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MORE:Dispelling 5 myths about roofing20 Killed As Attack Ends Filipino SiegePain relievers: What are the differences? The CTA's Holiday Train is riding on the Orange and Brown lines through the rest of this week, starting today. Somehow Carter got the word that the Claypool crying games are over, and maybe CTA should listen to the communities.

The burden of bad public policy has left Chicago’s broad shoulders shrugging – here’s how to fix it.
Oct 30, 2013 Always have metro times, train schedules, and bus timetables at the press of a. On Thursday and Friday you find the Holiday Bus on the #62 Archer and on Saturday it's on the #3 King Drive.

The CTA has not budgeted for new positions to replace ex-offenders whom the CTA has employed as part-time apprentices since 2007 to clean rail cars and buses, said Robert Kelly, president of Local 308 of the Amalgamated Transit Union.

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