The train cars will be delayed for at least a month before going into service on the New Haven line. But repeated delays in the Kawasaki deal have pushed the replacement more than a year behind schedule.
Jodi Rell restated as recently as late November during a press conference and initial test run of the cars. A picture flashed on the Fox News screen shows multiple train cars laying on their side in the water on this cold December morning. Jodi Rell is watching in frustration as her plan to replace Metro-North's commuter train fleet goes off the tracks.
So far reports of "multiple injuries" is all that is coming from the scene, with no other details released as of yet. She has been a guest author on BBC radio and her online articles are read by more than a million people each month.

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