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Train track scrapbook layouts are a fun way to catalog travels and make creative photo display pages.
If you already have a habit of photographing train tracks during your travels, you probably already have an impressive photo collection of various train tracks.
Include souvenirs from your train travels, such as ticket stubs or a dining car menu, in the scrapbook. Train Track Frame: Draw a frame on a cardstock paper and then create a train track design on the frame. Train Conductor and Train Car: Draw a train conductor and train car on cardstock, color in details with colored pencils or markers and then carefully cut them out. There are many websites on the Internet that offer free downloadable fonts for train scrapbooks. Urban Fonts: The Urban Fonts site offers free downloads of fonts suitable for train scrapbooks. Dafont: The site has several fonts that would work well for train scrapbooks - Optimus Princeps, Northwood High and Veteran Typewriter.

Stickers n Fun: The Stickers n Fun site has two sample train scrapbook pages that incorporate tracks in the layout.
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We will notify you when the item is back in stock and you will recieve a discount card for an extra 10% off your next purchase! Photographing train tracks is an art and the right layout can show off the beauty of the train tracks. You will have the option to renew, but you will not be automatically billed at the end of your subscription. The TQF Freightrain font and the TQF Word Train font spell out words in a sleeker train car format suitable for adults.
This set features over 50 sounds and phrases and provides endless fun for your Thomas the Train engineer!

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