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Since the plan is in it’s infancy, no one is sure where this stop would be in Hoboken, but that sure would be pretty interesting to give residents and commuters a new option! Memberrich k5 years 5 months agoThis should have been part of the plan from the get go, even with the ARC tunnel. The ARC plan, in contrast, seemed to be a way to facilitate the export of state income tax revenues. Looking East from East 59th Street and Second Avenue across the Queensboro Bridge on this day in 1920, one sees an Elevated Train car, a few trucks and motor cars, and a few pedestrians. In this black and white photo from the spring of 1908, we look east beneath the Fulton Avenue Elevated Railroad at the intersection of Flatbush Avenue. In this sweet old picture from the late 1930s, a mother and daughter walk hand in hand down a Manhattan avenue during a rain shower. Pedestrians stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge toward the Park Row Terminal, flanked by an Manhattan-bound train on their right.

The 16th and Clinton stop makes a good idea even better, especially if the HBLR were actually extended to Bergen County. From another post card size film negative probably by the same unknown photographer as those already posted. The Twenties were still Roaring, with the stock market crash still 8 months away, and these New Yorkers were going about their business, hustling along the snowless streets, on foot, in cars, or on streetcars, or riding above it all on the open air trains of the Third Avenue Elevated. The mother holds an umbrella overhead; the daugher holds a rose in her hand, oblivious to the rain. The crossing guards especially on…girloboken on Hoboken Lost and Found HQSomeone found them! Elsewhere in the world, Benito Mussolini and the Pope's representative were signing the Lateran Pact, giving the Vatican autonomy from Italy, and former Brooklynite and Bowery Boy Al Capone was planning the St. A related note – what is Christie going to do when Amtrak, which owns the existing tunnels, tells NJT that they’re taking some of their rush hour slots back to accommodate extra high-speed northeast corridor trains, an improvement paid for in part by the money he gave back?

Disregard!girloboken on Hoboken Lost and Found HQLost my keys today, Monday, during the afternoon sometime. It should keep going, adding more stops on the West Side before going under the river to us.
7 Train having a stop here in Hoboken” doesn’t actually mention the prospect of a Hoboken stop anywhere within its text, and neither do any of the other major coverages.

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