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Baldwin's RF-16 Sharknose diesels' distinctive contours were inspired by Pennsy's T1 class steam locomotive and certainly appear related to the GG1. If you are headed to a sporting event or concert, the Broad Street Line (aka the This can be done in the ticket booth in the. Originally the name E unit referred to the fact that these units boasted of eighteen hundred horsepower.

The RF-16 Shark beat the F7 with 100 additional horsepower and tied the FA2 with 1600 horsepower.
This designation remained throughout the E unit production even though later models incorporated higher horsepower ratings. Contrary to many reports, Baldwin diesels could be run in MU operation with diesels buillt by other makers if the units were ordered with the proper MU equipment from the Baldwin catalog.

Due to the technology of the time, E units like many locomotives used multiple units to achieve the required power.

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