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Development of the celebrated New York Central 4-6-4 Hudsons catapulted the railroad's passenger service to a whole new level.
This machine can be used with the normal Lionel controller or does it need a different remote control? The Hudson was the name given to the 4-6-4 steam locomotive wheel arrangement by the New York Central Railroad, the first railroad to use this locomotive type in North America. The daily garbage trains sit quietly at Oak Point Yard in the South Bronx as they wait for the overnight lull in Metro-North's commuter train schedule along the Hudson Line. With the engine's increased starting effort and boiler capacity, the Hudsons were able to pull more varnish at speed, increasing ridership and revenues.

Over time, as the work loads increased, all the Hudsons received upgrades, including tenders with larger capacities. The J1 road numbers were 5200-5404, the J2 road numbers were 5405-5424, and the J3 road numbers were 5425-5474. Larger tenders allowed the steamers to travel farther between refills and were especially useful on the long Harmon to Cleveland and Chicago route, during which the engines now had to make only one coaling stop at Wayneport, NY. To complete the circle of excellence begun in Lionel’s earliest days, we proudly present the Vision 700E Scale Hudson, equipped with some of the most sophisticated and innovative features ever offered in model trains. As the J3 Hudsons were being equipped with new 14,000 gallon or 30 ton PT-style tenders, also known as Centipede-type tenders, in the 1940s, their larger tenders were passed to the older J1s.

As a VISION Line locomotive, the legendary Lionel scale J1-e has been re-engineered to give you the most authentic, technically advanced Hudson ever made, with unprecedented operational realism and user control. Equipped with the Lionel LEGACY Control System, a full array of lighting options, smoke and steam effects, and other features are synchronized to the unequaled, ultra-realistic RailSounds sound system.Using much of the tooling that built the first 700E, Lionel offers the new scale J1-e in the original #5344 number.

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