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Train schedule may change over time, please search the website for the latest train timetable. There are 4 passenger railway stations in Shenzhen, please check their extensions to differentiate them. Train schedule is specified in Beijing China time and ticket price is quoted in Renminbi Yuan. Even though we try best to provide accurate ticket price information, we can't guarantee it's 100% correct.
For a schedule in the opposite direction, see the Paris Beauvais Train Schedule in the downloadable full PDF schedule below. For complete step-by-step instructions on completing this journey, see Beauvais Airport Train article. You may also check schedules online through sites mentioned in my train route planner article although I have noticed some errors with their suggested itineraries so beware.

Bonus fact: One great example of how unimportant standard time was before railways comes from France during the late 1800s.
Indian Railway Train ScheduleINDIAN RAILWAY TRAIN SCHEDULE indian railway train schedule between two stations, Erail provides search for indian characters . Train tickets are very hot on some routes, we advise you book the ticket in advance if you can.
As mass transit was limited to the tracks and stations upon and through which they ran, the trains needed to be at the right place at a precise time in order to pick up passengers and freight. The city’s official time was kept via a series of tubes which would push out compressed air which townspeople could hook into.
In general, this wasn’t a big problem, because commerce and communications were either local or slow, and in either case, a few minutes of difference would not matter much, if at all. There was no way for the trains to adjust their clocks for the variances of local timekeeping.

It took a few seconds for the air to pass through the system, more if you were further from the source of the air and fewer if you were closer. This was especially true given that town clocks were hardly immune from losing or gaining time, depending on how well the official town time was kept. So, as one book notes, the official time varied by a few seconds depending on where you were. The act, enacted on March 19, 1918, standardized the time (and, temporarily, Daylight Saving Time) throughout the nation, as well as giving a government agency power to officially establish of time zones. Schedule, trains schedule, trains timings, departurefind trains latest updated time table .

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