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The $1.9-billion cost of the project was funded through the Port Authority revenues and a $3 surcharge to passengers departing from NYC.
Midtown Manhattan For example, from Midtown Manhattan, the most direct route is via Penn Station and an LIRR train to Jamaica Station.
For the following areas Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey, Newark Airport, Connecticut, use the Trip Planner from JFK’s website to find the quickest route.
There is a new Metro Card option just advertised by JFK: get 10 trips on the AirTrain for $25, which means you get each trip for 50% off.
All these passes are available at the Howard Beach and Jamaica stations, LIRR and subway stations; various metro card vendors throughout the airport and NYC sell them too. While many travlers have found AirTrain to be a huge time and money saver, others find AirTrain annoying and ineffective.
Some travelers would rather split a taxi to bring the cost down, and some business travelers get reimbursed for their expenses.
So the bottom line here is the next time you need to get to the JFK airport, you have more options than paying $50 for a cab!

Get our free monthly travel newsletter and help support sustainable and responsible tourism.No spam, no selling your email, we promise!Subscribe to our email newsletter! Since 2000, GoNOMAD Travel has provided travelers with inspiring travel articles, photos from destinations around the world, and a community of like-minded travelers who are seeking to learn about the world and share their travels with others. Every subway rider that's ever schlepped massive bags to JFK on the A train, or juggled holiday shopping on a packed 4 train, raise a glass to this man. Two Full Service Ticket Machine and two Daily Machines are located in the Station Waiting Room. You can travel to Manhattan's Penn Station on the Long Island Rail Road in about 35 minutes and to most parts of New York City on the subway in about an hour. The AirTrain website gives a detailed explanation of which stations to use if you are coming from New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut.
The Pay per Ride option is $5 and gets the traveler a free transfer between the subway and local bus, between local buses but not between the subway and AirTrain.
If you have a lot of luggage, you might save the cost of a taxi, but end up wishing you could throw your luggage on the tracks.

Two Full Service Ticket Machines located in the Jamaica AirTrain Terminal, which also sells AirTrain Metrocards.
Train times vary anywhere from 4 to 16 minutes between station and terminal, but within the terminal an estimate of 8 minutes is sufficient to get around all the terminals, parking, hotel, and other stops. For more details about the your particular stop, check out the diagram and itinerary at Getting Around JFK. AirLink is another door-to-door service which will bring you to JFK starting at a cost of $17 (between Battery Park and 125th street).

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