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CSX now wants to charge Palmyra additional fees for voluntary --> You are using an outdated browser. Now, back to Al’s original question: was there a passenger ferry from Rochester to Cobourg, Ontario, and did this railroad line bring passengers to the ferry? The company did not immediately advertise for passengers, but in 1909, began to carry them between Memorial Day and the end of September.
According to this article in City Newspaper, a round-trip ticket on the Cobourg ferry cost $2.30 in 1948, which is equivalent to roughly $18 today. The Ontario Car Ferry Company was the only car ferry line on the Lakes to have a regular boat train connection.
The Ontario Car Ferry Company was financially successful and in seven years of service, ONTARIO No. The company never carried passengers between October and May, apparently preferring the flexibility in dispatching of freight-service-only for the seasons when storms and ice descended on the Lakes. Passenger excursions declined after World War II, and the aging ferry boats eventually became too costly to maintain. There was a time when buses and trains connected the Twin Cities with every corner of Greater Minnesota. The dreary state of traditional intercity public transportation is the direct result of competition from the private automobile. Albany, Albert Lea, Albertville, Alexandria, Austin, Avon, Baldwin, Baxter, Becker, Bertha, Big Lake, Brainerd, Browerville, Camp Ripley, Cannon Falls, Clarissa, Clearwater, Cold Spring, College of St. I first researched these schedules two years ago and there have been fairly significant changes since then. Whether the fares are high or not, this is indeed a transportation network and it’s already in place.
Coordinate arrival and departure times to reduce competitive duplication, and facilitate carrier-to-carrier transfers at the airport. Subsidize fares for seniors, low income persons or even the general public, or offer to buy unused seats at a discount.
Move the airport terminal to the bus terminal above the LRT station (the shuttles are currently at the other end of the Lindbergh parking garage) to encourage transfers to Metro Transit.
The airport bus station, at the other end of the Terminal 1 parking ramp, directly above the LRT station. Aaron retired in 2006 after 33 years as a planner and manager for Metro Transit, where he worked in route and schedule planning, operations, maintenance, transit facilities, light rail and traffic advantages for buses. On consolidating space: Mall of America used to have a similar setup, with private buses in the north surface lot and all public transit in the east garage. My only gripe is that it now puts significantly more traffic through the MOA transit entrance security check, a checkpoint that for some inexplicable reason is more thorough and tedious than even the entrance to the transit area at the airport.
Assuming that my assumption is (somewhat) accurate – I doubt there would be much demand for these riders to get to the rest of the metro.
Six years ago, I used one of these routes to Rochester (round trip) a couple times a month to visit my sister & niece who were in the hospital there.
From the networkJust Down the Bay1st snow of the year: We just got our first snow of the year yesterday and last night.

Getting from here to thereThe Falling Value of Monthly Passes: I have a new post up at The Transportationist on the falling value of monthly passes. From the angle I’d say this was taken from the Brewster Gordon and Company building on Canal Street.
It was set up primarily to offer speedy export of coal shipments from Pennsylvania to Montreal. 1 sailed from the Genesee Dock (where Turning Point Park is today) for the first time November 19, 1907, with 28 cars of bituminous coal. Beginning in 1909, with the opening of passenger service, the BR&P scheduled a boat train out of its Rochester station half an hour before sailing time. The long approach to Genesee Dock up the river was frequently an operating problem, and on January 25, 1920, both ferries were caught in pack ice for several hours.
The trains are gone except for Amtrak’s Empire Builder, which has become quite unreliable and inconveniently runs west of Minneapolis in the wee hours. Benedict, Cyrus, Dodge Center, Duluth, Eagle Bend, Eau Claire, Elk River, Glenwood, Hewitt, Hinkley, Hudson, Le Sueur, Lewiston, Litchfield, Little Falls, Long Prairie, Mankato, Melrose, Menomonie, Monticello, Morris, New London, Northfield, Oronoco, Osakis, Owatonna, Paynesville, Pine Island, Rochester, Rogers, Sauk Centre, Scanlon, Spicer, St. This will open up the option of multi-carrier trips through the metro from one outstate city to another.
The state would simply add value by selectively investing in a service that’s already viable.
They moved everything to the east garage (probably more to free up space on the north than for some transit-oriented purpose). I know I’ve dropped off folks at the airport just so they can connect to a Mankato or Rochester-bound van, and I know others who have taken a shuttle to the airport just to use local transit to their final destination.
The Mankato shuttle, Land to Air Express, apparently believes that there is a market for transport to the rest of the metro, as it actually has several metro area stops besides the airport. I don’t have a car, and usually rent a car for those sorts of trips (also to visit my parents in Austin).
Rochester City Lines provides commuter service from all over the place, and reverse trips from Roch to MSP. I think this compliments Mike Hicks’ private bus map quite well- any chance Mike can post that link?
Yeah, for Rochester I was going to Mayo, but as a local who didn’t want to drive there. Today it’s known as the SoHo Center , and at one time it was Eastman Kodak Camera Works Building W. Rochester was immediately chosen as the southern ferry terminus, and after some deliberation Cobourg was chosen as the northern.
The boat trains, number 407 northbound and 406 southbound, were well patronized during the summer months and ran for 33 seasons.
Traffic had increased to a level that justified a second ferry, and in 1914, the company ordered ONTARIO No. I would be curious to know if there are any Rochesterians who got the chance to ride the Ontario Car Ferry and the Fast Ferry, and what their opinions might be on the later attempt to recreate this wonderful amenity. Except for its express link to Chicago via Eau Claire and Madison, Greyhound has completely withdrawn from the state where it was founded in 1914.

Under the radar, a fast, frequent network of scheduled private shuttle buses and vans has appeared. The private carriers’ bottom lines would improve through lower costs, additional riders, better service coordination and joint marketing. I used to take the private Northfield-Metro Express and transfer to light rail at MOA, so this would have been handy.
The one time I used the New Ulm airport shuttle, I was one of three non-airport passengers, which represented half of the passenger load.
Even the Rochester WalMart provides a shuttle from downtown Rochester to their suburban location(s). I went to the Hi-Lo Diner on Lake Street and they have these wacky things called Hi-Tops that like… have donuts with savory food??? ONTARIO No 1 was fitted with berths for 90 people, buffet facilities, a music room, and what were by the standards of the car ferries, ample public accommodations. Locally owned Jefferson Lines has filled many of the gaps, but conventional bus service has become sparse, mostly bypassing the small towns and running only once or twice daily.
One-way from Rochester is $27 (Jefferson $22), Eau Claire $39 (Greyhound $21), Duluth $42 (Jefferson $32), St. However, with a modest amount of corporate collaboration and a little public investment it could become a true regional system.
The Blue Line LRT runs every 10 minutes to Minneapolis and the Mall of America and limited stop Route 54 runs every 15 minutes to St. So my experience would tend to oppose your assumption that these services are single-purpose.
In that case Jefferson Lines cancelled my return trip well in advance of a snowstorm, and so I had to take the airport shuttle to get back to St. Cloud $43 (Jefferson $18), Winona $45 (Amtrak $24), Brainerd $55 (Jefferson $32), Willmar $65 (Jefferson $25), Alexandra $65 (Jefferson $32). As I read the schedules, there were 57 daily round trips in 2012, and that has grown to 97.
2 the company began to operate passenger service daily except Sunday from July 1st through the Labour Day weekend, with three weekly trips in June and September. Besides the additional trips to MSP, now carriers are starting to feed Rochester from La Crosse, Winona, Albert Lea and Mankato. The only other destinations they sometimes serve are the Mall of America and the VA Hospital, since both are close to the airport.
I remember thinking at the time I seemed to spend a lot of time at MSP in one time period just connecting to intercity shuttles, not flights. Santa Claus visited the Rochester area early again this year.Santa Train Excursions returned for 2015. Kids got the chance to board a train in Victor over the weekend and take a special ride with Kris Kringle himself, as well as Mrs.

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