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The Italian rail network connects just about every major city in Italy, runs like clockwork, and often includes spectacular views of the countryside. Driving in Italy, particularly in Italian cities, can be confusing, chaotic, stressful and, for the uninitiated, even dangerous. These are also the most expensive trains, and they connect only Italy’s most major cities.

You can see that right now, for example, children under 15 travel free with their Bimbi Gratis Offer. How can you actually book one of these promotional fares? To stamp, put your ticket in the slot, arrows facing in, and push until you hear the stamp. Even if there are a ton of empty seats elsewhere, you never know how many people might be getting on, and trying to sit in their reserved seats, at a later stop.

Also be aware of those around you: Both train stations and trains themselves are a favorite haunt for pickpockets, particularly on the major lines, like from Rome to Naples.

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