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I buy them for my S scale layout when I can find 1953 or earlier models without the fanciful paint styles. Jim hit the nail on the head, Lesney set the box size back in the fifties and built the car or truck to whatever scale it took to fit into the box.
They may have started marking the scales on the cars in recent years (decades) but I don't think any of my cars from the sixties had them on it. Don't ask how I know, if I tell I run the chance of someone measuring me for a very unfortable white jacket with leather straps.

Sometimes you can get good deals on vehicles through the walthers sale catalogs for as little as $5.
I collect matchbox cars from the 60's, and while they are beautiful, they are way out of scale and look silly on an HO scale layout. The train ran on plastic track, ran on batteries with a remote control, and had a sound system to make MRC look like a luxury item. I've seen alot of guys buy the trucks or cranes, thinking that they are close enough, and believe me they just ruin the entire layout.

There are a few Hot WHeels that are the right size, if it weren't for the oversized motor. HW also put out an Octane truck in the 90s that is right if you dull down the shine on the tank.

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