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Parents loved this easy-to-assemble set and kids enjoyed pulling the trains along the colourful tracks. Meet some of the best toy train sets for kids! For years kids, both boys and girls, love to play with trains and interconnecting train sets. For over 130 years, Brio, a Swedish toy company has been designing collectible and fun wooden toys.
Thomas the Tank Engine and his train friends have been captivating children on television since 1984 and in books since 1946! Every year, the Lionel Polar Express Ready-To-Run train set makes the infinite loop under our Christmas tree. This French-made and inspired wooden train set from Janod isn't full of talking characters from television. While wooden train sets are great for toddlers and preschoolers, the VTech Go Go Smart Wheels Train set tracks are best purchased for kids ages 1-3. You’ll find books, ride on toys, cute stacking and sorting toys, plushies, something for the arty preschooler, as well as other cool stuff that inspires, educates and fires up the imagination.
It’s been noted that this trike has a tendency to tip, which is common in trikes of these propositions, as well as in standard two wheeled bikes. Recent Posts11 of the Best Basketball Gifts for Girls Who Love Shooting Hoops 9 Things You'll Need for the Coolest Indoor Camping Adventure To Infinity and Beyond! There are many different train sets and track systems available for kids, that can cater to their interests and skills. It's not hard to find these super-fans, young children usually have 1 train character clutched in each hand, at all times. BabyLit Board Books: If you want to be that cool aunt who introduces your littles to the wonderful world of classic literature, these BabyLit books will make a top gift. The kiddos will eventually learn how to balance and turn the trike in a more controlled way. Go Go Doll (Sebastian Bear): Now this googly eyed, printed fabric little bear is totally adorable. Pretend Play Kitchen: Toddlers watch grown ups creating in the kitchen and they want a piece of the action too.

Preschool Bee Hive: An easy matching game that helps toddlers develop those much needed fine motor skills. Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer: What are the chances of your sports mad 2 or 3 year old getting a kick out of this?
An Easel For Toddlers: Is your two year old niece or nephew showing signs of artistic promise?
Brio sets not only include trains, but using a wooden track system, kids will love pushing around wooden cars, construction vehicles, monorails, safari trains, tow trucks, and fire engines. I have personally dried many tears when tracks children have worked for hours to desgin become unhinged. This is a 3 foot connected track that kids can play with immediately out of the box without assembling, using a few simple twists flips and rotations of the tracks. Start clipping your arts and crafts stores discount coupons, these train sets are not inexpensive.
Then, using a battery-operated wireless remote, trains move forward and backward around the track. As the train cars maneuver over different places in the set, the toys flash lights, speak phrases or sing songs that are educationally relevant.
Spending hours going from store to store, trying to decide what to get your toddler niece or nephew. What I love about this particular book on shapes, is that it’s got the whole multi-sensory thing going on. But, if it’s a major concern, you may want to consider opting for a low riding trike instead. Apart from the attention grabbing bright yellow, it’s made from non toxic materials, has real rubber wheels and is a good size fit for 3 year olds.
It doubles as a cute stacking system, where preschoolers can match colors and shapes as they play.
This hardy ride on toy is good for both indoor and outdoor play and the cushioned seat makes take offs and landings super comfy. Each time they get one in the back of the net, a triumphant sound is played as a reward for them being super awesome soccer players. The munchkins can snuggle in and give dino a hug or just recline into his big tummy and read a book during quiet time.

Sure it’s a lot of fun pulling fido around the home, but being able to cuddle up to the pooch in bed, is a bonus.
Most train sets have additional accessories like buildings, or even different trains that can be purchased, because we know children love to expand their collections. Other accessory sets offer fun ways for the trains to interact during their play with features where trains can unload cargo, activate a crane, and zoom across a drawbridge. They can connect accessories together around their tracks featuring horse farms, lighthouses, tunnels and bridges to make the ultimate village.
However, they are a great investment that are easily loved by children in the same house before being passed on to another generation, donated to charity or sold used to other die-hard collectors. Popular themed Lionel train sets feature collectible favorites such as Harry Potter, The Major League Baseball Spring Training Trains, Thomas & Friends, Monopoly, Crayola, John Deere, and DC Comics. Young readers not only get to see the different shapes, but they get to feel them too, by tracing their fingers across the scooped out sections of the book. Each book acts as a primer for learning fundamentals like counting, color recognition and a whole lot more. So what’s the betting the munchkins will have a stack load of fun with this balancing game? Either way, this here dino plushie will make a fab birthday present for toddlers aged two and up.
Mena volunteers at a local school, holds two degrees in psychology and has an interest in child development.
The height dimensions of the trike are probably more suitable for a 3 year old (or a very tall 2.5 year old) and up.

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