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The TSA has been quietly removing its X-ray body scanners from major airports over the last few weeks and replacing them with machines that radiation experts believe are safer.
Public health and environmental experts dispute predictions that air pollution will be significantly cut if a giant rail yard is built in the L.A. NYC subway turnstiles will soon display the expiration date of your MetroCard, instead of the outdated "No Tokens" message.

Workers at a Bronx car wash belonging to one of the city’s largest car wash owners voted to unionize. Opinion: the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is overspending on the World Trade Center rebuilding -- to the detriment of its transportation links. Why teen drinking and driving has been cut half in the past 20 years: graduated driver-licensing systems, zero-tolerance laws, and parental involvement.

Big changes are coming to San Francisco’s most heavily traveled and historic bus line – but few people know about them.

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