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The northbound Amtrak Surfliner stood stopped on the tracks at the base of the San Clemente Pier on Saturday afternoon in the aftermath of a single train involved fatality.
Orange County Sheriff Deputies stand alongside a stopped Amtrak Surfliner under gray and rainy skies at the base of the San Clemente Pier after a single fatality was reported involving the northbound train on Saturday afternoon. An Amtrak train conductor confers with another Amtrak worker as the Amtrak Surfliner sat stopped on the tracks at the base of the San Clemente Pier in the aftermath of a single train fatality on Saturday afternoon. An Orange County Sheriff patrol vehicle sits alongside a stopped Amtrak Surliner train at the base of the San Clemente Pier on Saturday afternoon in the aftermath of a single train fatality. An Amtrak train conductor inspects an exit gate area after the northbound Amtrak Surfliner was stopped in the aftermath of a single fatality at the base of the San Clemente Pier on Saturday afternoon. The partial remains of a single fatality sit covered alongside the a northbound Amtrak Surfliner train on Saturday afternoon at the base of the San Clemente Pier.
Some of the people crossing the tracks at San Clemente's pier train station had no idea they were being followed by a rather large bubble generated on the beach behind them.
The City Council revealed Tuesday night that it wants to improve the rail station at the pier and make it more user-friendly. As a Metrolink train heads north after stopping at the San Clemente Pier, crossing arms rise and people heading to or from the beach pass.
Visitors step out of a Metrolink train at the San Clemente Pier on a Sunday morning in late August. As one group steps off a Sunday morning Amtrak train at the San Clemente Pier, another group waits to board. As viewed from the San Clemente Pier, the ocean is a prime attraction for locals and visitors who arrive by car, bus, bicycle or train. What's next?The City Council took no vote – just gave general direction to city staff to initiate discussions with rail agencies to upgrade the kiosk equipment at the pier and pursue more train stops at the pier. The city’s elected leaders now say San Clemente has no intention of closing its popular train station at the Municipal Pier.

In fact, they say they want to add stops at the pier to make it easier for locals to catch the train there. The emphasis, until now, has been on the pier serving as a destination for visitors, Mayor Chris Hamm said.
This could avoid confusion dispensed by kiosk equipment at the pier and could promote North Beach as a destination, Hamm suggested. On Tuesday, downtown business owner Brenda Foster presented petitions she said were signed by 180 people appealing for the stop at the pier. Rick Anderson, a founder of the Pier Bowl Merchants Association and a co-founder of the Metrolink Beach Train weekend service launched in the 1990s, applauded the City Council’s new direction and asked to work together to fix ticketing glitches at the pier. City Manager James Makshanoff said there are no current estimates of economic activity generated for San Clemente by users of Metrolink’s weekend trains to the beach, but he said about two-thirds of tickets sold for the weekend trains serving the beach are used to visit San Clemente.
Councilwoman Kathy Ward said she would like Amtrak trains to stop both at the pier and North Beach.
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The first time I met Andrea was about three years ago to photograph her son, Josh for his senior session. During my consultation with Megan, I discovered her love of photography and got to see her fabulous collections of vintage cameras. Imagine stepping onto a train in Southern California and stepping off in San Francisco a little more than three hours later. Phase 1 of the high-speed rail project will have a line from ARTIC in Anaheim to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. It would take more than 790 million people paying $86 a ticket for the estimated $68 billion high-speed rail system to break even. The high-speed rail under construction in California would be the fastest in the nation and is expected to have top operating speeds similar to commuter trains in China and Europe.

The pier is one of Metrolink's most popular weekend destinations in Southern California. While the stop can continue to be a destination, Hamm said he wants to make it an asset for the residents of San Clemente, increasing options for locals who want to travel out of town by train.
His proposal drew a startled response from Pier Bowl merchants and downtown business owners, who asked why they weren’t consulted and why visitors would be taken from them. She said she and other businesses have developed a clientele of repeat train travelers on weekends.
This also means fixing technical glitches that can confuse people trying to buy a ticket at the pier.
On weekends, Metrolink puts its trains to use for leisure travel, serving San Clemente stops at North Beach and the pier.
Currently there are a little more than 450 miles of high-speed rail in the Northeast between Washington D.C.
Witnesses said they saw the man jump onto the tracks from the pedestrian crossing north of the pier where hundreds of people gathered to attend the San Clemente Ocean Festival. I met with them a month before the shoot to plan out the venue based on Tori’s personality. Passengers on the train were escorted off and shuttled to stops via bus, according to train officials. Classic pose, beautiful girl, train tracks = my favorite image!!!I’m obsessed with doors for photo shoots, and the above image is AMAZING! Love the color combination with Tori’s dress and green door. I rented this fab suitcase from Found Vintage!

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